Saturday, October 30, 2010

When not in his baby girl dresses, the sissy......

Must BECOME a pet for his Master. The 1st three pics show the queer in a pink dress, his Master says that he looks like a fat cow, so what do fat pink cows named 'Elsie'do !! They get on all fours and eat hay of course! 
Enjoying your lunch, pansy..?  Master AJ is right in FORCING you to degrade yourself like this, and, you do make fine example of a pink sissy cow.

These next pics show pansy being taken to a public park and FORCED to act like a puppy 
'Fifi' the puppy enjoys its lunch of kibbles and bits, the sissy puppy is then instructed to wet the paper like a good doggie should
Time for Master AJ to take his slave home, and get back him back into his Adult Baby Girl Lifestyle, but this just goes to show to everyone that 'pansy Faggotte' IS A Sissy Slave, and will be for the rest of his life

Monday, October 25, 2010

Every Sissy in the World,

Wishes They could be dressed like the Girls in this Video !@!  Maya, Christinia, Pink, Kim......   HOTT!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

2 Different styles for the sissy ~~

All this week, pansy's REAL Mother and REAL Sister were in Florida, and his Mother decided to pay Her 1st born child a visit. She had known for MANY years that he was living FT as F, but had not seen the queer, since his name was legally changed, and he started living as an Adult Baby Girl. She, (not suprisingly, ) agreed that the sissy IS BETTER off in diapers and Little Girl style outfits, as She was 100% positive that he would never amount to anything, and could NO WAY function as an Adult member of society.
  So, The group of Adults and sissy pansy decided to go to dinner, his Mother was more leaning towards the black and white sailor style outfit, while his Sister wanted to see him really be humiliated and opted for the overly pink obvious sissy outfit. Of Course, pansy has NO say in what he is to wear, that is a desicion for an Adult...(a status the sissy has given up, even by the end of the week, his Mother was reffering to him as a child).     
So, eventually this outfit won out, at the restraunt, the sissy (too bad) could not fit his fat diapered ass into a childs booster seat, he was however forced to order from the child's menu, and to everyone's laughter, the waitress had a very hard time trying to understand his heavy lisp. During the meal, the sissy did in fact WET his diapers, thus proving to his Mother that without a doubt, he is now PERMANENTLY an Adult baby girl.