Saturday, June 28, 2014

Its Been Awhile Since We Saw Some pansyPig Pictures

So Here We go!!  On the rare, and VERY RARE occasion that sissypansy is not dressed in one of his many 'Adult babyGirl' outfits, the sissy dons an old personae, that of sissypig#327.
No Matter how pansy is dressed, he still looks like a Fat, Stupid, Ugly Crossdresser.

Sissy Pig#327 has many, Many New Pig pictures on FetLife, there the sissy's name has been changed to RosettaPoof327 by "SissyPigsTrainer", a Superior Male that Master AL John has allowed to control the sissy's input on that website....  here is the link

As RosettaPoof327, sissyPig pansy is ordered (and of course does) to take Extremely Humiliating Pictures with Degrading Descriptions. RosettaPoof327 is also a member of the "PoofPigsTeam" a group of sissy losers that are also addicted to humiliating themselves for the amusement of Superior Males, Females, TV/TS's and other sissys.  The PoofPigs are certainly on the lowest level of any ladder. 

Some of the "PoofPigs", and their Followers converse in French, so Master AL John has instructed this feeble-brained sissy faggot to learn French. sissypansy is actually doing better than Master AL John expected with the language, (just don't expect ANOTHER compliment you stupid, blonde, porker!!!)

All the while sissypig#327 (the entire day of June 27, 2014) was in his pretty pink pig outfit, pig #327 was NOT Permitted to stand, (except for pictures)  crawling only, NOT permitted to speak, Grunting, Oinking only, and Not permitted Diapers or use of a toilet, (Well a TOILET has not been permitted for several years now) pig#327 used an old cat litter box for his waste.  (Pictures of that came out too fuzzy to use, though....FUCK!!).  

Sissypig#327 is seen begging Master AL John to further Humiliate and Degrade it. Master AJ has several ideas in mind.
The 1st is to write "FAILURE" on the pigs chest in Black Marker
sissypig#327 is a FAILURE in So Many ways.
1st - Up until age 22, the sissypig was a FAILURE AS A MALE.
2nd - from age 22 to 48, the sissy lived fairly successfully as a passable TS, with a job, a car, money, and a few decent relationships. However, upon becoming enslaved to Master AL John, it was proven that the sissy was a FAILURE AS A SHEMALE. 
Hence, why Master AJ has had pansy fully and permanently regressed to an "Adult BabyGirl", as someone of that ilk, there isn't to much to  have to prove to become a FAILURE 

sissypansy AKA sissypig#327 AKA RosettaPoof327   ....   KNOWS Absolutely that it is a complete and total laughing stock to the world, it has accepted that it is worthless, and is not permitted to have any shred of dignity or happiness in its life.

Master AL John shows a 2ND Display of Compassion today for HIS slave, (the 1st was the compliment earlier in this post) HE is offering sissypig#327 a piece of Birthday Cake, (even though it is 2 weeks old, and stale as is GOOD ENOUGH for the pig)

And like any pig, the sissy is not permitted to use its hand to eat, so Master is forced to feed this fat, stupid loser the stale cake Himself 

Of Course, you just KNEW, that sissypig#327 was going to make a mess with its food, the pig is just so God-Damn STUPID!!!   Master AL John drops the rest of the cake on the floor and sissypig#327 wastes no time in gobbling it up off the floor, (too bad the floor is not more filthy, it would serve the pig right !!)

sissypig#327 greedily eats the floor-fallen cake, as the pig has no idea when (or if), it will be permitted to eat again.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today little journey with sissypig#327, and that you all had a Good Laugh at just how pathetic the (person), has become. Of Course,  Master AL John encourages that any and all pictures be downloaded and reposted. Hell, download and reposted this entire post! The only reason for any of this is to give this sissy the MUCH NEEDED Humiliation that it Needs and Desires.
Next post should see the sissy back in his 'Adult BabyGirl' World......   

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Sissy Story from a Special Sissy

 Somewhere in Southern California, 5 blocks from Interstate I-5, in a seedy Mobile home park, in a Trailer with a broken front screen door, a musty moldy smell (probably from a 10 week old dead cat underneath the 2 step missing staircase) permeates from the slightly unlevel trailer home is where Shitface Faggot Janet Lives.

Shitface Faggot Janet is so UTTERLY OBSESSED with pansy, Faggot janet writes several emails letters (some 3 pages long) weekly, proclaiming its LUV for pansy, How it wants to be LIKE pansy, YadaYada, Blah-Blah-Blah....   sissy pansy seems to have MANY pathetic Losers that dream of living the life that this fairifised faggot has been forced to live -- however Shitface Faggot Janet is special (in more ways than one).  Shitface WAS ordered to write a story about IT and Pansy, a story that was to be very Faggotty, Graphic, and Sickening. Shitface did NOT disappoint....  Here is the Story ---- Verbatim, Unedited, Uncorrected --- Believe this sissy, you have been dually noted....

 Pansy & Janet Go Looking for Trouble
Two pathetic losers, perverted diaper fags, fat ugly submissive transvestites, go out together in broad daylight, dressed to the nines as adult little girl fetish queens. They want to be seen and they want the people who see them to know exactly what they are. The objective is to play with public disgrace and suffer the consequences of outrageous behavior foisted on decent, God-fearing consumers. The only question is how long it will take for the shit to hit the fan, either in terms of rednecks in big trucks with thick leather belts and bull whips or cops, in force, with tasers and clubs. The sissies play this game hoping not to die or be maimed for life, but never sure about that. Both acknowledge readily that they are massively aroused by rough treatment at the hands of a Superior Male, culminating in abusive, degrading sex. In addition, Janet, the older, uglier sissy, has a sick erotic obsession with Pansy’s huge fat faggot ass and his stinking gapey ass-pussy. This leads to really disgusting show-off performances when they go out. They know that they can please certain very intelligent and discerning Superior Males by acting out in public and giving offense to strangers, so this adds to their exhibitionistic fervor. They are watched and evaluated at all times, always held accountable for appearance, behavior, and attitude.
Sissy perverts sent out like this together are very clingy with lots of touching and squeezing and rubbing. Both are diapered and wearing plastic panties in bright look-at-me colors. Each has been wearing the same diaper since early this morning. It is now ten to twelve and the sun is beating down. Both have already filled their diapers to capacity with numerous pissings and a large morning poopy. Anything they add from here on will leak slowly out of the diaper and past the elastic leg openings of the plastic panties and run down their legs. Everything that happens to them assumes that they stink of sewage and display a nauseatingly perverse delight in their own filthiness, as though they are the cool ones and the normal people are secretly jealous.
So off they go, hand in hand, all dressed up in their frilly adult little girl party dresses and wedge-heeled Mary Janes. They wear what is called “complete” makeup, meaning that their faces are completely and skillfully covered. This is flaming faggot look-at-me makeup, with the brightest, shiniest red lips that always look like they are wet with cum, heavy, heavy, heavy black eyeliner, mascara, bruise-colored blush and thick metallic eye shadow. They wear huge junky earrings and jangly plastic bracelets. They are heavily perfumed in hopes of distracting or confusing the people they meet as to the nature and source of “that smell.” Each has a pacifier on a pretty ribbon bobby pinned to his bosom so as not to get lost. Each carries a clear plastic shoulder bag packed full of important supplies, including a bottle of formula, tiny jars of baby food, a fresh pint of cheap gin, rolled joints, several butt plugs in various sizes, a big pink Doc Johnson model dildo, large bottle of lube, red ball gag and head harness, ping pong paddle, silicone “squid” whip, a plastic bottle of piss and several ziplock bags containing large, hard Superior Male turds (these mighty shit logs couldn’t be more different from standard sissy fag poopy, which is light brown, soft and slimy-squishy. Superior Male turds are super dense and hard to the touch, shiny like polished mahogany. Superior Male turds take a lot of chewing before each bite can be swallowed.)
In addition each sissy has a live mini web cam which can be head mounted, hand held or clamped to a pole in order to document all the hi-jinx. The cams transmit continuously for up to four hours. By that time the two faggots will either be lying unconscious in a weedy field or packed into a holding cell with forty very hostile drunk, stoned and or crazy Superior Males. But they can worry about that later. First, they will put on a show, for the internet, for special Superior Male acquaintances, for you.
They leave the motel where they have been getting ready (I.e. Higher than kites on pot and pills, plus two double gins each) and walk out through the parking lot, holding hands and walking in a very swishy, faggoty way, hoping that someone will notice. Janet is disgustingly faggoty in his obvious lewd obsession with Pansy’s ass. As they leave the motel parking lot and head east Janet slips his hand under Pansy’s flippy little skirt and begins to massage Pansy’s load of poopy, which is clearly visible, hanging heavily in a diaper covered with colorful vinyl. It's very disturbing to see a faggot pervert like Janet giving a fetish feel-up to his “friend”. It looks like molestation, it looks mean and disdainful, it looks wrong, as in “mommy why is he grabbing like that, back there?” Janet is an expert poopy squisher, and soon he has squished Pansy’s poopy into a thick paste and has packed it deeply into Pansy’s ass crack, and also pushed some forward between Pansy's fat thighs, feeling his tiny dicklette and milk duds, making sure there is plenty of poopy there to pack around and over, ready for an unforgettable “unveiling” when they get to the park. They have to wait for a light and Janet takes advantage of the pause to step close to Pansy so that he can feel Pansy up from the front as well, getting close so he can rub his own poopy-filled diaper against Pansy’s dimpled thigh, slowly humping while he continues with his determined, pitiless groping.
Pansy has been molested many times but never with quite this detached, impersonal intensity. It is deeply humiliating for Pansy to be groped this way right out in public, but he has instructions to submit and play along, “or else.”
The light changes but they stay put, Janet moving in closer to tongue fuck Pansy’s ear hole, his busy queer hands still hard at work, fore and aft, squishing Pansy’s poopy and smushing it around. The more Janet does this, the more excited he gets. It looks creepy to the casual observer. It doesn't look like love-making, that's for sure.
The light cycles twice more and Janet grunts to get Pansy moving across the street and into the park. Janet steps up close behind Pansy, matching his steps and pressing tight against Pansy’s diapered ass, humping as they walk, both hands reaching around Pansy’s waist to carry on groping his dicklette with ruthless insistence.
Pansy would claim that this experience was an ordeal for him, but in fact he loved every minute of it, especially being intimately associated with a clearly disturbed paraphilic degenerate. For once Pansy felt that he would be seen in an appropriately negative light, that Janet’s outrageous faggotry would reflect on Pansy and drag him down, in terms of reputation, to the dismal low level of sissy Janet the diaper fag poopy squisher.
They make rapid humping progress to the first picnic area in the park, still very near a busy street. They're not trying to hide in the park after all, just stage their performance so that it can be seen and appreciated in natural environment.
Pansy hoists his considerable bulk up onto the first picnic table, which puts Janet in the enviable position of standing up straight and tilting his head back in order to lick Pansy’s ass-pussy. First of course, the diaper and plastic pants must be lowered. Janet performs this action with surgical efficiency, and Pansy’s poopy-caked ass crack is soon in plain view, wet poopy shining in the sunlight. And there is something else! Yes, Pansy’s large red butt plug, of which only the base is visible, deeply buried in Pansy's poopy-crack.
Janet gets to perform one of his favorite tricks, positioning his face so that he can take hold of the red plastic base between his teeth. Now he tugs and pulls and twists, getting considerable well-squished poopy on his face as he does so. The long-suffering Pansy wishes Janet would hurry up and get that thing out of his ass-pussy because he has fresh poop ready to emerge (Janet doesn't know about this--it is to be a surprise). The large red plug is very securely lodged in Pansy’s filthy hole, a sure sign that he needs to use it more frequently for longer periods so that he can qualify for a level three gape and the go-ahead to snugly accommodate thicker cocks. Superior Males have a right to expect a well-calibrated ass pussy and know that they can go in hard and fast without any struggle, but still with a pleasing snugness once in. A good fuck in other words, no muss, no fuss, just a fun fuck.
Finally Janet extracts Pansy’s plug with a loud, squishy “plop”. Pansy giggles with relief and Janet, poopy-covered plug in his mouth, parades around the table with much swishing and mincing. The plug is thickly covered with Pansy diaperfag poopy, light brown, flaccid, slimy and deeply offensive to the nose. Pansy strikes a pose, standing tall on the picnic table, diaper and plastic pants around his fat dimpled knees.
Janet was having fun with Pansy’s red butt plug. He tilted his head back so that the butt plug pointed heavenward, resplendent in thickly smeared poopy. Janet the butt plug spokesmodel, except he doesn't talk, just acts out. The idea is to show how to appreciate a really filthy butt plug, how to make the most of its erotic charge. And Janet is perfect for this, because he does truly, truly appreciate a dirty plug and has excellent strategies for demonstrating that appreciation in public, in ways that even random passersby will instantly comprehend.
Such are the discontents of public perverts, any loss of focus on them, specifically, leads to fussing and complaint. Pansy is, after all, just as big a pervert as Janet, and much more famous, and if truth be told, much sexier. So what the fuck?
Viewers also tire of Janet’s butt plug schtick long before he finishes licking all the poopy from the plug. You can almost hear them all over the world switching to other pornopervocam sites as he licks and prances, licks and prances. In Janet’s defense, it takes a lot of diligent effort to lick all of the poopy off of a really dirty butt plug, and he should get credit for being serious and thorough.
It is also pretty notable that when Janet finishes licking all of the poopy off the butt plug, he immediately turns to the not so patient Pansy and buries his face in the voluptuous crack of that infamous faggot. Pansy's frowny-fag face softens and turns to smiles as he feels Janet’s tongue scouring the poopy from his ass-pussy crack. After all, what could be more delicious than having a really nasty, poopy-loving faggot eating your crack like a ravenous animal?
While the two sissies continue to demonstrate analingus and coprophagia there on the picnic table, let’s dolly back and see whether anyone has noticed what they are doing. Cars pass without stopping, pedestrians are few. But now a woman pushing a stroller comes into view, probably headed for the playground just beyond the picnic area. The mother looks to be in her very early twenties, neatly but somewhat shabbily dressed. The stroller is a cheap one with small plastic wheels, the child, a tiny infant, waves its arms and legs spasmodically. Has she seen the faggots? Yes, she has! She stops on the sidewalk and stares toward the picnic area. She can see Pansy and Janet from the side, so has a clear view of Janet’s tongue as it methodically, mechanically, robotically licks poopy from Pansy’s fabulous, spectacular, voluptuous ass-pussy. The young mother reaches for her cell phone. To call the police? Or to summon her husband? Either way it looks like the sissies will soon get their wish of very hostile interaction with unknown Superior Males.
The young mother and her stroller-born infant stand frozen in place at the same spot on the sidewalk where she first saw what the faggots were doing together, in broad daylight, in a public park! Her shock and outrage grow as she waits for her husband to arrive. He is bringing some of his friends along to help out.
[What follows here will be extremely pornographic and damaging to anyone who sees it.]
Meanwhile Janet has done a typically half-assed job of cleaning Pansy’s ass-pussy. He has removed the large deposits from Pansy’s ass-pussy crack, but has left many smears and skid marks behind. And what of the front and Pansy’s poor little dicklette encased in stinky poopy? A pleasure postponed, unfortunately. Janet belches a fragrant highly-flammable poopy-burp as he raises Pansy’s diaper back up into place and then the vinyl panties.
Janet now displays the attribute for which he is most famous: shitface. Janet has eaten a lot of Pansy’s rich brown poopy, chewed and swallowed, all gone. In the process Janet has got shitface, mouth and all around, chin dripping, nostrils partly blocked. It looks like what it is, the face of a perverted faggot who loves to eat shit and be watched doing it, via live or recorded porn. Shitface faggot.
Janet helps Pansy down from the tabletop and they launch into an epic tongue suck. Pansy’s eyes open wide when he realizes that Janet has saved a whole mouthful of half-chewed poopy for this kiss and proceeds to transfer all of it into Pansy’s mouth hole. It is Pansy’s own poopy after all, it should even taste familiar, no? Janet is groping Pansy’s dicklette again. Fetish perverts have one track minds. The kiss continues. Pansy is getting some shitface of his own, lips coated with Janet’s shiny brown poopy drool. Both sissies are utterly intoxicated by their public poopy sex. Neither one of them gives a shit about the young mother and her child. Who gives a fuck what she thinks? She's getting a free show, shut the fuck up and watch. What harm does it do to view a public live porn exhibition? No one is going to hurt her or her baby and they are free to go at any point.
At least that’s the sissies’ way of looking at it. Two large black SUVs pull up and park where the young mother waits with toddler and stroller. Eight large fit-looking men get out and gather around her, all of them turning to look over at the sissies while she tells them about the situation. Some of them have thick leather belts wrapped around their fists. Others carry coiled whips. They are wearing blue latex gloves to protect their hands. It is clear that they have come to discipline the sissies and teach them a lesson they won't ever forget.
Pansy and Janet are still locked in their passionate, filthy poopy-kiss, each groping the other’s dicklette through sodden diaper and plastic pants. They could go on like this for hours except that they are about to be rudely interrupted.
The men, moving quickly and purposefully toward the picnic table approach the faggots, yank them out of their perverted embrace and take turns slapping their poopy faces while cursing them loudly and violently. “Fucking faggot perverts. What the fuck do you think you're doing here, out in the daylight? You need a big time ass whipping and we're going to do the honors for you.”
The slaps come hard and fast, forehand, backhand, combinations, good and hard. “Fucking ugly faggoty shit lickers. Gonna kill you slow and painful.” Pansy sees stars and feels so dizzy like he might fall. Janet’s faggot head is ringing from the slaps, he looks even dumber now, mouth hanging open, eyes drooping half shut.
The men start shoving the faggots in the direction of the men’s restroom next to the horseshoe pitch. They launch stiff kicks at the faggots’ poopy asses, toes of their boots penetrating diapers to bruise the piss marinated flesh of their faggot asses. Pansy stumbles and skins his knees badly on the cement. The men laugh at him and kick him until he gets back on his feet. He gets three hard slaps of congratulation for hauling his pathetic carcass upright. Janet laughs to see this, and several of the men slap him to shut him the fuck up, and kick his ass forward. Janet makes a funny face (!) feeling ill-used by their new friends.
Imagine faggots like these suddenly face to face with EIGHT hunky buff masculine Superior Males! What could be more fun, especially if by fun you mean sadistic cruelty and soul-destroying emotional abuse.
They shove Pansy in through the door when they reach the large deserted men’s room there at the park. The facility is brightly lit, fairly clean but very worn, twelve classic “tall boy” urinals down the right side, six spacious stalls on the left. Pansy crashes into the wall next to the hand dryer and sprains both wrists from trying to brake the impact. Pansy is not a happy camper at this point in his wretched, filthy diaper and with his provocative shitface left over from the marathon tongue-suck. His pretty dress is quite tattered and soiled. Pansy’s skinned knees drip blood slowly down his shins, running into his filthy white knee socks. Pansy put them on brand new today and he was so pleased with the fit and appearance. The slaps, at least a dozen (good and hard) from the hands of five different men, have left him dizzy and disoriented. His mouth hangs open, his eyes droop at half mast. He is dissociating. Soon it will take a lot of pain to get his attention, remind him that he is regrettably still alive, and thus vulnerable to pain.
Two men enter dragging Janet by the heels. There seems to have been a loss of consciousness. They drag Janet down the middle of the long room and drop him halfway with his head in a urinal. The men are really amped up. They are straight, but engaging in orgies of homophobic violence excites them in an undeniably sexual way. Of course they would deny it, and beat you down for saying it, but anyone can see that they are getting pure animal pleasure from torturing and tormenting two pathetic sissy losers.
Janet stinks to high heaven. Some of the men are wearing masks and one even produces a respirator. Even protected, the stench of the unconscious faggot’s leaky diaper, penetrates and burns their noses, making them even madder at Janet for daring to even exist in their world. Three of them line up to relieve themselves, urinal-style, and their gushy, forceful streams are soon pelting down on Janet’s peaceful knocked-out face, soaking his wig, hosing down the bodice of his pretty juvenile party dress. Janet looks good soaking wet with Superior Male piss, lying unconscious on the tiny hexagonal tiles of a public restroom. Someone has grabbed his sissy-cam and is using it to broadcast his spectacular debasement.
Crybaby Pansy is like all boo hoo over his wrists and doesn't seem to realize that there are Superior Males present whose cocks he has not sucked, whose piss he has not guzzled and whose massive shit logs he has not chewed and swallowed. A typically selfish, egotistical faggot. As they say, worthless. Pansy is taken to task for his poor attitude and more slaps are administered by a man who steadies and positions Pansy’s face with one hand and then slaps, hard, with the other. It's very advanced expert slapping. Pansy should feel lucky to be so skillfully slapped. Instead he cries, not just boo hoo but wah-wah. Men are standing there with their zippers down and cocks out ready to get some much needed relief from this faggot and all he does is blubber and bawl. They have to manage him very closely. Two men take Pansy from either side and shove him down to a kneeling position and with crude, harsh slaps and curses get him positioned to start getting skull-fucked. Fortunately, Pansy has no gag reflex left, or hardly any, so he can take rough deep-throat type action. Sometimes he will gag and puke after a particularly brutal face-fucking, but mostly he just offers a pleasing hole for use. He has never spilled even a drop of thick, rich man cum.
Meanwhile the comatose Janet is coming to on the floor there, in his puddle of piss. Can you believe that the faggot immediately starts masturbating?!? He grabs at his dicklette with fitful, petulant energy, a kind of desperate hopelessness pervades his acting out. Before you know it he's got his sodden little skirt and petti hiked up above his waist and he's got both hands down the front of his impossibly filthy diaper and plastic panties. He jams his hands down in front into the filthy mass of poopy caked around his shriveled, limp dicklette. He squishes the poopy and masturbates by rubbing, faggot style. Those who are watching this live on the internet have never seen such a perverted take on faggot self-abuse. Limp-dick sterile sissies are so pathetic, especially when you see them masturbating and trying to get some excitement out of a useless, flaccid nub.
Two of the Superior Males, who have been preoccupied with Pansy’s deep throat gang bang, look over to see Janet pull one of his hands up out of the diaper and carry a brimming mitt-full of poopy to his mouth. He licks the poopy from his right hand while continuing to masturbate with the other. He licks the poopy in big greedy licks, each one carrying a generous mass of poopy into his mouth. He’s putting on a poopy-eating extravaganza for Pansy and the eight stalwart Superior Males, and for all the folks on the internet, and for you, whoever you are.
The two SMs watch with mingled astonishment and disgust. They are torn between an impulsive need to stomp the sissy to death right now, and an admittedly sick fascination with the faggot’s extreme perversion and a wish to interact with him, mock him and fuck him up and over. The playful side of the SMs wins out and they grab Janet under the arms and yank him to his feet, still licking fetid poopy from his hand. They quick march him to where the semi-catatonic Pansy, on bloody knees, gets successively skull fucked, and wait until the current occupant of Pansy’s cunt-mouth finishes with a blast of man-cum down the internationally famous diaper fag’s throat.
They shove Janet into position in front of Pansy and order Pansy to remove his frenemey’s diaper. Pansy obeys, after a few slaps to get his attention and help him focus, and Janet’s disgusting, fetid poopy-clotted crotch is exposed to the air. The stink is almost unbearable and most of the SMs withdraw, covering their mouths and noses in disgust. Two hearty (perverted?) SMs take charge of securing a standing Janet for his part of the planned ordeal. A delicate silken noose is cinched around his throat, the end thrown over an exposed beam above. The noose is pulled up tight enough to keep him standing up straight with head upturned for a shred of comfort. Then Janet’s disgusting diaper is pulled down over his head, wrapped and tightly secured with gaffers tape. He can barely breathe. He is nauseated by the primal funk of his own diaper-cured wastes. He has poopy in his eyes, in his ears, up his nose and in his mouth. He feels like a poopy mummy, sealed inside his dirty diaper world. They tighten up on the noose. Now it is necessary to be on ones tippy toes for the most part. Janet's poopy-smeared hands are cuffed securely behind his back. The noose is tightened a bit more. Janet is very stressed, struggling to breathe through the nauseating diaper head wrap, a bit more than half choked by the noose. Then the wooden handle of a bathroom plunger goes up his ass-pussy for use as a joystick. Janet is ready for Pansy’s delicate crotch cleaning.
Pansy knows perfectly well what comes next and he barely waits for the order, “Lick the shit off this faggot’s dick.” Coprophagic fellatio is Pansy’s specialty, although not many people know this.
[The ideal standard for this type of porn is that the sissy (always a sissy) wind up eating as much poopy as possible in the course of giving a world-class ultra-hardcore throat job to a SM. Major tonnage. Setting up should also be taped as great gobs of sticky poopy are adhered to the SM’s dick and packed around his balls, and smeared behind the balls on his taint. If the poopy is sticky enough, another heavy layer can be applied on top of the first. Go for a tightly packed crack as well if there is time.]
Three SMs remain close to manage Pansy’s coprophagic fellatio ordeal. Because that is what it is, above all, an ordeal. The three of them work closely together to keep up a continuous barrage of mockery, insults and threats, accompanied by slaps, pokes, pinches, shoves and prods. Continuous bullying and intimidation, combined with a very demanding coprophagic task. Pansy cries easily and it doesn't take them long to have him in pathetic, weepy hysterics. He finds it particularly degrading when they interrupt him and probe his mouth with blue-gloved fingers to move the poopy around and stuff it right down his throat. Then it’s back to work, six strong hands grasping his head and shoving it deep into Janet’s stinky poopy diaper crotch.
Janet’s two hunky minders keep him on his toes and semi-asphyxiated, and they both enjoy giving the faggot rough pokes with the wooden rod, classic faggoty ass torture, worthy of the NYPD.
Licking Janet’s poopy-caked dicklette is always such a disappointment for Pansy. God, is that thing limp! Poor Janet is gasping for air and waiting for another brutal thrust from the plunger handle in his ass-pussy. Pansy has been slapped and knuckled and mauled until his whole silly head is just a mass of burn, a mass of bells. Two faggots in extreme distress, barely aware of each other at this point, certainly totally worthless to each other, useless pathetic losers.
When the men grow bored with the two faggots they put a stop to Pansy’s licking and let him topple over right where he kneels. Janet, released from the noose and stripped of his dirty diaper head-wrap, sinks down in a smelly pile of beaten and abused sissy pig flesh next to Pansy on the hexagonal tiles of the floor. The SMs who are in the mood proceed to drop their pants and dump their loads on the two semi-catatonic sissy fags. This is virile SM style shit, dense logs of polished mahogany. At the end four only remain behind to see how much shit they can force feed to the two worthless sissies. The men pair off, each pair taking charge of a sissy. One man in each pair is the Holder, the other is the Feeder. The Holder holds the sissy upright and in place and helps to keep his mouth open. The Feeder feeds shit into the sissy’s mouth and supervises the chewing and swallowing of each stinking mouthful. The Feeder has tamping tools to compress chewed shit and send it along to the sissy’s tum-tum. As the saying goes, “eat shit and die,” but these faggots seem to thrive on it. Oh, they’re beaten down at the moment and will need time to recuperate, but the poopy-eating part is so disgustingly delicious. Filthy fucking faggots, fucking toilet pigs, fucking perverted sissy ass lickers and shit eaters. They are the worst of the worst, toxic garbage fags, sewer sluts.
The bright lights in the restroom burn all night long. Janet and Pansy lie where the men have left them, on the tile floor covered with the piss and shit of eight Superior Males. Janet is too tired to finish chewing the shit in his mouth and swallow it. He is also too tired to just spit it out. They both have concussions from multiple blows to the head, slaps gone rogue. Pansy’s knees and wrists need medical attention. Janet has noose burns around his neck and numerous bruises and scrapes all over his body. He is bleeding lightly, just a trickle really, from the rectum. Both have suffered irreversible emotional damage today. Fucking faggoty sissy toilet pigs! Remember them in spicy diapers setting out for adventure? This is how they wound up. They got what they were looking for.
The End.

So, what do you think ?? Do you want to read it again, pervert? or do you want to see 2 more picture of sissy pansy

Shitface Faggot Janet can be found on Flicker and ImageFap
DiaperSissy Pansy can be found on like 25+ different sites...  (google the sissy's name)
This sissy hopes your day is now better off !!