Monday, September 9, 2013

Permanent Juvenile

sissy pansy has been given a NEW title.....

.......That of a PERMANENT JUVENILE  !!
pansy in one of his cute Little Girl Dresses, and he is ready to begin another day in his permanent baby girl/juvenile life
sissy pansy has come to accept the fact the he will never EVER be allowed to pretend to be an adult ever again. pansy was SUCH a FAILURE!!!!, as a Grown Up, it is just best for him, (and everyone else) that he just live the rest of his pathetic, sorry life as a permanent Juvenile!! 
The final pic says it all "Please HELP him to become even more of a sissy"
Cruel, Hurtful Comments
Laughter, Ridicule, and Scorn
Printing and/or Reposting his pictures to ANY/ALL Internet sites
Thank you for taking the time to read this post

Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Post in a New Dress we go again,

 pansy wears one of his new Little Girl style dresses. Every,  EVERY single thought that pansy has is how he can be MORE of a sissy/little girl.
 Sissified/ Feminized males(?) like pansy not only NEED to be regressed to a baby girl lifestyle, they WANT it. pansy is So Happy that he doesn't have to pretend to be a Grown-Up anymore.
 How Humiliating !!!
52 Years Old  !!!
Permanently Diapered !!
NEVER permitted to use a Toilet ever again !!!
pansy's diapers' are his toilet  !
Fairies like pansy are always seen and recognized for the total and complete sissies that they are...
pansy is ONLY permitted to wet his diaper while in a curtsey,  go sissy....wet those diapers you big sissy!!

Notice how full his diapers are, 7 hours of pee-pee and some poopy have made his diapers so Large, pansy cannot even remember the last time he used a toilet, drank from a glass, (he uses baby bottles for EVERYTHING!), or could talk Without a Lisp.
pansy is No Doubt one of the biggest sissy's on the internet, PLEASE, PLEASE spread, repost, share, caption, download, save any/all of his pictures.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

2 NEW pics of the sissy .....

this outfit the sissy wears to My Mothers house to do HER chores
This outfit he is told to wear when he gets home
and it seems to be much more appropriate for the sissy......
Hard to Believe that there were (at post) 15 comments on the sissy (closing?) the Blog, and not one since.
That Reminds Me (AL John), of the Allstate Commercial
Girl: Hey, Mike I didn't know that Allstate had all those Apps ?
Guy: Where did you here that?, on the Internet ? 
Girl: Yeah, and they couldn't print if it wasn't true....
Guy: and where did you hear that?
Girl: On the Internet
Girl: OH!, here comes my date, He's a French Model
Slack Jawed Yokel:    Uuhh, BonJour ??
Girl:, Later Mike.....
(Quoted by Elim Garak from DS9)  

Monday, July 15, 2013


Could / Is a New Post Coming Soon !!
Are New Pictures / Direction Coming Soon !!

Here are a few BASIC Truths about this Blog

98.3% percent of the BLOG posts are COMPLETELY TRUE !! (there is a Little Equivocation, but not that much)
the sissy's REAL LEGAL name is "Pansy"  (but, not "faggotte)
the sissy DOES wear diapers 24/7 and IS 100% Incontenent
the sissy DOES clean houses for a living, any money made is put into his diapers, dresses and makeup/hair    care. That is the sissy's real hair and NOT a wig.
the sissy does sleep on a little girl style cot (not a crib), in a tiny room that is decorated very Fem/girlie/babyish


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Good Bye, So Long,

And Thanks For All the Fish !!!!

                  Did anyone REALLY Believe any of This !!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

pansy back in the proper clothing....

There is a reason that the sissy hasn't posted in a while....1st, Master AL John Unknowingly left the camera in a truck that ended up in Daytona Beach FL (140 some miles), and then pansy was instructed to spend an entire week of 'Intense Babification' from 4/29 to 5/6 ...more on that in next weeks update  !!

Nonetheless...the sissy is back where he belongs in  Juvenile clothing, here the sissy in wearing another new little girl dress in black velvet, notice his white stockings, pink anklets, and black mary jane shoes    

Every reader should know what is happening here....the sissy is wetting his diaper. Just try to imagane that you are a 52 year old sissified male that wears little girl style clothing, and one of the few pleasure you have in life is to wet a diaper that you NEED to wear, pansy doesn't wear diapers as a fetish anymore. he NEEDS THEM !!

You would now doubt hang your head in utter shame as well !!

pansy is told by its Master to go outside and wait for the mail to come, Master AL John also tells His property to make sure that you wet your diaper again before you go to the mail box 

trying to finish his fourth bottle of baby formula in an hour, the sissy dutifully wets for the 2nd time today

Thanks for being patient with the lack of updates lately

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New sissy pig pictures

Lets ALL have FUN Laughing at pansy and his new pcitures dressed as pig #327. Master AL John has told pansy he is to be pig #327 for the entire Easter Weekend, and even glued the pig nose onto the sissy's face. 

Master AL John also has the pig in a pink dress that is 3 sizes to small for him. notice how it makes the sissy look even fatter and more ridiculous. Say hello to everyone pansy --- They are Laughing at YOU !! 

Just like a REAL PIG, sissy pig #327 roots around the backyard eating grass and grubs, and just like a real pig, sissy pig #327 has fat meaty thighs. Does Master AL John have any Dolcett type plans for His sissy ?? 

the sissy pig is definately FAT!

 The sissy pig enjoys a few last weeds and grass, before it is allowed into Masters house to continue its feeding, Master no doubts seems to want to fatten the pig up  !!
Not permitted to act or speak like a human the entire weekend, the pig grunts as it is feed some canned Cat Food.

Make sure to eat all of your cat food, sissy pig #327, you will be let out tmrw morning to feast on some more yummy grass. 

and just like any other animal, sissy pig #327 is relagated to using a litter box for his toilet needs  

 the sissy has no shame in how low it is forced to sink to humiliate itself for the amusement and laughter of its Superiors, (which is EVERYONE !!)

Thank you sissy pig #327 for Exposing yourself as one of the most Degraded and Humiliated sissy's on the Internet  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

pansy IS! a Diapered Maid Slave

Maid Service is a Major Part of pansy's permanent Slavery, although the sissy does have 2 Maids Uniforms, Master AL John likes to see HIS property in other outfits while doing its chores.  

pansy's only real purpose in life is to be of service to his Superiors, the sissy is NOT permitted any pleasure (except reading and waching sissy porn), or happiness. Master AL John wants every moment of pansy's life to be as miserable as possible for him, and Remember, pansy BEGGED for this lifestyle several years ago. 
Can Anyone look at this picture and think of what MAJOR PART of his now Totally Juvenile Lifestyle, the retard has forgotten ?? 
Yes, his Pacifier  !!!    Tonite, Master AJ will keep all 4 of the sissy's pacifiers in a piss bucket, hopefully the taste will linger on them for days. pansy is just so fucking STUPID !!   
While waiting for the laundry, pansy continues its chores, pansy has a very detailed list of things he MUST do, all perfectly and WITHOUT question. pansy is such an idiot, as he still sometimes thinks that someone really gives a shit what he says, feels or thinks. 
Hanging laundry with an exposed diaper would be very humiliating for ANYONE ! However, pansy has no choice in what he is told to do, he KNOWS he is Inferior, he KNOWS he is nothing more than property, and he KNOWS that this life is permanent for him.
With his diaper fully on display, pansy enjoys a much needed wetting. Now, GET BACK to your chores , you Ridiculous diaper wearing sissy !!