Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Non-Stop sissy Humiliation

sissy pansy sure is stoopid ! (Big Suprize!), he lost his pacifier, and now has to replace it with a dildo attached to his blouse, But, its not like the sissy doesn't NEED the Humiliation. The sissy is once again on a Formula and Baby Food diet for the next 3 weeks, how lucky he is, never having to worry about chewing his food anymore.   
For 2 hours a day, he must do dildo sucking practice and curtsey practice, (here is a good idea, the next photos' will show pansy in front of the mirror where he is forced to stand and stare at himself and count his curtsey's). And, as usual, pansy feels it necessary to show his diapers and plastic pants, he wants to make sure, (just guessing, here?) that everyone knows he is not permitted to use a toilet ever again for any reason. 
sissy pansy is now ordered by his Master to sit in his little pink chair in the living room, You can just SEE the Humiliation in his eyes, as Master AL John feeds the sissy his bottle of Formula, how pathetic, in 2 weeks, pansy will be 51 years old and still being fed a bottle by his Superior. 
pansy sits there, accepting the Humiliating and Degrading things being done to him...like having "Fag" written on his chest in his own lipstick, being forced to suck a dildo being presented by his Owner. pansy know no other life, but total Obiediance.....as he is inferior, Everyone Else Is Superior.  
And the final Humilaition of the Day, Master AL John, places a paper bag over the sissy's head and face, (would you want to have to look at him all day?) with the dildo lodged firmly in his sissy red lips, (Don't even think of letting that come out of your mouth, faggot!), 
And the Master raises his skirt and petticoats, pansy IS NOT permitted to move until he has wet his diapers 2wice ! How submissive pansy is, Master doesn't even need to chain him or bind him, as pansy knows he had better not disobey his Owner and Master. 
And Remember, Master AL John encourages any and all of the sissy's pictures be downloaded, copied, reposted, and spread throughout the Internet.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

......... well, this is Obvious !

Does the sissy ~really~ need to wear a shirt that says he is a male maid?. Doesn't everyone who reads this blog and makes comments know that is all he is good for
After reviewing the pictures, Master AL John is a little dissapointed that the faggots' skirt is not short enough, as pansy's diapers are not showing enough. No matter how much Humiliation the sissy endures, he still hangs his head in shame at what he has become, with his birthday less than a month away, he knows any chance of returning to the life of a passable and functioning TS, is gone forever. 
Imagine, how much you would stare and most assuredly laugh, if you saw this mincing sissy queer in its Masters backyard hanging laundry. Its seems, though, that the neighbors have gotten used to seeing a 50 year old sissy male in little girls clothing and diapers.  
And, OF COURSE !, pansy cannot resist to show everyone that he is in diapers and plastic pants, just get back to work and hang up your Owners clothing, you dope!

Friday, January 20, 2012

A sissy in a Baby Dress

After a very hard day of cleaning at Master AL Johns Mother house on Thursday Jan 19, the sissy is rewarded by being allowed to put on one of his MANY baby girl dresses and spend time in his playpen
sissy pansy feels SO MUCH better dressed like this, and acting like the "Adult baby girl", that he knows he really is. his only concern is drinking his bottles and wetting his diapers. No "Grown up" thoughts for this 50 year old feminized sissy male.
sissy pansy really should be lucky that he has an Owner that has taken over EVERY single aspect of his life. he really cannot function as a "Grown Up" anymore, Master AL John makes ALL of pansy's desicions, as He is certain that pansy is no longer capable of that anymore.   
Enjoy your playpen time, sissy pansy - THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG !!! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Failure is the only Option !

When you allow your name to be legally changed to "pansy Faggotte", When you admit that you are a Complete and Totally Sissy, When you admit that you need Diapers and want to exposed on the internet wearing Little Girl style outfits, and When you admit that you have been a Cocksucker since age 13, you must know that failure as a "Grown Up" is your only option. 
pansy, shows everyone that he is ALLOWED for a day to be without diapers. Master AL John knows that pansy cannot be out of them, However, He likes to Fuck with pansy's feeble brain, and constantly trick the sissy, into thinking he will be allowed to dress like a "Grown Up", again. This, (as everyone should be well aware of now) is not the case, as a stream of pee erupts through pansy's, stockings and red shorts. At least, the sissy had the sense to put down a towel, just before the pee splashed into and over his heels.  
This sissy breaks down into a torrent of tears as he continues to wet himself, knowing soon that he will also probably do a poop in his stockings and shorts, thus putting him back in diapers for another extended period of time. 
pansy, actually is VERY much a big crybaby, he cries when he makes a mess in his diapers, he cries, because he is afraid of the dark, he cries when he drops his pacifier or dolly, he cries when he is out of baby formula. He cries because he knows that he is NOTHING but a Big sissy !!!   

Monday, January 2, 2012

1st 2012 post = Changes !!

A New Year brings changes to everything, this even effects something as worthless as sissy pansy.
1. There will be NO More of his stupid music videos, pansy's computer usage has been limited to only pornography.
2. pansy will post a photo collection at LEAST once a week, comments are now Unmoderated, and he has been ordered to join many pictures sharing sites, (to increase his internet Exposure!)
3. pansy will NO Longer be permitted to pass as a Female/Girl   -- he will be seen as an obvious male (LOL) in womens'/girls' clothing    
On Feb 14, this sissy male will turn 51 years old !!  pansy continues to drink his SIMILAC formula as he wets his diaper. Lets all examine what he is wearing ::
White stockings
pink knee socks
White Mary jane heels
a Little White Skating Skirt
A pink Shirt more suitable for a Juvenile
.....and Diapers and plastic panties  

Yeah, this is EXACTLY how a 50 year old should dress !!!    

Its hard not laugh at pansy when he so LUVS everyone to see his diapers, has anyone ever googled his name  :: "pansy Faggotte?"  see how exposed he is ? It is NOT ENOUGH !! he needs to be Exposed More MORE MORE !!
Even, outside in his Masters backyard, pansy is never exempt from ridicule and exposure, No doubt his humiliation will be seriously increased in 2012. Everyone enjoy the upcoming Laughter  !!