Friday, December 30, 2011

his life as a sissy maid

There seems to be NO form of Humiliation that pansy is not subjected to. Whether it be being forced to expose himself for laughter and ridicule, or being forced to wet his diapers in one of his many baby girl dresses. Todays' picture offering gives of new shots of pansy Faggotte as a diapered male maid.  
As he comes from removing his Master's clothing from the line, pansy has been seen by Master's Neighbors, they all seem to tolerate him, but have no interaction with the sissy. It would be hard NOT to miss this big fat, mincing queer in the backyard, as his skirt is SO short, that his diapers are fully on display, there is no doubt, that this is a sissy !! 
Master AL John had told His Save, that it was not to speak for the entire day, (and from reading previous posts, everyone should know tht pansy is not the smartest thing) so Master has no other options but to remove the sissy's cunt plug, and use it to gag him.
He secures the gag good and tight, so that the fairy is sure to taste his own cunt for the rest of they day. "Now, get BACK to work you Stupid Fucking Idiot" He Demands. 
After Completing every task or chore, the sissy must stay in a curtsey, until he is dismissed, this could be a few minutes or 20 minutes. Time is just another simple everyday function of Life, that has been taken out of pansy's control, Time belongs to his Superiors, not to a menial sissy slave.
Just Look at him. You don't know whether to Laugh at him, or just Smack upside him the head, either way, Master AL John will no doubt approve!   

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Candy Sissiboi said...

(curtsey) Hello Pansy,

You end the year as still the sexiest sissy on two legs in my eyes! Thank you for so many great pix and than you Master AJ for writing such good descriptions of what is going on too.