Monday, May 31, 2010

Lunch Time for the baby sissy

As the sissy slips deeper and deeper into a permanent Adult Baby lifestyle, a few must happen. pansy must stop flip-flopping about wanting to dress like a 'big girl', and he must give the age regression sublimal tapes a chance to change his mind from a 49 year old male (yeah...right!), into that of a child, and he must get used to eating baby food at all TIMES!!  Master AL John is currently speaking to an attorney and a psychiatrist, (not the same person of course!) and hopefully by late summer/early fall pansy will be declared mentally incompetant, this will make things a little easier for Master to take full and total control over his life.  As previoulsy mentioned the sissy has to also get used to eating Baby Food and drinking formula, sometimes he will get a tummy ache and is very gassy, also prolonged lack of muscle use will make him more docile and submissive, they sissy just needs constant re-inforcement of his baby girl lifestyle and he must realize that this is what is best for him.       On Friday 5/28, pansy was chatting/camming  with Master Matt (his on-line Master in the UK). Master Matt seems to LOVE humiliaiting the sissy, the 2 continued the chat/cam Saturday morning 5/29 pansy was dressed in his maid uniform as he was ordered to clean his Master's Mother house for a Memorial Day party, (which of course the sissy was NOT invited to) Anyway, Master Matt ordered pansy to remove his uniform and diaper, and tie a string around his clitty and tiny sissy balls. The sissy was having a hard time with the chore, and Master Matt was furious that pansy could not follow a simple direction, (whether it is be that pansy is stoopid and dubm, or just that his male parts are just so F%$^ing small and useless) and told him to stay on cam until the task was achieved. pansy was not paying attention to the time (Master's Mother was due at 10a) and was still being humiliated by Master Matt, (at one time, the sissy was even crying!!). Well, She got there, pansy was still on the cam, and Master AJ had to go in his tiny room, (more like a cell or closet, really), and unplug the cam. Master's Mother was FURIOUS, and gave pansy a severe beating when he was done with Her house. Master AL John, (who also was still angry with pansy), kept the sissy in bondage, in wet diapers, and in complete darkness for the rest of  the day and they entire day of  5/30. Such is the life of feminized sissy male !!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Everyone who is a firiend of this sissy's blog --- NEEDS to read this

She is being totally and permanently regressed to a child. what a wonderful life she will have. little andrea should be SO Happy, that She as has been permanently regressed to a life as a child, and will be under a Superiors control for the rest of her life. 
 Here are some of the latest pics of sissy pansy, as stated before he is on a total babyfood diet, all of the pics in this set are available on    pansy Needs ! your humiliatiang comments...Some people are addicted to liquor, some addicted to cigs, some to crack and zoophilia, addicted to being HUMILIATED  !!  

Friday, May 14, 2010

What is WRONG with this sissy ??

WHY Can't he stop dressing like an Adult Baby Girl ??
WHY Can't he stop using a pacifier and baby bottle  ??
WHY Does he cry when not fed baby food and formula, and cry when not placed in a playpen  ??
WHY Oh, WHY, Can't he stop wetting his diapers ??

He is 49 year old, For Goodness sakes !!  

Master AJ is almost at His Wits end with sissy pansy. 1st pansy is allowed to dress like a "Big Girl", and is told that for punishment, he was to be dressed as a baby girl. However, pansy, seem to be going out of his way to be bad, just so he can be dressed like an Adult Baby. 2nd, pansy then begs Master AJ to allow him to be out of diapers and to be allowed to use the potty chair, Of Course, the sissy WETS himself constantly, and Master decideds to FURTHER Regress him.

Last week, the sissy had a Stomach Ache and Diarrhea from possibly eating nothing but baby food and drinking Formula for nothing for weeks and weeks, If pansy DOES NOT shape up, and SHAPE UP Soon, the sissy will be on a  babyfood/formula diet and a STRICT baby lifestyle for the foreseeable future.

Maybe, the sissy DOESN'T want to be a grown up anymore, 
Maybe Master AJ should have him declared Mentally Unfit and become his legal guardian,
Maybe, just sell the sissy to an Overseas slave ring, and just be done with him    

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sissy pansy = baby maid

sissy pansy's life revolves around doing chores, wether it be for Master AL John, Master AL John's Mother, or His Mother's friend. the fairy has several maid style uniforms, however, these photos show him in a baby maid style outfit. No matter pansy wears, he wants to known and identified as one of the most famous, (or infamous, LOL), sissies on the internet. Today, 5 May, pansy spent most of the day with a bad tummy ache, Master AJ thinks it may be from the 3 weeks of a total babyfood diet of formula and jars of Gerbers. So, master AJ had him do a google search under 'sissy pansy'. The sissy found a yahoo group from like 2 years ago that is still active, here is the link if you want to see hundreds of pictures of him and other sissies the fairy no loger has moderator status of this group, you can still participate in his humiliation

Monday, May 3, 2010

pansy's Trilogy of Outfits

Saturday May 1st and Sunday May 2nd, the sissy male models some new outfits that he will be wearing this week. The top outfit shows the fairy in a beige dress w/ matching crochet jacket. The dress is however very, very, very short, and even Master AJ wouldn't want His sissy slave to be picked up for indecent exposure, however, the dress would be perfect for when pansy is taking back to the local gay/sissy bar, or for being brought to Master's Mothers house, to recieve some much needed humiliation.     The Red skirted outfit, is very tight and shows his chubby belly off, also, having the word "sissy" written on his chest in magick marker, is humiliating, even for him.The sissy then shows everyone his titties as he indulges in the only hobby he has. -- sucking a dildo. Do a real good job on that rubber cock, sissy pansy.  On Sunday, its back into a Adult baby girl outfit for the fairy, the sissy is getting so confused these days, sometimes he is dressed like a 'big girl' and treated more like an adult. Other times, he is in baby girl clothes, and treated like a total baby girl. Master AL John seems to be hoping that soon his feeble fairy brain will just "snap!", and then pansy can more easily brainwashed into a child.

The sissy hangs his head in shame, as he knows that his life would be better off living FT as a baby girl, but he still wants to try and resist it. Lets face it, pansy, its not like you have much say in things anymore, Master AJ has Guardianship and power of Attorney over you, had your name legally changed, and makes every single one of your desicions for you. Give it up!, and just be the sissy baby you know you are !     

Also on Sunday, pansy spent a good 3 hours chatting with a Superior Male from the U.K. named Master Matt. With Master AJ's approval, Master Matt is now pansy's on-line U.K. Master, (anyone Superior Male in the U.S. willing to take charge of pansy as well, please IM him).Master AJ wants to have this sissy under Superior Male domination around the clock.  Master Matt has ordered pansy that he must email Master Matt daily, send him pictures, and whatever else He demands. Master Matt has also instructed that this sissy make a video, singing a nursery ryhme in the most sissiest outfit possible.
the final picture has the sissy crawling on all fours, his Owner has been demanding that pansy crawl at all times while in a baby girl outfit. This is the perfect position for him - Totally Submissive  !!