Saturday, April 30, 2011

Further PROOF that pansy NEEDS to be Diapered

The sissy's owner, Superior Male Master AL John tried an expirement with pansy. Master ordered His sissy slave to drink several bottles of formula and juice, and to hold his pee pee for as long possible. The sissy was also forbidden to wear the plastic diaper panties, that he has come to depend on.  
The sissy happily shows his diapers to everyone, the sissy cannot honestly remember the last time he did wee wee in a toilet like a "Grown Up". Also, Master graciously allows everyone to see the fairy's tiny dicklette. Several sissies (and Superiors), over the years have wondered why pansy is not in chastity, Master HAS tried, but his sissy dicklette is just so FREAKIN' little  !! 
Just look at the sheer bliss on the sissy faggots face, you can tell he feels the enjoyable hot flow of pee-pee, filling his diaper. The sissy has confessed that wetting his diaper is the best feeling in the world, and that he NEVER Ever wants to be out of them.
So.... Master's Experiment was this, He wanted to see if the sissy needed only one diaper or two. Fortunatly, He is able to get disposables at a very cheap price. As the pictures indicate, the sissy is obvious such a heavy wetter that even the plastic panties would have not held all his wee-wee. So starting today, Sat April 30, 2011, pansy will be double, maybe even triple diapered at all times, and he will also wear double plastic panties. Master hopes that this will allow the fairy to wet even more often and heavier.   
Just try and imagine, pansy's shame as everyone can see that the he has covered his pink stockings, pink anklets and mary jane shoes with wee-wee, and also that he has completly soaked his pretty pink garter belt.
Lets Face It !!, pansy is just a hopeless diaper wetter !! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

From Master AL John ~~

Some of the Readers of this Blog seems to like the videos that are posted, However, MOST (At Least according to the current poll), Hate Them...


One of the very few enjoyments that sissy 'pansy' is to be allowed, is to watch music videos on You Tube once a week, the Queer must then beg ME, to allow it to add it to the computer.
If I agree, the sissy must bend over and recieve 19 swacks on its ass. (Why 19  you ask?. I am a HUGE Stephen King/Dark Tower Fan, so if you are a Fan as well, than you know that 19 is....well 19)

I heard the Latest Wierd Al parody of Lady Gaga, so I permitted pansy to pick 2 videos that it liked. And Please !!!, DO NOT refer to pansy as a F or M, pansy is an it 

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Dare To Be Stupid

"Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise

Saturday, April 16, 2011

pansy forced to be "Fifi - the puppy girl"

Master AL John had to go out of town, and was unable to secure a babysitter for pansy, So, He was forced to take the sissy with Him, and not wanting to change diapers for 3 days, He has planned for the fairy to spend the time as "fifi - the puppy girl".
pansy knows that it strictly prohibited for speak during "fifi - time", the sissy may only bark, he must be on all fours AT ALL TIMES, and he also must use a littler box as his potty. 
Master AL John graciously fills "fifi's" bowl with a refreahing drink.  One thing missing though, is the sissy's "puppy tail plug". Master has misplaced somewhere ! DAMN !!  
That's a good sissy puppy, "fifi", drink up all the contents of your bowl, and then crawl under the cabinet, this will be your home for several days, so get used to it !! 
Master AJ has gone out for the evening. He is having dinner with a friend, and then plans to go to Walmart (or somewhere), to buy the largest litter box possible and some litter. Notice, that He has chained "fifi" to the toilet, this will no doubt prevent the sissy puppy from wandering around the room and possibly messing on the carpet.