Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WonderFull ! new Update coming in a Few Days ~~ !

featuring --   sissy pansy, miss prissy, and the Devastantling Beautiful GODDESS Nicole   (Pics by Master Al John)....   soon... (there are like 160 pics to go through and 30 minutes of Video) -- be patient please !! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Punishment Of An Idiot !!

Sissy 'Pansy Faggotte' his REAL - LEGAL Name is so Obvious a Male in Girls/Female/ Womens clothing,. pansy IS A Loser that needs to be Controlled, Dominanted, Used, etc..etc.. ,
His Owner/Master tells the sissy to step up onto the stool, pansy has no choice, NO Choice....but to obey His Master...
   Master AL John     100%
The sissy queer        0%

pansy IS Being Punished because it has not been in diapers for like 4 days (11/16 to be exact). Master Al John WANTS to make sure that every day this sissy lives, its next day is worse/ more humiliating. 
pansy ,(with no hesitation), accepts his place on the stool and gladly awaits HIS Masters spanking, wether, the sissy deserves/ needs this spanking is irrelavent. Master AL John owns this sissified male is OWNED by Him...Al of the readers of this Blog should Know this by Now !!

SPANK, his fat Queer ASS   !! PLEASE  !! Give the sissy some PAIN !!  this sissy queer needs Pain/Humiliation PLEASE give it what it Deserves/Needs

After a SOUND Spanking, Master AL John applies some BEN GAY to the sissy's well spanked ass, this will CERTAINLY cause the fat pink sissy even more pain, look at the redness !! 

  Beat the sissy's fat fag ass some more, Master Al John 
The sissy NEEDS pain, Master Al John, you SHOULD just kick the stool out and hang the fat faggot, and let him hang....really, does "it" deserve to live.