Sunday, January 24, 2010

pansy's SERVICE !

Sissy male pansy has only 2 states of being, The 1st of course is that of a totally age regressed Adult baby Girl. The 2nd is that of a Male Maid, when pansy is doing his daily chores, he is ALWAYS dressed in a maid uniform/ maid style uniform. The feminized fairy is also responsible for cleaning his Master's Mothers house, (and if you remember from a previous blog posting, She can/is extremely cruel to the sissy. pansy also cleans the houses of two of Her friends, although both Females know that he is a male that wears womens clothing, They have little interaction with him. 

As you can see, pansy is right in the middle of doing laundry for Master AL John, while Master AJ is home, He always leads the sissy around on a leash, the sissy must keep his mind TOTALLY focused on his chores, he is Rarely permitted to laugh or smile, as Master AJ wants to enforce pansy's misery of being forced into 24/7 slavery. Master AL John points to the chair, as He is going to give his property a spanking, and not that the queer really deserved it today, However Master will punish pansy whenever He sees fit, for any reason, or no reason at all. 
The sissy male holds on the chair as his leash is wrapped to secure him, pansy KNOWS Better than to question why he is being punished, he knows only to accept it, thank his Master for disciplining him, and wait for further humiliation and degradation.

After 10-15 smacks with the official "sissy" paddle, pansy's  fat fairy ass is beginning  to show some colour, hopefully Master will redden it further, making pansy cry out, and shed some tears. The sissy knows no other life anymore, nor will  there be any other way of life for 'pansy Faggotte' ~~ Feminized sissy male Slave/age regressed Adult Baby Girl.  

Sunday, January 17, 2010

pansy's SHAME !!

The feminized sissy male turned permanently regressed Adult Baby Girl, has been doing ALOT of crying lately, It seems, that "pansy" no longer wants to live a permanent baby girl lifestyle. After all of the begging he did to his Master, you would think he would be grateful.    Of Course it is Master AL John's desicion how pansy will live and how he will dress/act.                                     The Nursery that Master AJ was putting together is almost done, The walls are painted pink, the crib and high chair are on the way, and NOW pansy wants to go back to being a "big girl". Maybe the sissy should have thought of this before he pleaded to be age regressed, before he begged for everyone to accept him as baby girl, and before he started wasting everyones' time.                                             
Plus, the fact that he is total incontenent is also an issue, IF, (and that is a BIG IF), Master AJ does allow the fairy to go back being a "big girl", what about pansy's wetting?, he will no doubt be unable to hold his wee-wee, he will be soaked at all times, and Master's house will smell like a barn. For over a year, pansy was so addicted to diapers, and NOW, ALL of the SUDDEN, he thinks he can stop using them?, the sissy is stupider than he looks !! 
Does pansy really want to give up drinking from bottles as well?, what about his pacifiers?, the sissy has used a pacifer 24/7 for over a year, he may be able to go without one for a few days, but like anyone addicted to something, pansy will be popping it back in his mouth, and so Who Cares if the fat little fairy cries while sucking it?  REMEMBER Readers, that pansy WANTED THIS LIFESTYLE!!!

This is the note that he wrote in his notepad, When Master AL John read it Saturday Jan 16, 2010, All he could do was LAUGH, He ordered pansy to get back in his playpen, and rub his dicklette until he made sissy cream 2 times.  Master headed off to His bed, as the sissy was still feverishly rubbing  his panty covered diapers.                              When Master AJ woke up in the morning the sissy was fast asleep in his too small playpen . .                                                                              

Thursday, January 7, 2010

sissy pansy's 2010 Declaration of Sissyness

Feminized sissy male and permanently age regressed Adult Baby Girl 'pansy Faggotte' is instructed by Master AL Johns Mother to create a post declaring 20 reasons why he should be INTENSELY Humiliated and Degraded 

This sissy sits and contemplates his future, as Master AL John and one of His Friends are turning a spare room in Masters House which will shortly become pansy's Nursery. This is a fantasy that has gone WAY TOO FAR for pansy, and he now knows there is no escape from a life of permanent babification, As has been previously stated - "GoodBye to be being an Adult Ever Again, pansy"

And Now
Declaration Of Sissyness

1. i am a male that wears baby girl clothing
2. i want people to degrade, humiliate and degrade me
3. i am a male that has been age regressed to a 3 year old baby girl
4. i have permanent Female makeup tattooed on my face
5. i have the Legal Name of   "pansy Faggotte"
6. i am totally incontenent and wear Diapers 24 hours a day/7 days a week
7. i have ABSOLUTELY No Rights, whatsoever
8. i am Mentally and Socially slow
9. i am used for menial tasks, maid service, and sexual abuse
10. i have been told i am Useless and Worthless
11. i have NO CHANCE of ever escaping this sissy life
12. i want to be emotionally and physically hurt
13. i will never be allowed to use a toilet ever agian
14. i talk with a heavy lisp, and have for the past 3 years
15. i am a chronic and heavy Masturbator
16. i play with dolls, stuffed animals, and everything else juvenile
17. i am always thinking about sucking a Pacifier, Baby Bottle or a Penis
18. i am always thinking about having a Penis or Dildoe enter my sissy pussy
19. i am no longer permitted to think of myself as an Adult
20. i am a male that wears baby girl clothing