Monday, September 27, 2010

Slipping deeper and deeper

into Full Time and Now Permanent Adult Babyhood, sissy pansy's next goal is to collect (SSI) -- (Social Security for anyone not in the USA), since he has legally been declared Mentally Incompetant and unable to function as an Adult anymore. Fortunately, Master AJ does have some friends that can speed this process up, and pansy can finally get his nursery finished. The sissy hasn't slept in an Adult bed, for over 8 months now, and he most certainly never will again. Everything in his life will now be Babyish to the Extreme.   

The sissy is more than happy that everyone sees his diapers and plastic panties.  The sissy seems to finally, FINALLY, realize that there is nothing he can do that will allow him to resemble an Adult ever again. pansy has NOT one bit of grown up clothing left, everything was given to people who need them and are actually permitted to dress like an Adult.
And, here is proof positive, that sissy DOES infact use his diapers, it is no longer just a fetish, it is a 24/7 neccessity, the sissy is of course, Strictly Forbidden ANY use of  a toilet, (except for cleaning, of course!)   

pansy, MUST at all times, have a pacifier, a bottle, and a dolly or stuffed animal with him. Some ideas that Master AJ has for the sissies future is, that he will have his teeth permanently removed, he will be castrated and have his tiny dicklette made even smaller (a process called Nubbing), and to have the tendons in his lower calfs severed, so that he will never be allowed to walk upright again.  

It is very evident that pansy is getting more and more childlike everyday. Master AJ has the full support of pansy's real Mother in his permanent babyfication, It shouldn't be too long before pansy can even remember that he was once a passable TS, let alone an Adult.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A sissy update --- 15 Sept

Last Thursday, 9 Sept, the sissy seriously pulled his back and left hip muscles, when he slipped at Master AJ's Mothers house while doing his forced maid service. Hopefully this weekend, the fairy will be able to be back in heels and back to his chores and some new picture taking.

So in the meanwhile, here is something the sissy found on a disc from a few years ago

"Pansy Faggott Magazine"
Oh, and by the way, The Pasco County 2nd court circuit, did in fact grant "Al John" - Legal Gaurdianship and Power of Attorney - for "pansy Faggotte".  pansy was indeed found to be incompetant and unable to function as an Adult.  and so it goes..... 

Monday, September 6, 2010

SEPT 8 - court date

The previous post is of a FABULOUS Song by Gnarls Barkley's --  Cee Lo Green

Anyway, the sissy has its court date for legal guardianship and mental compentancy hearing on Wed 9/8, pansy has one last "big girl" outfit to wear, as he will have to appear in Judges' Chamber.... the sissy will NOT be wearing any of the outfits in the 2wo pictures......!!  

The sissy dressed in a corset, hose, and heels....


What Happens next ?

Cee Lo Green - FUCK YOU (Official Video)