Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Very Fairy Christmas

sissy boi 'pansy Faggotte" and his Owner, Superior Male "Master AJ" wish everyone a Fairy Christmas and a Sissy New Year. Master AL John has told pansy that on Sat, Jan 3rd, he will have his head shaved, this will force the sissy boi to wear wigs, which will hopefully add to his obvious unpassability and bring more shame and ridicule on him. If you remember from previous posts/blogs, the sissy was once a passable TS, however under the slavery to Master AJ, his name was legally changed, his dignity was taken away, and he is reduced to living as a sissy 'boi' (certainly not a Male/ or even close to being a Female) permanently

One photo shows the sissy dressed in his Xmas outfit, even though he has been completetly disowned by his family, he still sends them a Christmas card, and this will be photo for the card, What Mother, could NOT be proud of Her son dressed like this.

Another photo shows the sissy dressed like a little girl, Master AJ allowed the sissy to meet with another TV, who completely dominated him, (pansy as learned to accept that EVERYONE is Superior to him)

Another photo show the sissy dressed in another very juvenile looking outfit, in February, he will be 48 years old, and Master AJ insists that he dress more and more juvenile, of course the sissy has absolutely NO say in how he is dressed, pansy is forbidden to Make ANY Desicions for himself

Monday, December 1, 2008

A New Month and New Rules

Overly Feminized sissy "pansy Faggotte" today lost what little pride in himself he had left, he was terminated from his part-time menial job, not for budget cuts or poor work. The reason was the numerous complaints from co-workers about his appearance and lifestyle. Master AL John, (pansy's owner) was of course angry, and is planning a 2 day bondage punishment session for the sissy.

Also, Master AL John has decided that pansy can no longer be considered a "male", he already cannot be called or considered a "Female, Crossdresser, or Transvestite" from now on pansy can only be called a "boi". How pathetic, pansy is 47, soon to be 48, and is called a 'boi'. Master Al John is still considering whether or not to put pansy back in diapers 24/7, however the sissy will now be required to suck his thumb at all times, and must carry one of his stuffed animals around with him, Master AJ seems to be attempting to turn pansy into a permanent juvenile. The picture of pansy in his sissy striped dress is the outfit he wore on his LAST day of work, and now you can understand why "straight" people complained about him, the 2nd picture shows his new permanent juvenile status

Sunday, November 23, 2008

pansy likes to wet his panties

This sissy cannot keep from doing pee-pee in his panties.

This sissy loves the way that pee-pee feels running down his stockins and into his shoes.

This sissy is addicted to the humiliation of wetting his panties.
This sissy so wishes that he was permanently incontent, and thus, he would be in diapers 24/7.
This sissy wishes he was was forced into a permanent AB/DL baby girl sissy lifestyle.
This sissy wants to drink from a bottle, be fed baby formula, and be babysat by young Females that will INTENSLY verbally humiliate, laugh, and degrade him.
Please contact his Master, Superior Male Master AL John, and try to convince Him to allow his property 'pansy Faggotte", to become an adult baby permanently.

Monday, November 10, 2008

sissy pansy's Addictions

feminized sissy male 'pansy Faggotte' is addicted to many things, none of which are smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling, etc etc....

The sissy is Addicted to being HUMILIATED, he will go out of his way to wear overly femme outfits, extremely short skirts, and way too much make-up. The sissy can only seem to get an erection, (as tiny as it is), when he is being ridiculed about his appearance or lifestyle, The more cruel the remarks, the sissy will get weak in the knees, and feel that he must start rubbing his tiny dicklette.

The sissy is also heavily addicted to PORNOGRAPHY, he is not permitted to watch any Television, Movies, Listen to Music, or Read anything that is not Bondage, Transvestite, or Sissy related. A rare occasion will occur when his Master will allow him to watch regular TV, Movies, but that is not very often.

The sissy is also addicted to wearing DIAPERS, and acting like a baby girl, although His Master doesn't have the fairy wear diapers to often, when pansy does, he almost immediately regresses to a 3 year old girl. Master AL John has considered getting pansy a crib, and other juvenile furniture, and keeping him as a diapered baby sissy on a more permanent basis, but He just doesn't have the time.

The sissy is also addicted to WETTING his PANTIES, the sissy cannot go an entire day with out the feeling of wet panties and wet stockings/ or knee socks, he just loves the way the warm wee-wee feels on his legs and in his shoes, this will also make the fairy's dicklette get hard and increase his need to rub it.

Lastly, and by far the sissys most intense addiction, is his addiction to MASTERBATION, the sissy male is under strict orders by his Master to cum, (make sissy cream, as pansy is required to call it), in his panties 3 times a day. The fact that he is taking female hormones makes it harder, but that is not his Masters' concern. The sissy must always make sissy cream in his panties, and thus they are all heavily stained with his cream and wee-wee.

And to think, this person was once a passable TS, with a real job, a real life, and a future.

Friday, October 31, 2008

sissy pansy forced to have his hair dyed!

Extremely Feminized sissy male 'pansy Faggotte" was forced to allow a 22 year old Female dye his hair a bright pink on Oct 26. The fairy is forbidden to make any decisions for himself, and must follows orders given by a Superior, (which is pretty much everyone) immediately and without fail. pansy is very embarresed and ashamed about his position in life, but is unable to change it, and he knows that his Feminization, Humiliation, and Ridicule will only increase as he gets older. The submissive sissy is 47 years old now, (if you can believe it).

Some facts about the pathetic sissy that you may or may not know

He was once a passable TS living FT 24/7 as a F, his name WAS Barbara Gifford, and he was an Account Executive for Greyhound Bus Lines.

His family has Totally and Completely disowned him, he was cut out of a 35K inheritance.

He had 38D breast Implants, however his current Owner forced pansy to have them removed.

He is addicted to pornography and masturbation.

He is strictly forbidden to wear pants/shorts of ANY kind

He is forbidden to refer to himself as "Female, Woman, or Girl"

Nor, he is permitted to refer to himself as a "CD, TV, or Transexual", he is a "sissy male"

He MUST accept the fact that his position and lifestyle are Permanent.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Oct 14

Several things happened to this sissy last week that were very Humiliating, and this sissy is under strict orders to reveal them

Thursday Oct 9th, this sissy was instructed by its Owner, to walk into the woods and wait at an abandoned shed and wait for a Male to come and sexually abuse this sissy. This sissy waited for 2 hours anticipating a Superior, however Master called, and said that His friend had to cancel, and that He was home, and that this sissy was to remove its clothing and walk home through the woods. Upon arrival at Masters back door, in only heels, knee socks and panties, this sissy's dinner was outside in a dog bowl.

Then on Sunday Oct 12th, this sissy was in a maid type outfit, and was serving its Master lunch, just then His Mother, (who this sissy has also served as house cleaner too) arrived. and She had bought Her Neighbor (who knows this sissy), and Her neighbors daughter (She is like 20ish). The Daughter laughed SSOOOO hard when she saw this sissy, She kept asking questions and this sissy had to answer every question in a lisp and with a curtsey, needless to say, this sissy's little dicklette got very stiff (which increased thier laughter). Master Al John thought it would be funny to add to this sissies humiliation, by forcing me to make sissy cream in my panties, while standing in front of the Females and Him, as much as this sissy loves and craves, humiliation, this sissy was almost in tears from embarresment Master says that it was good for me to feel ashamed that i am such a sissy fairy.
Please had to this sissy shame by leaving a comment, or adding a link to this blog anywhere, anyplace sissy males are exposed and exploited ~~ pansy

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can pansy pull off looking like a Shemale again

In a obvious display of Master Al Johns total control over his property 'pansy Faggotte', He allowed the fairy to dress in outfits that were not as sissified as before. He is asking members to choose pansy's fate by Dec 1, 2008

A) Should pansy be allowed to return to dressing more like a Female/TS. Should pansy be allowed to return to wearing a bra, restart female hormones, and be refered to in the feminine again.


B) Should pansy have his feminized sissy male status increased, wear diapers and talk with a lisp 24/7. Should pansy sleep in a real size crib and eat/drink only baby food.

It would be nice if people that read this blog to email pansy direct at and tell him what you think.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Can pansy be any more of a "sissy !!"

Oh My, this sissy feels even more sissy and fairy and more faggoty than ever, this sissy's Master has allowed several Superior Dominant Males, and a few sissies to sexual abuse it over the last few weeks. this pathetic sissy male has NO Say about how it is treated/ mistreated, nor is it permitted to complain if a Superior hurts it and makes it cry.

This sissy male knows that it is only property of its Superior Male Master, Master Al John, and any complaining by this sissy about being abused, raped or tortured, will only result in its Master inflicting even more painful torture and abuse.

This pathetic sissy male also knows it will never be allowed to look like a pretty shemale/ TS, however it will always look like a sissifed male, a feminized faggot or a girlyfied gayboi. This so BEGS all reader to e-mail it, and degrade, humiliate and ridicule it..

sincerely, humblely, and in a depp sissy curtsey


Monday, September 15, 2008

7 reasons that i am sissy !!

1. this sissy has never had a "Real" girlfriend, never had sex with a "Female'". This fairy was forced into Gay sex/slavery at 13

2. this sissy wears Girls clothing, not because he is a "Girl", but he is CERTAINLY not a Man !

3. this sissy loves to have a "REAL Males" cock buried deep in his throat, buried deep in his sissy cunt, and he craves HARD Sexual and Mental abuse

4. this sissy is 10000% forbidden to wear pants/ shorts, he MUST ALWAYS be in skirts and heels, in FULL Makeup 10000% of the time, and this sissy needs to be submissive to ALL Males/Females at ALL Time (Without Exception)

5. this sissy knows that he is a LOSER, it needs to made fun of, humiliated, ridiculed, degraded and scorned. Hurt his feelings with cruel and vicious comments, this sissy deserves and NEEDS it

6. this sissy is FAT, Ugly, and NOT passable as a Girl. it is so Freakin Obvious that he is a Male dressed in female clothing

7. this sissy is Stupid - plain and simple

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sissy Male in Female Bathing Suits

Feminized sissy male 'pansy Faggotte" is being forced to take pictures of himself in Female Bathing Suits. There is 'NO WAY' that this fat homosexual creampuff passes as a Female, but still he is 'forced' to try ......

he wants to make sure that you all KNOW !! that he is a feminized Male, and his legal name is actually ' pansy Faggotte' he loves to be humiliated and degraded by Superiors ~~ pansy

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

sissy MALE !

this feminized male fairy is forced by his Superior MALE Master to confess these statements ::
i am NOT a F, TranSexual, TransVestite, or CrossDresser
i am a sissy male that wears Womens clothing
i am NOT passable as a F,TS,TV or CD
i am an obvious male in Female clothing

i am NOT turned on/ excited by wearing F clothing
i am wearing F clothing as i desire to be humiliated, ridiculed and degraded
i am NOT allowed to have "Real" friends (of any gender)
i am only permitted to worship my Owner/Master
i am NOT permitted any rights, thoughts, or opinions
i am only a slave, completely and totally
~~ pansy Faggotte ~~

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Its been a while ~

and sorry for that ! --

A few things have happened since this sissies last post

This sissies Master has forced it to get a job, however it works at a job were it's known that he is a transvestite, he is of course ridiculed, laughed at, and shunned. although the fairy is no longer forced to wear diapers 24/7, after 9 months of incontinence, the sissy still has a weak bladder.
Also, this sissy has lost its previous yahoo ID and flicker account, so it will add a link to a NEW yahoo group where all of his pictures will be available to view/ download, this sissy also wonders how he can make this blog more popoular? he would love to his blog listed with other sissy blogs.
The picture on the left is an example of how the sissy is forced to dress at home on his days off, he has SPECIFIC daily chores that must be completed Without Fail !! The sissies life is one of complete and total 100% slavery, and will be until Master AJ tires of 'pansy Faggotte".
The picture on the right is an example of how the sissy is forced to dress to go to his job, he works at a call center, and as previously posted EVERYONE at the job know he is a male that wears Female clothing, (his Master, is a friend of the Company owner) and every paycheck is direct deposited into his Masters bank account. The sissy is forbidden to have money of his own, If, he is given money by his Master, every single penny MUST be accounted for.
The sissy swears and promises it will be keep this blog better-up-to date
~ pansy Faggotte ~

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Becoming more and more sissy !

This sisssy male cannot hide his shame as a sissy feminized male fairy

the sissy is in diapers 24/7, is now totally incontenent, and on a strict baby food/fruit diet

he has been forced to perform gay sex on "straight Males" in public restrooms

his life is one of total and complete slavery