Sunday, December 23, 2007

Have a very fairy Christmas !!

sissy male 'pansy Faggotte' wishes everyone a very fairy Christmas. The sissy male recieved one gift this year, it was a promise by his Superior Owner 'Master Al John', that pansy will be further feminized with more permanent make-up, and permanent slavery.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

pansy - forced into deeper humiliation

My Master has ordered this sissy to use a pump on my breasts for 2 hours a day, He doesn't think it will really help increase the size, buts it just a way to increase my humiliation. its been 5 weeks and going since i have been allowed to use the potty to do wee-wee, my panties are wet like 24/7, if i have to do poopy, i have to ask my Master, and He will stand and make sure thats all i do. i also have to have a dildo in my mouth at home when not eating or talking, and out in public, i have to carry it with me always. Here are a few new pics......

Today, 12/02, my Master ordered me to rub and cum twice looking at a Victoria Secret catalog, i so wish i was pretty like a real 'F' or a passable 'TV/TS'


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sissy Maid pansy

For the last 5 months i've been forced to clean the Homes of 4 Superior Straight Females, (one is my Masters' Mother) this sissy receives NO money for this, as i am not permitted to have any money. The Females are all fully aware that i am a sissy male, my Master insists that they are VERY Strict with me, that they treat me with contempt, and that i am ridiculed, humiliated and degraded constantly. This is my life for the foreseeable future.
Last week my Master sold the car that i used to own, (so i now have to take the bus to go to my cleaning appointments) i watched as He shredded my Drivers License, my SS #, birth cert, and all other types of ID. Master AJ forced me to beg him to do this or He said he would disown me and give me away. So this sissy did beg, and now i am like a non-person, This is what my Master wants as His plans for me include further feminization and deeper submission.
Master has been considering turning me into an adult baby 'AB' after the new year, but that's only if His new TS girlfriend agrees to help Him regress me.

The pictures in this blog post are of me serving as maid for my Master, it is a permanent position 24/7 365, this sissy has come to accept that this is life and that i will be unable to change its outcome
sincerely ~~ pansy

Monday, November 19, 2007

Another attempt on Blogspot

1st - let me introduce myself ~~

my legal name is 'pansy Faggotte', i am a male that has been totally and completely feminized and turned into sissified fairy. At one time i was a passable TS living FT 24/7 as a F, however, when i met a Superior Male "Master Al John", He decided to turn me into his total 100% slave and forced me to live as a sissified male, i can no longer pass as Female, nor do i look like a real Male. i have been forced to have permanent make up done on my eyebrows. eyeliner, and blush, i have stopped taking hormones, and have no control over what future modifications i am to recieve.

i am not permitted to wear a bra

i am not permitted to wear pants/shorts

i am not permitted to wear heels lower than 3 inches

i am not permitted to wear pantyhose


i am forced to Clean the houses of 4 Superior Females (including Masters' Mother)

i am forced to refer to all Males as "Sir", all Females as "Ma'am, (unless the male is a sissy)

i am forced to disown my Family, my Friends, and my past Life

i am forced to admit i begged Master AJ to turn me into a sissy Male, and that i am happy

i will also be forced to upkeep this better than my last one, my Master says i am NOT being Humiliated, Degraded and Ridiculed enough