Thursday, May 31, 2012

a sissy FORCED to Humiliate itself !!

Sissy pansy, is so happy!!, that he is plastered all over the Internet, and that he is so exposed to the laughter and ridicule that he no doubt Craves !!  And, now of course, the required picture of the sissy displaying his diaper. 
And here, pansy shows even more of his "NEW" forced "pigishness and stupidity" by posing with an ear of corn lodged deep into his mouth. Thinking about it, he certainly would make a good "pig!"
OH Good Grief !!. is the fairy trying to Look Sexy !!
The sissy then sits his fat ass down..."What the hell are you waiting for, Loser.... A Real Man to come over and Abuse you ??" 
The ear of corn just Looks so "Right" in his stupid mouth, what Humiliating Caption could you think to make using this picture ???
No Longer able to hold back his need to expel some sissy cream, this faggy queer (who is addicted to rubbing his dicklette) feverishly pulls his tiny girl sized clitty in an attempt to let loose even just the smallest amount of sperm.  (Wait, NO! -- MEN shoot Sperm, sissy's expel cream.....Good thing, we got this cleared up !!)  
Our next little group of pictures, are ones Master AL John likes to call "pink piglet" (this will make more sense in the next few posts)
Although, it hasn't been seen much lately, pansy STILL MUST drink all of his liquids from his baby bottle. The sissy is even starting to look chubby again, maybe he needs to go back on a Baby Formula/Food diet again.
And as every reader of this blog knows, that pansy is only permitted to wet his diapers whilst in a curtsey  ..........
.....  OH, look at the supreme bliss on his face, as he jettisons a stream of hot pee pee into his eagerly waiting diaper, this is one of the few enjoyments pansy is allowed to have in his life.
The fairy continues to drink the SIMILAC formula from his bottle, hoping to enjoy the pleasure of yet another wetting. 

ENJOY his Humiliation !!! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Diaper Pig part 2

It seems the name "Diaper Pig", suits this sissy perfectly, not only is his makeup "Whorish and Piggish", his diapers are a continuing display of his total and complete patheticness.
Here are the 2 usual pictures of pansy in a curtsey, (he is only permitted to wet his diapers while in a curtsey) and hanging is head in shame and disgust of how he is "FORCED" to show himself on the Internet. Every new picture taken and new site Exposed on, only adds to this sissy's never ending and permanent humiliation.  
Well, Yeah !!
pansy was actualled forced to have 8 pictures taken by his Master holding Degrading signs, the rest can be found in "Diaper Pig Special Edition". Suck that rubber penis you fat sissy, it is the only thing that you are good at !!
The sissy is Ordered to remove his diapers and proudly display them to the camera, Look at how proud he is !, he has soiled more diapers, and will continue to do so for the rest of his sorry, stupid life.  
<  NOTE >, There are many more pics to this set, and even deeper humiliation for pansy as he tapes the wet diapers over his head. The set can be seen in "Diaper Pig Special Edition", and on his ImageFap page.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diaper Pig

What a Fucking Retard !!!!
No Debate there !! Is Anyone willing to start  a ImageFap Group or Website/Blog, where fairys, like this, pathetic piece of garbage, can have its pics Posted, and Hopefully commented on ? , This stupid pig needs and will SUFFER the Intense and Extreme Humiliation amd Degradation that this fat, ugly sissy-fuck NEEDS!
Oh, poor pathetic pansy, he hangs his head in shame, as he KNOWS that there will be NO Escape from his permanent sissyness and Diaper Dependancy.  He is 51 years old, look at how he dresseses ? like a little girl !@!!

Just to make sure, that Everyone that reads this Blog KNOWS, that 'pansy' is a sissy Male, he wears very juvenile clothing, he talks with a very pro-nounced Lisp, and LOL, he has the IQ of a 7 year old )Its been tested(.....  !!  

When Someone posts a comment, this sissy is permiited to rub his tiny dickleete in his diaper, Your CRUEL and HURTFUL Comments help this fairy to make cream in his diaper !!!  PLEASE HELP!