Friday, December 30, 2011

his life as a sissy maid

There seems to be NO form of Humiliation that pansy is not subjected to. Whether it be being forced to expose himself for laughter and ridicule, or being forced to wet his diapers in one of his many baby girl dresses. Todays' picture offering gives of new shots of pansy Faggotte as a diapered male maid.  
As he comes from removing his Master's clothing from the line, pansy has been seen by Master's Neighbors, they all seem to tolerate him, but have no interaction with the sissy. It would be hard NOT to miss this big fat, mincing queer in the backyard, as his skirt is SO short, that his diapers are fully on display, there is no doubt, that this is a sissy !! 
Master AL John had told His Save, that it was not to speak for the entire day, (and from reading previous posts, everyone should know tht pansy is not the smartest thing) so Master has no other options but to remove the sissy's cunt plug, and use it to gag him.
He secures the gag good and tight, so that the fairy is sure to taste his own cunt for the rest of they day. "Now, get BACK to work you Stupid Fucking Idiot" He Demands. 
After Completing every task or chore, the sissy must stay in a curtsey, until he is dismissed, this could be a few minutes or 20 minutes. Time is just another simple everyday function of Life, that has been taken out of pansy's control, Time belongs to his Superiors, not to a menial sissy slave.
Just Look at him. You don't know whether to Laugh at him, or just Smack upside him the head, either way, Master AL John will no doubt approve!   

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas time for a sissy male

The Feminized sissy male faggot "pansy" hopes Everyone had a nice Christmas, this is the outfit the queer wore, only a sissy fairy would dress like this, and feel the need to expose himself to laughter and ridicule. 
Has anyone noticed lately that he seems to be wearing much more make up than usual?  Well, there is a reason for that....  Master AL John wants to make sure that pansy NEVER passes as a Female/Women/Girl/TS, (or TV for that matter) again, and he is also seen and identified as a Feminized male in Girls Clothing.
he is not in diapers today, but no worries, he is still 100% incontenent, his Superior is positive that his bladder is now so weak, pansy will never have to think about using a toilet for the rest of his life 
However, his tiny dicklette will also be more on display in upcoming pictures, Master AJ also requests that NO ONE refer to pansy as a F,she, girl, (except Adult baby girl) anymore, He wants the sissy slave to be referred to as (example) -- 'Feminized male Faggot", "gay sissy
 in girls clothes", "Homosexual sissy Queer". Use your Imaginations, BUT, please refer to pansy in the most degrading and humiliating terms possible !   
This picture is for all The Real Men out there, that have wanted to see a close up of his sissyfag cunt. Can't you just Imagine Yourself, shoving your cock deep into his faggot hole, using him as your fairy bitch, and pumping and filling his bowels full of YOUR Sperm !! 
2012, will see some much needed changes to his Lifestyle, and Intensifying his Humiliation and Internet Exposure will be High, HIGH, on that list. Please Look for updates much more frequently, and Remember, Master AL John encourages that all of his pictures be Downloaded, Saved, Reposted, and Spread all over the Web. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Exposing a FAGGOT for Humiliation !!

The Sissy Queer's Owner, finally bought a new camera, and the 1st thing that Master AL John did, was to take pictures of His sissy slave, "pansy". He wanted to show everyone and expose pansys' tiny little dicklette, the sissy has no control over where his pictures are posted, and Master AL John wants to really "Ramp Up" this queers exposure on the internet in 2012  
Honestly, do any other sissies that read this BLOG, have a smaller dicklette ??   And just think, pansy is forced to Rub that Nub 3 times a day and make fairy cream, Master AL John is going to have the sissy start creaming 4 times a day, (He just wants to read up and make sure that Female Hormones and Viagra are not a bad combination.) because if the sissy gets sick, he can't be Humiliated and Degraded.  
The sissy has only 1 real Talent. Sucking ! Whether it be sucking a Superior Male Cock, a Tranny, or sissy cocklette, a dildo, his pacifer/ baby bottle, or Master AL John's dirty toes. Good Grief, what a pathetic fag this sissy Loser is !! 
Some Christmas pics will be cuming in a few days, until then, Master AL John hopes that EVERYONE that reads this Blog will join this new website that He Started to ensure pansy's Exposure, Humiliation, and Degradation. 
And As Always, PLEASE feel free to download, print, repost, spread this sissy homosexual's picture all OVER the Internet. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and comments are always welcum and appreciated, (especially if the comment, humiliates the queer!). 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i am a little girl ~~

Its taken Master AL John longer than He had hoped, but it seems like "pansy" has finally given up trying to be a Grown-Up for good. pansy, of course will be better off in the long term, as he will not have to cloud his feeble sissy brain with News, Sports, or anything else considered Adult in Nature.  
His daily life will consists of only a few things - cleaning houses, (as mentioned before in this Blog, the sissy cleans Master AL Johns house (of course!), and the Houses of His Mother, and a friend of His Mothers) wetting and messing his diapers, Meeting with a few other sissies and Superiors to take Humiliating photos, sitting in his playpen watching cartoons and juvenile programming.  
This picture really just says it all, and pansy FINALLY knows it ! "i am a little girl"

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A sissy's playtime

Sissified and permanently diapered "pansy", holds up an sign that is Quite Obvious!!  This sissy is also becoming quite good at his curtesying, (he should, he is forced to practice 100 times a day in front of a mirror) and the sissy LUVS showing his diapers off  to everyone.
Whenever the sissy is without his pacifier, he MUST be sucking his thumb, and he MUST act and think like a child at all times, and only on the rare (and becoming rarer) occasion, he is permitted to dress other outfits (although, very quite juvenile in style) and not in his sissy/baby girl outfits.  
Here, we see the 50 year old sissy male (51, on Feb 14!), playing with his barbi dolls, while other people his age are involved in Successful Careers and Productive Lifestyles, here is "pansy Faggotte" ~~

A Totally and Completely Feminized Male (? - that is questionable at best!), that
 Lives his life being Incontenent, permanently Diaper Dependant and knowing that he will be regarded as a child for the rest of his life.

Fell FREE to Laugh at him !!!     
the sissy's Master DOES encourage that everyone download and repost his pictures on any website that you find where sissy males are exposed, exploited, humiliated, and shamed.
Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this  post !!