Saturday, May 18, 2013

Good Bye, So Long,

And Thanks For All the Fish !!!!

                  Did anyone REALLY Believe any of This !!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

pansy back in the proper clothing....

There is a reason that the sissy hasn't posted in a while....1st, Master AL John Unknowingly left the camera in a truck that ended up in Daytona Beach FL (140 some miles), and then pansy was instructed to spend an entire week of 'Intense Babification' from 4/29 to 5/6 ...more on that in next weeks update  !!

Nonetheless...the sissy is back where he belongs in  Juvenile clothing, here the sissy in wearing another new little girl dress in black velvet, notice his white stockings, pink anklets, and black mary jane shoes    

Every reader should know what is happening here....the sissy is wetting his diaper. Just try to imagane that you are a 52 year old sissified male that wears little girl style clothing, and one of the few pleasure you have in life is to wet a diaper that you NEED to wear, pansy doesn't wear diapers as a fetish anymore. he NEEDS THEM !!

You would now doubt hang your head in utter shame as well !!

pansy is told by its Master to go outside and wait for the mail to come, Master AL John also tells His property to make sure that you wet your diaper again before you go to the mail box 

trying to finish his fourth bottle of baby formula in an hour, the sissy dutifully wets for the 2nd time today

Thanks for being patient with the lack of updates lately