Friday, July 6, 2012

sissy crying ~~

A constant reader of this sissy's BLOG, has often requested to see pictures of this sissy crying. This sissy could only find like 11, from different foto sets. So, this sissy will post them while it waits for Master AL John to get home today with the Camera, (He took it too work) so that this sissy can remake its pig video for The Goddesses.

This sissy usually crys after Master has allowed it to be out of diapers for the day, and this sissy cannot contact anyone to ask if it be allowed to put on some diapers, as this sissy hasn't used a potty for doing pee-pee in over a year. After wetting this sissy feels incredible shame, as it knows that it is probably going to be a while before it is trusted to be "out" of diapers any time soon.
This sissy is not sure why it is crying in these pictures, but they are from the webcam, so this sissy must have been ordered to cry and wet by a Superior (which is pretty much everybody) !
Again, this sissy is given the chance to be without diapers, and another miserable failure. this sissy has wet its pretty stockings, shorts, and even down into its shoes.
The most recent ones, after this sissy has filled its diaper with wee wee, it must contact a Superior, (usually Master AJ or His Mother) and ask it would be allowed a diaper change. This sissy is crying because Master AJ instructed this sissy to put the wet diapers over it head (see the origional post) until HE got home.

Thank for ordering this sissy to post these pictures
pansy Faggotte 7/6/12   9:15AM 


Princess Alicia said...

These photos are GREAT! You SHOULD be crying sissy! ALWAYS! You should cry because you are such a pathetic excuse for a man. You should cry because you are being laughed at helplessly by 5 hot-as-hell young women. You should cry because you obviously cannot get that tiny remnant of a penis hard EVER. You should cry because for most of the 'normal' world, the thought of a 51-year-old man being forced to clean women's houses dressed as a sissy in garish makeup would put you on the lowest rung of any ladder. You should cry because you apparently actually LIKE being humiliated like this. You should cry because you have been stripped of any dignity. You should cry because you have just (hopefully!!) had your male pubic hair removed by casual command of a laughing young woman less than half your age. You should cry because you have no control over your bodily functions. You should cry because you exist only for the laughter and derision of every woman and man in the world, who are ALL your superiors. You should cry because you have been reduced to being "pig # whatever", and being a sissy baby who has to cry out to have its diaper changed. You should cry because if ANYONE saw your blog, they would have absolutely NO respect for you. (except for idea why but she insists that she admires your 'courage' LOL) You should cry because if I, or anyone else, was there with you right now, you would be spanked mercilessly, slapped across the face, made to crawl at my heels on a leash, and spat on.

So CRY, sissy baby!! Fucking HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

pansy_Faggotte said...

thank you so much for this comment Princess Alicia, may this sissy pleaes beg, 1 of The 5 Goddesses that it may be allowed to make sissy cream while re-reading this comment, Princess Alicia ??

john sissyboy said...

I wanna be YOU!