Sunday, June 22, 2008

Its been a while ~

and sorry for that ! --

A few things have happened since this sissies last post

This sissies Master has forced it to get a job, however it works at a job were it's known that he is a transvestite, he is of course ridiculed, laughed at, and shunned. although the fairy is no longer forced to wear diapers 24/7, after 9 months of incontinence, the sissy still has a weak bladder.
Also, this sissy has lost its previous yahoo ID and flicker account, so it will add a link to a NEW yahoo group where all of his pictures will be available to view/ download, this sissy also wonders how he can make this blog more popoular? he would love to his blog listed with other sissy blogs.
The picture on the left is an example of how the sissy is forced to dress at home on his days off, he has SPECIFIC daily chores that must be completed Without Fail !! The sissies life is one of complete and total 100% slavery, and will be until Master AJ tires of 'pansy Faggotte".
The picture on the right is an example of how the sissy is forced to dress to go to his job, he works at a call center, and as previously posted EVERYONE at the job know he is a male that wears Female clothing, (his Master, is a friend of the Company owner) and every paycheck is direct deposited into his Masters bank account. The sissy is forbidden to have money of his own, If, he is given money by his Master, every single penny MUST be accounted for.
The sissy swears and promises it will be keep this blog better-up-to date
~ pansy Faggotte ~