Sunday, November 23, 2008

pansy likes to wet his panties

This sissy cannot keep from doing pee-pee in his panties.

This sissy loves the way that pee-pee feels running down his stockins and into his shoes.

This sissy is addicted to the humiliation of wetting his panties.
This sissy so wishes that he was permanently incontent, and thus, he would be in diapers 24/7.
This sissy wishes he was was forced into a permanent AB/DL baby girl sissy lifestyle.
This sissy wants to drink from a bottle, be fed baby formula, and be babysat by young Females that will INTENSLY verbally humiliate, laugh, and degrade him.
Please contact his Master, Superior Male Master AL John, and try to convince Him to allow his property 'pansy Faggotte", to become an adult baby permanently.

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robyn ecker said...

Hi Sissy Pansy;
(blush) I am new here but not new to being a sissy. This is really embarrassing for me cause I am a Marine. Ah huh, a big tough Marine who secretly wants to be a little girlie-girl sissy all dressed up in pretty stockings, ruffled panties, adorable toddler girl dresses that show off my undies and (whisper) diapers too.

I'd just wet myself if some girls found out and made me their sissy baby to dominate and humiliate and dress up all girlish. I want to experience girlhood so bad!

My girlie name is Robyn-Anne and I added the title Lt. Robyn-Anne Tinkle Panties. Cause I make wee-wee or 'tinkle-tinkle' in my pretty pink panties!

Please visit my blog and make comments about my sissy status?