Saturday, July 21, 2012

sissy BEGS to be Humiliated ~

By The GODDESSES......

Please Princesses's Please, PLEASE Continue to Laugh at, Humiliate and Degrade this sissy... The 1st chance this sissy could it made some pictures for YOU ALL, Hopefully, this pathetic sissy loser, has PLEASED its GODDESSES'S with some pictures

and a poem.........................

This sissy BEGS its Goddessess
Who are all perfect Princessess
To humiliate this big gay sissy
and make him even MORE prissy

This sissy hopes YOU Laugh and Smirk
And treat this sissy just like dirt
Make this sissy cry in shame
Call this sissy "hurtful" names
It Begs to be treated like shit
GODDESSES...? Please do it !

This sissy BEGS its Goddessess
Who are all perfect Princessess
To this sissy, Please Be Cruel
As it is Nothing but a fool 


sissy diaper slave ~ pansy Faggotte



Princess Katie said...

Very cute pansy. I'm sure Jess and Mik and Ali will get a good giggle about your begging when they get home from camping. Home alone tonight.

Diana moved out this week, so we were busy with that, but I just texted her about it.

Don't go getting all excited about me being home alone. Don't even know why I checked your blog. Guess I find your antics curious. It isn't my thing to humiliate anyone. I do find you amusing, and I'd like to understand you more, but Jess and Al and Mik are your real 'tormenters'. They are spreading your photos around far and wide. They don't care, and I know they're a bit pissed at you.

Intrigued by your courage,


Sissy Misty said...

Siisy pansy should be thankful to have so many woderfil godesses willing to humilte himLord knows i'd love the same treatment. of course unlike pansy i'm not totally outed so it would have much more of a entertaint value for the goddess.

Goddess Jessa said...

Ha-ha-ha-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! OMFG I LOVE that little poem pansy! Have been away for a while. Katie just reminded me. At some point, maybe we'll order you to make a video of yourself reciting that. THAT was worthy!!! LOL!!! But first your essay. Make it good, piggy!!! And be careful of your spelling and grammar...we will grade you on it, and you'll be punished for mistakes!!!