Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Mistake ~~~~~

The Last Few Days of July were a complete Disaster for the sissy.  
1ST ! - he was allowed to dress like a big girl (albeit, still very juvenile), and be without diapers, (as long as his panties were kept dry), and go to Target and Goodwill with his Master. On the way home, the sissy had an uncontrable urge to make a wee-wee, he begged his Master to pull over..... 

Master AL John finally did pull over in almost empty strip mall on US 19, and had the sissy get out of the van and wet his panties, knee socks and shoes, After that the sissy was told to get in the rear of the van and stay on all fours. (please don't complain about no pictures, Master AJ didn't have his camera and his cell phone ---- well, is just a phone)  
2ND ! - pansy was watching music videos on 'you tube' and even downloaded two, without permission of his Superior, and it was at 11p, Master was asleep in His reclyner and this sissy was up FAR, FAR past his bedtime. 
SO.....Master AL John established a punishment of 1 full week of "Total Babification" for the sissy.

And here, Blog Readers, Fans, and haters, is were the sissy made its biggest mistake, he had the audacity, (or stupidity), to tell his Owner, that he wanted to watch a show on TNT Sunday night.  Master AL John, IMMEDIATELY spanked the sissy, reminded pansy of his purpose in life,  and informed the quivering queer, that its "babification", would now last the ENTIRE month of August, and that it was NOT Negotiable !!

Some time this very week, pansy will be having his TV Mistress Mommy, "Miss Prissy, babysit him, Master AJ has promised to bring over the sissy's playpen, so that She doesn't have to entertain the sissy all day. Pictures of that encounter will be posted shortly !!       

pansy hangs in head in "Total Shame"! The sissy had a golden oppurtunity to prove to his Master and other Superiors that he really is capable of living as a "big girl. However, that now seems to be a moot point, pansy just needs to finally, once and for all, permanently accept the fact that he is an "adult baby girl", and there is no point trying to get around the fact ....