Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sissy Male in Female Bathing Suits

Feminized sissy male 'pansy Faggotte" is being forced to take pictures of himself in Female Bathing Suits. There is 'NO WAY' that this fat homosexual creampuff passes as a Female, but still he is 'forced' to try ......

he wants to make sure that you all KNOW !! that he is a feminized Male, and his legal name is actually ' pansy Faggotte' he loves to be humiliated and degraded by Superiors ~~ pansy

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

sissy MALE !

this feminized male fairy is forced by his Superior MALE Master to confess these statements ::
i am NOT a F, TranSexual, TransVestite, or CrossDresser
i am a sissy male that wears Womens clothing
i am NOT passable as a F,TS,TV or CD
i am an obvious male in Female clothing

i am NOT turned on/ excited by wearing F clothing
i am wearing F clothing as i desire to be humiliated, ridiculed and degraded
i am NOT allowed to have "Real" friends (of any gender)
i am only permitted to worship my Owner/Master
i am NOT permitted any rights, thoughts, or opinions
i am only a slave, completely and totally
~~ pansy Faggotte ~~