Wednesday, August 6, 2014

OMG !! ANOTHER Sissy Begging for Permanent Exposure !!

sissy pansy has been friends with Tammy Siegel on Flickr for quite some time, She (tammy), has always been a bit of an Exhibitionist and always seemed to crave Humiliation.
However, This Time, sissy tammy really got herself in deep, she sent these wonderfully done captions to sissy pansy asking to have them placed on this BLOG. Master AL John was so impressed that HE ordered pansy to make this post up ASAP.
Master AL John Ordered this from sissy tammy siegel
HE wants at least 12 more pictures of sissy tammy in diapers and an Obvious baby outfit
HE wants a 500 word essay (emailed to pansy) on why she wants to be diapered, on why she knows that she belongs in diapers, and on why she wants to wear diapers permanently. It will of course be posted here with the 12 pictures 

Hi pansy_the_sissy!

Tammy Siegel has sent you a message on Flickr.
Subject: Re: Hello Dear, this sissy ~~
Date: August 4th, 2014


Thank you for your praises in your last message and letting me know you'd to see more of my captions :)

As the caps are of a self-embarrassing nature, I can only conclude that you enjoy seeing me humiliated for your self- pleasuring.

That said I am desperate to humiliate and shame myself for you, desperate little fairy pouf :)

I have wanted your blessing to make cummies. Acknowledgement and words of disdain I have wanted so badly too. To be posted on your blog, To know that the desperate little piggy fag, the cocksucking queer in diapers and mary janes and troweled on slutpaint in the photos I've cum over and over to, wants to see me debase, embarass and humiliate myself so she can make pathetic spurties in her diapers.. it sends shivers of excitement and disgust through me.

A fond wish is to hear you tell me all this in a video.. though i' m too much of a pathetic wimpy little twat to ask you to do that directly.

I think about all of this and I play with myself and cry, mascara running down my face because this is what being inspired by you means to me. I'm a pathetic prissy sissy and your peraonal wank material.

Use me. Expose me for it. Pwease!

Nasty licks n cummy kisses,


ps- in about an hour some pics will be made availavle to you on flickr.. i'd love and be so embarrassed to have those shown on your blogspot after you make creamies to them <3 br="">
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And here is the Video that diapersissy pansy made thanking sissy tammy for the captioned pictures that she made
1 SISSY that is diapered, babfied, and fully age-regressed 24/7
ANOTHER SISSY that may very well be on the same path


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! Where do all these sissy whores come from!?! Its absolutely pathetic that someone would get off in satin and plastic, dressed up like Toddlers in Tiaras!

Of course, its sad and funny as hell, so who am I to complain.. I want you both to know you are pathetic little pussies and I'm going to send these pictures to my like minded girlfriends! Everyone needs a good laugh from time to time, right?

pansy_Faggotte said...

Yes, thank you so much for your comment !! This sissy does for sure know that it is a pathetic little pussy, and would LUV to know that your girlfriends are laughing at it ~~ pansy

Sissy Tammy said...

Yeth, I'm a pathetic pussy girl, pathetic and envious of pansy dressed as a toddler in a tiara myself.

I hope your girlfriends are amused!

Anonymous said...

wow yet another pathetic fag bitch. Hey Tammy your gonna have to do a whole lot more exposing if you want to be anywhere near as big a faggot as pansy is.

SIssy Tammy said...

-BLUSH- I do believe the next picture set pansy releases may just inch me in that direction, Anon !

Anonymous said...

I'm just north of Stoke (UK) and have creatred this video-chat room to expose myself as a faggot. Other fags welcome...the room is unlocked and unmoderated.