Monday, January 24, 2011

Lola-The Kinks #5.*Top Of The Pops-70s*

If You Don't Know this Song, and You are reading this Blog.... You should be ashamed of yourself, (and spank yourself 20x, just for good measure ).... 

Kelly Clarkson - Never Again

Yngwie Malmsteen : Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (ABBA)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In the Beginning Vol. 2

The sissy was living with a DOMINANT Male, and the sissy actually worked for Greyhound Bus Lines, the sissy was immediately handcuffed upon entering the Apt., and served as a SEX Slave to all of Master Mark (the sissy's owner)' s Friends 
St. Petersburg, FL...circa 1998....the sissy poses for pictures so that his Master Tom, (at the time) can pimp this fairy queer out to any Males that are looking for a quick suck-job, or a 2 hours cunt-fuck
sissy pansy (with his hair dyed black)...1999/2000...just getting into the computer dating/raping scene.....the sissy is without an Owner, the sissy ALWAYS has needed a Superior Male to own him...   look at that faggot begging for a MALE to own him...

Okay..... so the latest poll Post has a few votes and the results are more videos, Master and  this sissy just thought it would be nice to be different....different from the same old captions, pictures with no faces, and blogs that keep repeating the same silly mantra....
NO MORE Videos......
 We Get it.... sorry that you, (whoever you are), were offended and hated the video's
Look like we will conform to the mindless sissy blog forum of captions and phony pictures
All Hail  !           

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Steel Panther - Sexy Santa 2009 [Explicit]

Oops....Forgot to Add this during the Christmas/ New Year Video Blitz,,,,,.....,,,,, can you GIRLZ say HOTT!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some New Pictures of the sissy

Nothing Special.......Just some pictures of sissy pansy in what could be the Shortest Possible Dress, and then of course, he has to show his diapers!     The fag is so proud that he is diapered 24/ it some kind of accomplishment or something...the only thing it is SAD!
And now the fat homo entices you with 2 pictures in a pink outfit w/ an apron, and GOOD GRIEF !, Do you actually see the size of that thing !!  That has GOT to be the smallest penis/sissy clit ever.... CHRIST ON A BIKE  !!! that is small  !!
No Wonder he gets laughed at, No wonder he has never been with a Female, or even had a Girlfriend, for that matter.   What a LOSER !!