Sunday, November 23, 2008

pansy likes to wet his panties

This sissy cannot keep from doing pee-pee in his panties.

This sissy loves the way that pee-pee feels running down his stockins and into his shoes.

This sissy is addicted to the humiliation of wetting his panties.
This sissy so wishes that he was permanently incontent, and thus, he would be in diapers 24/7.
This sissy wishes he was was forced into a permanent AB/DL baby girl sissy lifestyle.
This sissy wants to drink from a bottle, be fed baby formula, and be babysat by young Females that will INTENSLY verbally humiliate, laugh, and degrade him.
Please contact his Master, Superior Male Master AL John, and try to convince Him to allow his property 'pansy Faggotte", to become an adult baby permanently.

Monday, November 10, 2008

sissy pansy's Addictions

feminized sissy male 'pansy Faggotte' is addicted to many things, none of which are smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling, etc etc....

The sissy is Addicted to being HUMILIATED, he will go out of his way to wear overly femme outfits, extremely short skirts, and way too much make-up. The sissy can only seem to get an erection, (as tiny as it is), when he is being ridiculed about his appearance or lifestyle, The more cruel the remarks, the sissy will get weak in the knees, and feel that he must start rubbing his tiny dicklette.

The sissy is also heavily addicted to PORNOGRAPHY, he is not permitted to watch any Television, Movies, Listen to Music, or Read anything that is not Bondage, Transvestite, or Sissy related. A rare occasion will occur when his Master will allow him to watch regular TV, Movies, but that is not very often.

The sissy is also addicted to wearing DIAPERS, and acting like a baby girl, although His Master doesn't have the fairy wear diapers to often, when pansy does, he almost immediately regresses to a 3 year old girl. Master AL John has considered getting pansy a crib, and other juvenile furniture, and keeping him as a diapered baby sissy on a more permanent basis, but He just doesn't have the time.

The sissy is also addicted to WETTING his PANTIES, the sissy cannot go an entire day with out the feeling of wet panties and wet stockings/ or knee socks, he just loves the way the warm wee-wee feels on his legs and in his shoes, this will also make the fairy's dicklette get hard and increase his need to rub it.

Lastly, and by far the sissys most intense addiction, is his addiction to MASTERBATION, the sissy male is under strict orders by his Master to cum, (make sissy cream, as pansy is required to call it), in his panties 3 times a day. The fact that he is taking female hormones makes it harder, but that is not his Masters' concern. The sissy must always make sissy cream in his panties, and thus they are all heavily stained with his cream and wee-wee.

And to think, this person was once a passable TS, with a real job, a real life, and a future.