Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Never Ending Cycle of his Humiliation

It seems that just as the fairy is coming to terms with his life of forced age regression and adult babyhood, Master AL John has thrown the sissy for a Loop once again...As of 4/28 pansy Faggotte will HAVE to be dressed like a schoolgirl 24/7, and without diapers ! This may cause a problem with the sissy as over the last 4 months he has become pretty much totally incontent, however Master AL John could care less wether pansy wets his panties , skirt, socks and shoes. On April 28th 2009, the sissy was ordered to take a bus down to a local job fair dressed as in the pictures, his Resume is almost a blank paper as he got fired from his last job, (If you remember from previous post, he was fired not for doing a bad job, but because MANY other co-workers Complained about his outfits, his lisping, and just his overall gayness/sissyness).

The sissy was ordered to take the city bus, (he has no more car or DL, (Master AL John took them away) down to the job expo, it became apparent to everyone there almost immediately that pansy was a Male dressed in Female clothing. This sissy always seems to be begging to be ridiculed and humiliated, well BOY, did he get that , and to make matters worse for the sissy male, is that he can no longer talk WITHOUT a Lisp. Many of the young Females comments were so BRUTAL, that he actually started crying, and to comfort himself, he began to suck his thumb, which led to ANOTHER round of intense laughter, pointing and name calling.

The pathetic sap finally left the function and went to get the bus to go hom, unluckily for pansy is was filled with school students coming home for the day. Of course, he was instantly recognized as a male in Womens clothing, and the laughter and derision continued unabated, there were no seats on the city bus, so pansy had to stand the entire time, one Girl even smacked the back of his legs repeatedly. When his stop came, pansy quickly exited the bus and hurried for the s anctuary of Master AL Johns' home, hoewver, half way home, the fairy could not hold back his pee-pee, and wet himself. pansy cried all the way home, not only for the humiliation he endured that day, but he also cried knowing how much of a pathetic sissy panty-wetting faggot he had become.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

sissy pansy has a meeting with his TV Mommy

feminized and faggotized sissy male 'pansy Faggotte' had the pleasure of meeting with Miss Prissy, She is his TV Mommy Mistress, and she loves nothing more than to humiliate and degrade the fairy. First, (under Master Al Johns approval of course) Miss Prissy instructs the sissy to clean Her boots with his tongue.
Next, the sissy is forced to sit in a chair, listening to mind control audio, about how much he enjoys sucking cock. The sissy was forced to do this for over an hour, while his Mistress, Miss Prissy went to lunch. Master AL John has decided to try this technique to permanently regress his age, and make pan sy even SISSIER and GAYER. Doesn't he look pretty in his baby bonnet, please join the sissy's yahoo group to see ALL of his humiliating pictures

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Living as an adult baby FULL TIME

Xtremely sissified and overly femininzed fairy, 'pansy Faggotte' now knows that any chance of returning to "Grownup" Status under Master AL Johns slavery will NOT Happen. The sissy tearfully was forced to throw out almost every bit of "Grown up" Style clothing he had, and he was forced to thank Master AL John and his new TS Lover for turning him into a Adult Baby for the rest of his life, what was once a fantasy for ther sissy male, is now a permanent lifestyle change for which here is NO Escape.

The fairy should start to see some weight loss, as he is now only allowed to eat actual baby food. Master AL John is currently searching the WEB to find medication that will make pansy as weak as a kitten, and reduce his intelligence, pansy cried as he was told this, however, its NOT Like he is going to being any decision anymore. his life as an Grownup is OVER !!!!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

sissy forced to make a Humiliation Video for Superior Male "Sir Tony"

his New Dresses and New PERMANENT Direction

So, this is it, Master AL John, and his TS Lover, have decided that pansy WILL Live the rest of his life, (or until they give him away, or sell him) living as an Adult Little Girl (ALG). The sissy will be sleeping in a oversize crib, wear diapers 24/7, and wear nothing but little girl style dresses, he already talks with a lisp and loves his stuffed animals, so this isn't that much of lifestyle change, however now pansy knows that it will be permanent.

Years ago, (when Master AL John took ownership of him, (and changed his name from Barbara Gronski to pansy Faggotte))the sissy gave up ALL OF his possesions, (car, money, stocks) and begged Master AL John to enslave him as a sissy male. Master AJ then turned a once very passable TS into a humilition craving sissy transvestite, diaper wearing nancy. Last summer, pansy asked his Owner to allow him to be a TS girl, Master AJ contemplated this, took some new pictures, however, soon after, the fairy pansy BEGGED to be put back in diapers, Master AL John told pansy that this was the LAST time he would be allowed to dress like a "Female", and have ANY rights. pansy hung his head in shame, and allowed Master AL John to shred all his ID's, Birth certificate, passport. "You are now a non-person pansy" Master AJ told his properety, pansy kissed his Master sneakers in acceptance of his fate.

So this is it April 4, 2009, sissy male pansy Faggotte is and will be for the forseeable future be dressed in little girl outfits, It would seem there are several other DOM Males that are interested in owning this sissy, but whether or not Master AL John would really sell, or give away pansy, still remains to be seens.