Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Very Fairy Christmas

sissy boi 'pansy Faggotte" and his Owner, Superior Male "Master AJ" wish everyone a Fairy Christmas and a Sissy New Year. Master AL John has told pansy that on Sat, Jan 3rd, he will have his head shaved, this will force the sissy boi to wear wigs, which will hopefully add to his obvious unpassability and bring more shame and ridicule on him. If you remember from previous posts/blogs, the sissy was once a passable TS, however under the slavery to Master AJ, his name was legally changed, his dignity was taken away, and he is reduced to living as a sissy 'boi' (certainly not a Male/ or even close to being a Female) permanently

One photo shows the sissy dressed in his Xmas outfit, even though he has been completetly disowned by his family, he still sends them a Christmas card, and this will be photo for the card, What Mother, could NOT be proud of Her son dressed like this.

Another photo shows the sissy dressed like a little girl, Master AJ allowed the sissy to meet with another TV, who completely dominated him, (pansy as learned to accept that EVERYONE is Superior to him)

Another photo show the sissy dressed in another very juvenile looking outfit, in February, he will be 48 years old, and Master AJ insists that he dress more and more juvenile, of course the sissy has absolutely NO say in how he is dressed, pansy is forbidden to Make ANY Desicions for himself

Monday, December 1, 2008

A New Month and New Rules

Overly Feminized sissy "pansy Faggotte" today lost what little pride in himself he had left, he was terminated from his part-time menial job, not for budget cuts or poor work. The reason was the numerous complaints from co-workers about his appearance and lifestyle. Master AL John, (pansy's owner) was of course angry, and is planning a 2 day bondage punishment session for the sissy.

Also, Master AL John has decided that pansy can no longer be considered a "male", he already cannot be called or considered a "Female, Crossdresser, or Transvestite" from now on pansy can only be called a "boi". How pathetic, pansy is 47, soon to be 48, and is called a 'boi'. Master Al John is still considering whether or not to put pansy back in diapers 24/7, however the sissy will now be required to suck his thumb at all times, and must carry one of his stuffed animals around with him, Master AJ seems to be attempting to turn pansy into a permanent juvenile. The picture of pansy in his sissy striped dress is the outfit he wore on his LAST day of work, and now you can understand why "straight" people complained about him, the 2nd picture shows his new permanent juvenile status