Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year's Promise from pansy's Master

Master AL John has informed pansy that 2010 will be a year of even MORE Intense Babification, The sissy's birthday is Feb 14, and Master AJ wants to have pansy's Nursery finished by then. He has ordered an Adult sized Crib, and it will be Modified so that the sissy will be securely bound and locked into the crib, He is also planning on installing an automatic feeding pump, as pansy will be spending most of his (and the rest of his life) locked into the crib.   The sissy was under the false notion that seeing how he was allowed to wear "Big Girl Clothing" a few times the last week, That Master AJ and his TS Lover would ease up on his babification. OF COURSE !! That is not to be, It was re-enforced to pansy today 12/31/09 that he will be an Adult baby, an Incontent sissy male, and an overly feminized faggot for the rest his life, (and most of that will be secured in a crib!!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the sissy goes to a Holiday Party

Master AL John (pansy's Owner/Master), allowed His sissy slave 'pansy Faggotte' to dress like a big girl, and go to a Christmas Party Sunday Dec 27 at His Mothers house. Not everyone at the party would be tolerant of a sissified male in baby girl clothes, however most people DID Know of pansy's true gender.

The sissy of course had to wear diapers under his skirt because he REALLY, TRUELY is Totally Incontenent. 3 hours into the Xmas party, the sissy had wet himself, so Master AJ's Mother took the fairy into the upstairs bathroom, (where She keeps a pack of his Diapers) for a change. First She (and Masters Mother is a small women 5'5" at the most) smacked the sissy in the face repeatedly, calling him names and degrading him. As pansy held up skirt, She placed 2 new diapers on him. "You are so Pathetic" she screamed, and kicked pansy in his tiny clitty and sissy nuts, the sissy began to cry and she kicked him again and smacked his face several more times. "You DESERVE the treatment you Get!" She yelled as the sissy recieved a 3rd kick in his clitty/sissy nuts. "When your done crying fix your makeup, and come down, sit on the couch, and be QUIET!, She said, slapping his face even more.  She slammed the door, and pansy sat crying like an infant for several minutes, he then followed Her instructions the rest of the day

Saturday, December 26, 2009

sissy pansy hopes everyone had a Merry Christmas

sissy male pansy is happy to show everyone the outfit he was ordered to wear on Christmas Day. Under the tree, the fairy was happy to find a few gifts for him.

The sissy recieved 3 new packs of diapers, 2 new pacifiers, a set up baby bottles, and a new dollie, he certainely is a lucky Adult Little Girl

And as Usual, pansy is HEAVILY diapered, and after opening the gifts, pansy's Master (Superior Male, Master AL John), and his TS Lover went out for a Christmas brunch, the fairy was put in the playpen to play with his new dollie. What a happy sissy he must be.  !!