Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just a few things ~~

This sissy will be posting a new photo series  on 7/11 (ish). and some new captions 7/15-16 (ish), until then, here are some Blogs that this sissy LUV's but cannot seem to post a comment in ?

However, here is one that this sissy can post a comment into ....


   Master AL John has started this sissy selling AVON On-Line

Avon has GOOD Quality Make-up, Nail Polish and Girl Accessories
Avon has GOOD/ fair prices on all of there products
      Any profit this sissy makes will go to finally realizing this sissy having its own (real) website, where it can show its over 2.3K pics

Thanks to EVERYONE that has viewed/commented/enjoyed/laughed at this website
   It can only get Better
      And Remember....
          The Truth is Nothing but an Excuse for a Lack of Imagination

pansy/barbi/erica    (Hell, even I get confused !!)

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