Thursday, December 1, 2011

A sissy's playtime

Sissified and permanently diapered "pansy", holds up an sign that is Quite Obvious!!  This sissy is also becoming quite good at his curtesying, (he should, he is forced to practice 100 times a day in front of a mirror) and the sissy LUVS showing his diapers off  to everyone.
Whenever the sissy is without his pacifier, he MUST be sucking his thumb, and he MUST act and think like a child at all times, and only on the rare (and becoming rarer) occasion, he is permitted to dress other outfits (although, very quite juvenile in style) and not in his sissy/baby girl outfits.  
Here, we see the 50 year old sissy male (51, on Feb 14!), playing with his barbi dolls, while other people his age are involved in Successful Careers and Productive Lifestyles, here is "pansy Faggotte" ~~

A Totally and Completely Feminized Male (? - that is questionable at best!), that
 Lives his life being Incontenent, permanently Diaper Dependant and knowing that he will be regarded as a child for the rest of his life.

Fell FREE to Laugh at him !!!     
the sissy's Master DOES encourage that everyone download and repost his pictures on any website that you find where sissy males are exposed, exploited, humiliated, and shamed.
Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this  post !! 

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