Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year's Promise from pansy's Master

Master AL John has informed pansy that 2010 will be a year of even MORE Intense Babification, The sissy's birthday is Feb 14, and Master AJ wants to have pansy's Nursery finished by then. He has ordered an Adult sized Crib, and it will be Modified so that the sissy will be securely bound and locked into the crib, He is also planning on installing an automatic feeding pump, as pansy will be spending most of his (and the rest of his life) locked into the crib.   The sissy was under the false notion that seeing how he was allowed to wear "Big Girl Clothing" a few times the last week, That Master AJ and his TS Lover would ease up on his babification. OF COURSE !! That is not to be, It was re-enforced to pansy today 12/31/09 that he will be an Adult baby, an Incontent sissy male, and an overly feminized faggot for the rest his life, (and most of that will be secured in a crib!!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the sissy goes to a Holiday Party

Master AL John (pansy's Owner/Master), allowed His sissy slave 'pansy Faggotte' to dress like a big girl, and go to a Christmas Party Sunday Dec 27 at His Mothers house. Not everyone at the party would be tolerant of a sissified male in baby girl clothes, however most people DID Know of pansy's true gender.

The sissy of course had to wear diapers under his skirt because he REALLY, TRUELY is Totally Incontenent. 3 hours into the Xmas party, the sissy had wet himself, so Master AJ's Mother took the fairy into the upstairs bathroom, (where She keeps a pack of his Diapers) for a change. First She (and Masters Mother is a small women 5'5" at the most) smacked the sissy in the face repeatedly, calling him names and degrading him. As pansy held up skirt, She placed 2 new diapers on him. "You are so Pathetic" she screamed, and kicked pansy in his tiny clitty and sissy nuts, the sissy began to cry and she kicked him again and smacked his face several more times. "You DESERVE the treatment you Get!" She yelled as the sissy recieved a 3rd kick in his clitty/sissy nuts. "When your done crying fix your makeup, and come down, sit on the couch, and be QUIET!, She said, slapping his face even more.  She slammed the door, and pansy sat crying like an infant for several minutes, he then followed Her instructions the rest of the day

Saturday, December 26, 2009

sissy pansy hopes everyone had a Merry Christmas

sissy male pansy is happy to show everyone the outfit he was ordered to wear on Christmas Day. Under the tree, the fairy was happy to find a few gifts for him.

The sissy recieved 3 new packs of diapers, 2 new pacifiers, a set up baby bottles, and a new dollie, he certainely is a lucky Adult Little Girl

And as Usual, pansy is HEAVILY diapered, and after opening the gifts, pansy's Master (Superior Male, Master AL John), and his TS Lover went out for a Christmas brunch, the fairy was put in the playpen to play with his new dollie. What a happy sissy he must be.  !!

Monday, November 30, 2009

OK !! So Now Its Permanent !!

So Here It is, The last day of November 2009, and the last day that sissy male pansy will spend as an adult, for the rest of his life he will only be referred to as a 'Child". At one time he was a passable TS, and now at age 48, he is PERMANENTLY age-regressed to a 3 year old Adult little girl.   Sissy pansy will forever be in diapers, speak like a baby, and live a 100% total. complete baby lifestyle. 5 years ago, this started out as a fantasy, however over the years, it has developed into a permanent lifestyle, one that the sissy male cannot escape from now, (even if he wanted). The sissy's Master "Superior Male, Master AL John", has found a younger, and much prettier TS, that has agreed to babysit pansy, feed him and change his diapers on a daily basis.  Soon, one of the spare rooms in Master AJ's house will be a finished nursery for pansy, and thats where he will spending pretty much the rest of his life. This blog will continue with pansy describing what it is like to spend the rest of his life as an adult baby girl. 

Monday, November 2, 2009

Is The Writing on the Wall ???!

So it seems that pansy's fate has been sealed. his latest pictures have completey stripped away the last remaining ounce of adulthood, as pansy sits in his new playpen, he is thinking about his crib (that will arrive shortly) and how much he will enjoy sleeping in it for the rest of his life. Even Master AL John's Mother has come to accept the fact that he IS NO LONGER Considered to be an adult in any way shape or form.

For the rest of his life pansy will use a pacifier, drink from a bottle and play with his dollies, although he still has his never ending chores to accomplish, any resembelence of a 48 year old male is completely gone, and in the coming years, inactivity will make pansy even more docile, obiediant, and weak.

Welcome to the Rest of your life - sissy baby pansy !!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Poor, Poor Pathetic pansy

Pathetic sissy male wears a new dress that his Master "Superior Male Master AL John", allowed the fairy to buy at the local Salvation Army thrift store, although the dress is pretty and very juvenile looking, There is NO DOUBT that pansy will have to shorten them hem by at least 4 inches.
pansy is NEVER permitted to wear a dress so long. Master AJ has not punished him yet, but the next time he wears it, the dress had BETTER be MUCH Shorter!

The sissy is not permitted to make cream in his panties unless he is drinking from his bottle, todays' mixture is one of apple juice and his Masters' piss.
Pansy is also permanently incontenent, and Master AJ refuses to let His sissy slave wear diapers( except on rare occasions, like, when he rides in Masters van). When pansy does ride in the van, he is ordered to kneel on all fours in the back, as his Owner hold a dog leash chained around his neck

These last pictures show that the feminized fairy has COMPLETELY soaked his panties, knee socks and mary jane shoes. pansy must stay in his pee soaked garments until his Master comes home from His job, and depending on the quality of the blowjob he gives Master AJ, that decides whether he can replace them or not. When pansy is allowed to wear dry panties, he is allowed to sleep on the floor next to Masters bed, (never in the bed, as pansy will certainly wet it), on a thick soaker pad. If pansy is forced to keep his pee pee soaked clothing on, he sleeps locked in a tiny room at the other end of the house.
Such is the life of a pathetic, incontenent, 48 year old, feminized sissy male

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Future of his Babification

Sissy Male pansy dressed in latest "Little Girl Outfit", If you follow pansy FLICKER account, You know that he IS NOT Permitted to dress/act/ or refer to himself as an Adult. Master AL John HAS DECIDED that His sissy slave will live the rest of its life as a 3 year old

In this Outfit, you can see that pansy is in a cute white sweater,
and OF Course, he has his pacifer firmly in place

In his yellow Dress, pansy Desperately tries to Remember what his life was like when he was a Passable TS, however due to Master AJ HYPNOTIC and MIND CONTROL Tapes, poor pathetic pansy can (And for the rest of his life, will) only think of himself as a sissy Male I
Isn't his new lifestyle best suited for him ???
Face it, Once Master AJ decided to permanently Transform him from Passable TS to sissified male, pansy WANTED to have his mind wiped clear of all TS/TV feelings, the only thing that the sissy wants to feel is HUMILIATION, DEGRADATION, and, RIDICULE

pansy CAN only make cream in his panties whilst sucking on a pacifier and/or drinking from his bottle
Stay tuned for pictures of pansy in his Juvenile outfits in Public -- Very Soon !!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Looks like he will be in baby dresses - FOREVER !!

Well, it looks like the latest poll has sealed pansy's fate !!!

The Fairy will be wearing only baby girl outfits for the foreseeable future, so what happens when his Master has him walk to the store ??
Will pansy still have to suck on his pacifier ?? YES
Will pansy still have to drink from a bottle ?? YES
Will pansy still talk with a very heavy Lisp ?? YES

Master AL John has also increased his FORCED Masterbation to 4 times a day, so that means that pansy will have his hands on his dicklette pretty much all day. The below pictures shows the sissy hard a work making another load of cream in his panties

pansy proudly displays his cream soaked panties, even after 5 years of FORCED Sissification and Slavery, he still feels shame and embarresment for what he now is, however, pansy knows it is permanent.

In another one of his baby girl outfits, this time he is waiting for Master AL John's Mother to come pick him up to clean Her house. Her Verbal Abuse and Mental Cruelty is much more extreme than Master AJ's. She has made it 100% clear how much contempt She has for pansy, and it shows as everytime he returns from Her house, he is in tears

pansy SO wishes he DID NOT need to be Humiliated and degraded
pansy SO wishes he DID NOT have to wear baby girl outfits
pansy SO wishes he DID NOT live a life of Total and Complete Slavery
BUT, too bad for you pansy - IT IS your way of life !!

and just to add to his humiliation, Master AL John forced this sissy to join and post this picture on his class page. Can you just imagine how the people will laugh when they see his picture, maybe Master AL John will force him to attend the reunion as well !!

Master AL John encourages EVERY Reader of this blog to leave a comment, the crueler the better, tell him how pathetic he is, how much of a sissy homosexual he is, but even if you feel sorry for pansy, PLEASE leave a comment

Sunday, August 9, 2009

a sissified male dressed as an adult little girl

It seems that the older pansy gets, the SISSIER he gets! Master AL John has really taking a liking to have His feminized fairy slave dress in adult little girl and juvenile outfits. his pink dress with pink petticoat, pink stockings and pink sissy hat, make him look so TOTALLY FAIRY !A
And add to his sissyness, that he MUST suck a pacifier 24/7, and EVERY single drink pansy consumes MUST be from a baby bottle
However Master AJ no longer permits pansy to wear diapers, too bad, as he is 100% Completely Incontenent

By lifting his dress and petticoats, you can see pansy is without diapers, as his tiny sissy dicklette makes a tiny poke in his panties. Pathetic pansy has BEGGED Master AL John to put him back in diapers, however He just laughs and watches as pansy wets himself (of course the sissy is Strictly PROHIBITED from using the toilet to make wee-wee)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The sissy is forced to have his hair dyed

On Thursday, July 16,
sissy male pansy was Ordered by Master Al Johns Mother to dye his hair bright Red.

She is very active in his ongoing Humiliation, and when She saw this colour, She knew it would be perfect for him. She, however refuses to be in any pictures with pansy, anyway the stupid fairy actually had the GALL to tell Her NO!, He wasn't going to dye his hair. Don't you think by now pansy would know better than to tell a Superior NO!. to anything. She was LIVID, and called up Her Son, Master AL John, that His sissy slave needed some immediate punishment.
Master AL John proceeded the next morning to keep pansy in bondage for the entire day, 1st the sissy was tied with an arm bar for several hours, and Master, (who has the week off) took the liberty of hitting the back of his fat thighs with a belt over and over. When Master AL John had to leave, He reties the sissy with wrist and ankle ropes and orders the fairy to stand perfectly still.

When Master AL John leaves, He tethers His sissy slave to a hook above the door. The Door is a side door to His house and pansy WILL Be very visable to passerbys outside/

As the sissy stares out the door and sees people going on with thier life, He tries to remember what his life was like 5 years ago, before Master AL John permanently enslaved him, pansy was once a passable TS, with implants, he worked a real job, had a nice car, and many TG girlfriends.

Now pansy is SO COMPLETELY Dominated and sissified, it is unlikely he could ever resume a life outside being a total slave.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

More pictures of a Male Maid

Overly Feminized and
permanently Sissified 'pansy Faggotte', is spending more and more time in his several Maid Uniforms.
This is extremely humiliating for the sissy male, but as EVERYONE should know by now, pansy is is FORBIDDEN to make decisions on how he is to be dressed. This decision falls on to his Master/Owner - Superior Male Master AL John

The fairy is forced on this day July 1, 2009, to wear a sign around his neck, stating the obvious.
"I Am A Sissy Male", is there no deeper humiliation that a feminized transvestite could endure? pansy is also (as you can see, forced to suck on a pacifier pretty much 24/7, and even more degrading is that the sissy has taken off his top, and the sign hides his tiny sissy titties

Before Master AJ took ownership of the sissy and legally had his name changed, he was a very passable TS with 36C Implans. They have obviously been removed, as Master AJ does NOT want pansy to pass as a Female, but wants the fairy to always be seen as a feminized male, and he will be known and seen as such for as long as Master AJ owns him.

And lastly, the final degrading act pansy is forced to endure is to have the phrase, "I Am A Male Maid"
written on his chest in Black Magic Marker
No Respectable, Classy, or other wise decent CD/TV/TS
would allow themselves to be treated or exposed/exploited in such a way. Only a sissy male that is 100% addicted to being Humiliated and Degraded would actually WANT to be treated like this.