Tuesday, August 26, 2014

OMG !! Part 2 !! ~~ Sissy Tammy Siegel EXPOSED Even More !!

In Order for this sissy to post diaper sissy Tammy Siegel pictures.....this sissy's MASTER Demanded that sissy tammy write a 500 word essay on why......
   She wants to be diapered
   She belongs in diapers
   She wants to put in diapers permanently.............................
SO.....Here You GO !!!!  ~~
Tammy S. Here is the 500 Word essay and 12 pictures required of me Pansy. -- Why I want to be diapered, Why I know that I belong in diapers, and Why I want to wear diapers permanently It all started when I was

It seems that sissy tammy really enjoys being diapered, all the sissy needs to realize is that she will be so much better wearing diapers and little girl/sissy outfits at all times






One can only wonder if sissy tammy has wet her diapers yet....sissy tammy really NEEDS to become at least totally pee-pee incontinent

diaper sissy tammy has BEGGED to be put on this sissy's BLOG, there seems to be quite a LOT of followers that could really give sissy tammy the Humiliation she obviously desperately needs 

sissy diaper tammy also sent a few pics of her SMOKING !!!
SMOKING !! is something that 'Grown-Up' People do  !!   ~~   Not diapered sissy girls  !!

sissy tammy certainly NEEDS a very HARD Caning, and Several HOURS in Extremely Tight and VERY Painful Bondage

What do YOU Think BLOG Readers......Is it okay for a sissy baby tammy to Smoke, or should sissy baby tammy endure some form of Harsh Punishment ??  
THANKS  !!!   For Everyone who took the time to read this Post


Friday, August 15, 2014

sissy pansy's diaper funtime !

Again, we see sissy in one of his MANY Little Girl style dresses, when EVERY single Adult possession has been taken from you, when you have been reduced in all social circles to a child, and when EVERYONE treats you like a 3 year old baby girl... There isn't much to do except take pictures of your permanent babified state.  

The sissy still does clean MASTER   AL Johns' Mothers house 2 times a week, a diet of nothing but REAL baby food, and REAL baby formula, is making sissy gain weight and making him much weaker, (physically and mentally)  

Going outside to play and take his daily walk around the block, pansy has a bottle of apple juice......  pansy hugs his stuffed bunny or comfort as the sissy knows that the walk around the block will result in Humiliating Comments and Laughter from passerbys and residents 

DO NOT READ Any further if you are turned off by Messy Diapers and other Nasty Things

Even Now, pansy hangs his head in shame as the sissy lets poopy fill his diaper.......honestly,  ... just try to imagine the shame that YOU would feel being 53 years old and messing  your diapers, and KNOWING that you will be diapered for the rest of your life

The sissy is ordered to remove his plastic pants and pink ruffled panties, they are fully soaked...even being double diapered, pansy diapers tend to leak 

The sissy is SO PROUD of his wet and messy diaper that he feels he needs to show it off...and just look what is inside......(make a 'barf' noise if needed!)

 Fortunately...this was a small mess from the sissy, his diaper is usually much more filled
The sissy is digging through his diaper bag looking for something...... what could it be ?? 

 Reaching into the moist and stinky diaper, pansy spoons out a large piece of poopy, AND, being told to humiliate himself as much as possible this day, the sissy mindlessly shoves the poop into his mouth, with strict instructions to swallow it ALL !!
Not sure if this picture is one of enjoyment or disgust, however the sissy attempts to swallow the poopy, full knowing that with these photos, the sissy will sink even lower in the eyes of you fine readers. Nonetheless, pansy NEEDS to feel intense Scorn, Ridicule, and Debasement  

 A final act of pathetic self humiliation is too lick the plastic chair clean, even the sissy is disgusted at himself, HOWEVER the need to be Humiliated and Degraded overwhelms any other feeling the sissy may have

 And....there you go...the sissy washes the poopy down with apple juice. and will very shortly be begging to be re-diapered.  
Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and remember, you can always email or IM the sissy at    pansy_the_sissy@yahoo   if you feel the need to add to his humiliation 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

OMG !! ANOTHER Sissy Begging for Permanent Exposure !!

sissy pansy has been friends with Tammy Siegel on Flickr for quite some time, She (tammy), has always been a bit of an Exhibitionist and always seemed to crave Humiliation.
However, This Time, sissy tammy really got herself in deep, she sent these wonderfully done captions to sissy pansy asking to have them placed on this BLOG. Master AL John was so impressed that HE ordered pansy to make this post up ASAP.
Master AL John Ordered this from sissy tammy siegel
HE wants at least 12 more pictures of sissy tammy in diapers and an Obvious baby outfit
HE wants a 500 word essay (emailed to pansy) on why she wants to be diapered, on why she knows that she belongs in diapers, and on why she wants to wear diapers permanently. It will of course be posted here with the 12 pictures 

Hi pansy_the_sissy!

Tammy Siegel has sent you a message on Flickr.
Subject: Re: Hello Dear, this sissy ~~
Date: August 4th, 2014


Thank you for your praises in your last message and letting me know you'd to see more of my captions :)

As the caps are of a self-embarrassing nature, I can only conclude that you enjoy seeing me humiliated for your self- pleasuring.

That said I am desperate to humiliate and shame myself for you, desperate little fairy pouf :)

I have wanted your blessing to make cummies. Acknowledgement and words of disdain I have wanted so badly too. To be posted on your blog, To know that the desperate little piggy fag, the cocksucking queer in diapers and mary janes and troweled on slutpaint in the photos I've cum over and over to, wants to see me debase, embarass and humiliate myself so she can make pathetic spurties in her diapers.. it sends shivers of excitement and disgust through me.

A fond wish is to hear you tell me all this in a video.. though i' m too much of a pathetic wimpy little twat to ask you to do that directly.

I think about all of this and I play with myself and cry, mascara running down my face because this is what being inspired by you means to me. I'm a pathetic prissy sissy and your peraonal wank material.

Use me. Expose me for it. Pwease!

Nasty licks n cummy kisses,


ps- in about an hour some pics will be made availavle to you on flickr.. i'd love and be so embarrassed to have those shown on your blogspot after you make creamies to them <3 br="">
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And here is the Video that diapersissy pansy made thanking sissy tammy for the captioned pictures that she made
1 SISSY that is diapered, babfied, and fully age-regressed 24/7
ANOTHER SISSY that may very well be on the same path

Saturday, August 2, 2014

......... More and more Juvenile and Childish every day

As another day begins and ends, pansy slips farther into permanent babyhood 

Any day now, a letter should be coming from a Lawyer that gives Master AL John Full Power of Attorney and Legal Custody of pansy.
A Court has already deemed that pansy is no longer capable of managing his own affairs,
A Psychiatrist has also determined that pansy is no longer capable of assuming an adult role in society.
Master will then just have to have pansy's small SSI check, (according to SSI -- pansy is not capable of handling his money in a reasonable accord), deposited to HIM and Master AL John will assume control over pansy's finances as well

pansy addiction to diapers and little girl outfits are a thing of the past. It is Very, Very permanent now

Master AL John has also gotten rid of ALL of pansy's Books and Music. The sissy now has a large collection of Dr. Suess and other childrens' books. pansy is also NO Longer permitted to use a pen or pencil to write with, everytime the sissy needs to write something, it will be in crayon

the sissy enjoys his formula as he sits in his new furniture...Master AL John has placed several plastic chairs throughout the house, as HE doesn't want pansy's wet/messy diaper to ruin any furniture