Monday, September 9, 2013

Permanent Juvenile

sissy pansy has been given a NEW title.....

.......That of a PERMANENT JUVENILE  !!
pansy in one of his cute Little Girl Dresses, and he is ready to begin another day in his permanent baby girl/juvenile life
sissy pansy has come to accept the fact the he will never EVER be allowed to pretend to be an adult ever again. pansy was SUCH a FAILURE!!!!, as a Grown Up, it is just best for him, (and everyone else) that he just live the rest of his pathetic, sorry life as a permanent Juvenile!! 
The final pic says it all "Please HELP him to become even more of a sissy"
Cruel, Hurtful Comments
Laughter, Ridicule, and Scorn
Printing and/or Reposting his pictures to ANY/ALL Internet sites
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