Saturday, June 28, 2014

Its Been Awhile Since We Saw Some pansyPig Pictures

So Here We go!!  On the rare, and VERY RARE occasion that sissypansy is not dressed in one of his many 'Adult babyGirl' outfits, the sissy dons an old personae, that of sissypig#327.
No Matter how pansy is dressed, he still looks like a Fat, Stupid, Ugly Crossdresser.

Sissy Pig#327 has many, Many New Pig pictures on FetLife, there the sissy's name has been changed to RosettaPoof327 by "SissyPigsTrainer", a Superior Male that Master AL John has allowed to control the sissy's input on that website....  here is the link

As RosettaPoof327, sissyPig pansy is ordered (and of course does) to take Extremely Humiliating Pictures with Degrading Descriptions. RosettaPoof327 is also a member of the "PoofPigsTeam" a group of sissy losers that are also addicted to humiliating themselves for the amusement of Superior Males, Females, TV/TS's and other sissys.  The PoofPigs are certainly on the lowest level of any ladder. 

Some of the "PoofPigs", and their Followers converse in French, so Master AL John has instructed this feeble-brained sissy faggot to learn French. sissypansy is actually doing better than Master AL John expected with the language, (just don't expect ANOTHER compliment you stupid, blonde, porker!!!)

All the while sissypig#327 (the entire day of June 27, 2014) was in his pretty pink pig outfit, pig #327 was NOT Permitted to stand, (except for pictures)  crawling only, NOT permitted to speak, Grunting, Oinking only, and Not permitted Diapers or use of a toilet, (Well a TOILET has not been permitted for several years now) pig#327 used an old cat litter box for his waste.  (Pictures of that came out too fuzzy to use, though....FUCK!!).  

Sissypig#327 is seen begging Master AL John to further Humiliate and Degrade it. Master AJ has several ideas in mind.
The 1st is to write "FAILURE" on the pigs chest in Black Marker
sissypig#327 is a FAILURE in So Many ways.
1st - Up until age 22, the sissypig was a FAILURE AS A MALE.
2nd - from age 22 to 48, the sissy lived fairly successfully as a passable TS, with a job, a car, money, and a few decent relationships. However, upon becoming enslaved to Master AL John, it was proven that the sissy was a FAILURE AS A SHEMALE. 
Hence, why Master AJ has had pansy fully and permanently regressed to an "Adult BabyGirl", as someone of that ilk, there isn't to much to  have to prove to become a FAILURE 

sissypansy AKA sissypig#327 AKA RosettaPoof327   ....   KNOWS Absolutely that it is a complete and total laughing stock to the world, it has accepted that it is worthless, and is not permitted to have any shred of dignity or happiness in its life.

Master AL John shows a 2ND Display of Compassion today for HIS slave, (the 1st was the compliment earlier in this post) HE is offering sissypig#327 a piece of Birthday Cake, (even though it is 2 weeks old, and stale as is GOOD ENOUGH for the pig)

And like any pig, the sissy is not permitted to use its hand to eat, so Master is forced to feed this fat, stupid loser the stale cake Himself 

Of Course, you just KNEW, that sissypig#327 was going to make a mess with its food, the pig is just so God-Damn STUPID!!!   Master AL John drops the rest of the cake on the floor and sissypig#327 wastes no time in gobbling it up off the floor, (too bad the floor is not more filthy, it would serve the pig right !!)

sissypig#327 greedily eats the floor-fallen cake, as the pig has no idea when (or if), it will be permitted to eat again.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today little journey with sissypig#327, and that you all had a Good Laugh at just how pathetic the (person), has become. Of Course,  Master AL John encourages that any and all pictures be downloaded and reposted. Hell, download and reposted this entire post! The only reason for any of this is to give this sissy the MUCH NEEDED Humiliation that it Needs and Desires.
Next post should see the sissy back in his 'Adult BabyGirl' World......   

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