Saturday, November 24, 2012

How does a sissy pig spend Thanksgiving ??

The sissy pig, known as pig #327 begins Thanksgiving by cleaning the House of its Masters' Mother, for a dinner that pig KNOWS it will not be attending ~~~~ Thanksgiving Day, pig #327, Begs to be allowed to eat, Does anyone Notice the STUPIDITY of pig #327 in this picture, (and future pictures in this set ?)
the pig makes his thanksgiving day dinner, the pig is THANKFUL that it has been Enslaved by Master AL John. the pig is THANKFUL that it has been turned into a sissy pig. the pig is happy to know that it will NEVER be allowed freedom and NEVER be allowed to pass as a "F" ever again.
pig #327 is told that it MUST wet its diaper while eating its dinner.
Have you wet and fiiled your diaper yet, sissy faggot pig?, Master has some friends coming over soon for a few cocktails before T-Day Dinner
Master AL John is SO Disappointed that His slave sissy pig #327 has NOT wet its diapers, so now to punish the pig, He takes the pig upstairs and He Forces the pig to wrap its lips around its Nursery Door until the pigs wets not once, but twice !!
While other Superior People, (most, the same general age of the pig ..51 y.o.), are downstairs drinking, watching football, and eating appetizers...., this stupid faggot pig has lips wrapped around a doorknob as he wets his diapers !!
the pig proudly shows his Master, that his diapers DO actually have pee in them!! What a good sissy diaper pig, he is !! What type of Reward is sissypig #327 due ?
pig #327, hangs his head in shame, as he cannot believe how pathetic his life has become, and how he can only become excited while being Degraded, Humiliated, and Ridiculed.
Pig #327's Reward ~~~ is to be Handcuffed, Legcuffed and Ball-gagged for the rest of the Night !
So, while Master Al John and His Friends go to His Mothers' house for a yummy Thanksgiving Dinner and Drinks...... poor pathetic pig #327 will stay at home, and try to clean house from the earlier small get-together. pig #327 may NOT be happy with its life, well....that just doesn't Matter...THIS IS The Pigs' LIFE.....Total and Complete SLAVERY !!!
And did everyone figure out the Stupid Dumbass Fucking Retarded Mistake that Idiot Piece-of-Shit Pig #327 made on all of these pictures ??

Friday, November 16, 2012

sissy pig #327 back in diapers... YEAH !!

Welcum Back, sissy pig #327, Everyone is no doubt happy to see you back in diapers, Just where YOU Belong !
The sissy pig is always happy to have its pictures posted, where it can be laughed at.
sissy pig #327 is drinking his 4th bottle of Baby Formula of the day, no doubt the sissy will soon have very full (and will probably be leaking), as he is only in 2 diapers,and no plastic panties. The sissy is all too happy to show everyone his diapers, at it only re-affirms his status as a diaper wearing sissy pig
Hopefully, these will be VERY filled soon !!
Pig #237 always seems to be Begging to be Humiliated and Degraded, and if being FORCED to dress and act like this is not Humiliating and Degrading enough.
What a Lucky sissy pig, #327 is, he now gets to spend some quality time in his playpen outside in the yard, Imagine what the Neighbors and Passer-by's will say when they see this diapered Loser in a playpen
The sissy pig knowns he HAD better drink every drop of that Formula ~~ BECAUSE ~~ the sissy will have to stay in this position until he has Wet his diapers Twice, and made a poopy in them

Monday, November 5, 2012

More of the PIG !!

sissy PIG #327 (as Everyone who reads this BLOG, should Know by Now!), so Desperately NEEDS to Be Humiliated and Degraded. Thankfully, comments are being made by some readers, you can also Email the sissy pig directly at
Can anyone really imagine how pathetic sissypig #327 really is?, Imagine, being told to make a sign, pin it to your outfit, wear it all day, and not being allowed to take it off. This just PROVES that pig #327 is totally worthless !!
the sissy pigs' life is one on constant menial tasks, it is only permitted 2 hours a day on the computer now, as the pig was caught looking at other "Non-sissy or Bondage" Websites
Anonymous said... I would like to know, why it is such a pig does not have any cropping, caning, whipping or straping marks on her big fat arse when she obviously deserves them. Spare the rod and spoilt the PIG. The Pun15her November 2, 2012 4:59 AM The Pun15her is correct, the pig really doesn't have enough pictures of it in Bondage, being spanked, whipped, and suffering in pain. New pictures will show that !
Lets see Everyone try to make sissy pig 327's life even MORE Miserable !!