Thursday, July 26, 2012

PIG   # 327

This is the sissy previously known as "pansy Faggotte"...HIS NAME is NOW!!!!!!   ~~ pig #327....   not a person, not a name    .... a pig Number    #327

The pig 'named #327' is thethered to a simple pole in Master AL John's backyard, ...  although he could very easily remove the rope from the post, stand up, and walk away....     pig #327 is SO Ridicuously Submissive that he KNOWS that this is where he belongs   
Can SOMEONE PLEASE !!! The Goddessess, Angel, Dr D, Others - (forgot your names!), HUMILIATE this sissy Loser !!!

pig #327

Saturday, July 21, 2012

sissy BEGS to be Humiliated ~

By The GODDESSES......

Please Princesses's Please, PLEASE Continue to Laugh at, Humiliate and Degrade this sissy... The 1st chance this sissy could it made some pictures for YOU ALL, Hopefully, this pathetic sissy loser, has PLEASED its GODDESSES'S with some pictures

and a poem.........................

This sissy BEGS its Goddessess
Who are all perfect Princessess
To humiliate this big gay sissy
and make him even MORE prissy

This sissy hopes YOU Laugh and Smirk
And treat this sissy just like dirt
Make this sissy cry in shame
Call this sissy "hurtful" names
It Begs to be treated like shit
GODDESSES...? Please do it !

This sissy BEGS its Goddessess
Who are all perfect Princessess
To this sissy, Please Be Cruel
As it is Nothing but a fool 


sissy diaper slave ~ pansy Faggotte


Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 15, 2012 punishment pictures

this sissy so hopes that The Goddesses * Princess Jessica * Princess Mikaela * Princess Katie * Princess Alicia * Princess Diane, *  find this sissy's pictures taken today to be acceptable.

this sissy does apologise for the blurry spot on the camera lens, although this sissy didnt see it until aftyer the pictures were taken, this sissy still know that it deserves and needs more punishment from The Goddessess. 

Sometimes people have commented on why this sissy doesn't smile in its pictures,     Master AJ doesnt want this sissy to ever be happy for what HE has turned this sissy into and the sissy cant show any type of pleasure when it is being humiliated.

this sissy is so happy that The Goddessess told it to display its tiny worthless dicklette. Master AJ has on sebveral occasions questioned why this sissy even needs a dicklette. 
After putting this same diaper back on, this sissy must ask one of  The Goddessess "May this sissy please be allowed to put on dry diapers?" 

Comment On

pansy (pig #327) current Humiliation. I Think it is Great..

Just Look what the Girls have made My sissy do ... I have To thank You.... Good Job, Jess,Alica, I forget the  rest of you.... BUT THANK You... I laugh so hard at how you treat him..... Just make sure whatever you MAKE/FORCE him/it/pig #327/ what the MF do !! Please, Girls..IT NOT be ILLEGAL  ... have FUN...fucking with him/it/she/pig/slut, etc, etc  yadda yadda !!

Al John

He HAS to write ALL of Thier Names, and Beg one of them to change his diaper.  

"I'll make sure I stay busy all weekend so the diaper wearing Loser wont ask ME !  'AL John'"
Have you, Or anyoneone you know, have seen a sissy that SO needs to have a Male PUMP him

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Full Adult Baby Girl Weekend for sissy pansy

Master AJ has determined that sissy pansy has been way to involved with becoming a piglette, that HE told his sissy property that it will spend the entire weekend in a baby girl dress, diapers, (rarely changed), and will eat only jars of gerbers and bottles of formula for the weekend 7/13-7/15

Here are some pics from Friday Aftn 7/13 and it looks like another rainstorm, so pics have to be inside (sorry)

He certainly does look much more sissy, childish, and pathetic when dressed in one of his baby girl outfits.....And, Just as he was posting this, there was a message from Jessa, (One of his Goddesses)... and she posted... 

Jessa said...

We're interested to know if you would like to be our pathetic teased diaper sissy this weekend, pansy. We have a ton of ideas to humiliate you in diapers. Let us know soon, if you can.

July 13, 2012 2:39 PM

HOW About that, She had the same exact idea about how to treat this sissy this Weekend  !!!!  
Whenever pansy wets his diaper, he must always be in Curtsey and drinking from his bottle (as stated before,before before, etc, etc.)
So Obviously....the 51 year old sissy male in a baby girl dress is wetting his diapers !!
Can You ALL Say ...... LAUGH OUT LOUD !!!
Notice the diaper size now....not a picture of him wetting but the diaper is much more filled, he is a very very heavy wetter, and usually has to be in 2-3 diapers/ and plastic pants to avoid leaking

and just 7 minutes later, he fills the diaper again, you can tell as the wetness as escaped his plastic pants and made his pink baby pants wet as well

And then during the course of posting this blog, there was another comments by the Goddesses

Jess & Mickaela said...

Maybe if you're an obedient little sissy we'll consider your idea of us starting our own special blog about you. But if that's really what you want (and if Master Al allows), you'll have to EARN your public humiliation!! Ha-haaaa!!!

July 13, 2012 3:02 PM

This sissy seems to be in for ALOT of Humiliation this Summer... Good For Him, Everyone join in the Fun  !

~~~~~   Message From  'pansy'   ~~~~~ 

thank you for all of you that read this blog, this sissy just wants to let you all now that this blog is very real and that i love to be humilited and laughed at. i love to have peole laugh at my pictures and the situations i am forced into .  thank you  

Saturday, July 7, 2012

sissy pig VIDEO

Please REPOST   !!!

ORDERED by his Superiors to make a pig video... What Further Humilitions do the "Goddesses" have for the faggot ? Every Reader of this BLOG, Please Make Sure that you give the GIRLS some suggestions.... Make the GD Faggot's Life Miserable and Treat him Like Garbage !!!!

pansy IS A Sissy, A Loser, A Faggot and An Idiot  !!!

~~~~~  Update   7/9    ~~~

In Response to Princess Alicia questions on why this sissy could not make the video in the field outside of Master AL Johns Backyard...  here is a photo of this sissy standing in like 4 1/2 feet of flood water

Friday, July 6, 2012

sissy crying ~~

A constant reader of this sissy's BLOG, has often requested to see pictures of this sissy crying. This sissy could only find like 11, from different foto sets. So, this sissy will post them while it waits for Master AL John to get home today with the Camera, (He took it too work) so that this sissy can remake its pig video for The Goddesses.

This sissy usually crys after Master has allowed it to be out of diapers for the day, and this sissy cannot contact anyone to ask if it be allowed to put on some diapers, as this sissy hasn't used a potty for doing pee-pee in over a year. After wetting this sissy feels incredible shame, as it knows that it is probably going to be a while before it is trusted to be "out" of diapers any time soon.
This sissy is not sure why it is crying in these pictures, but they are from the webcam, so this sissy must have been ordered to cry and wet by a Superior (which is pretty much everybody) !
Again, this sissy is given the chance to be without diapers, and another miserable failure. this sissy has wet its pretty stockings, shorts, and even down into its shoes.
The most recent ones, after this sissy has filled its diaper with wee wee, it must contact a Superior, (usually Master AJ or His Mother) and ask it would be allowed a diaper change. This sissy is crying because Master AJ instructed this sissy to put the wet diapers over it head (see the origional post) until HE got home.

Thank for ordering this sissy to post these pictures
pansy Faggotte 7/6/12   9:15AM