Saturday, January 24, 2009

Master AL Johns MInd Control

sissy boi "pansy Faggotte" doesn't know whether he is going to be dressed as a sissy girl or a bimbo. His Master chooses ALL of his outfits, and pansy has NO say in how he is forced to dress. Master AL John is trying to Completely and Totally BREAK 'pansy's" will , virtually turning him into a mindless sissy slave.

Ever since pansy gave up his false attempt at being a "post-op TS", (which of COURSE, is perfectley acceptable for some Girls), the sissy has known that he was destined for a life of total and permanent slavery to a Superior MALE. he knows that deep down in his heart he is inferior and must be Dominated by Males.

This sissy also knows that since he is in NO WAY a Real Male, someone like him is best suited to be in mini skirts, heels, and heavy make-up, and let him pretend to be a Female. let him wear dresses and nail polish, but it must be KNOWN by Everyone that he is a SISSY MALE !!!

Here ar 2 recent pictures of Sissified Male ' pansy Faggotte"

In One he is totally sissy, the other he is trying to look like a passable TS....

Which DO YOU prefer ??