Monday, December 31, 2012

The sissy pig in Christmas Bondage

sissy pig #327 is told that his only Christmas present is to be spanked and put in Bondage for the day. How Fun !!!
Believe it or Not, he becoms EVEN more submissive when he is attached with a leash
sissy pig #327 has no alternative but to accept bondage and slavery as a permanent way of life. Any former life that he had is completely gone, sissy pig #327 finally understands that it is nothng more than property. Property to be used any way a Superior sees fit.
The sissy hangs its head in shame, although he is NOT Permitted to actually say it, sissy pig #327 is ashamed at what he has been turned into. Now, he awaits his Christmas present ~~ a spanking and spending the day in Bondage.
After a good beating, the sissy pig mumbles a "Thank You, Superior Male, Master AL John, for spanking this worthless sissy pigs fat ass"
Pig #327 will spend the rest of his day in this chair, WITHOUT A DIAPER !! Master AL John has WARNED the pig tha he IS NOT to wet without permission, only ten will Master AJ put a bowl under the chair for the sissy to leak into.
Growing Weary of looking at the fat, ugly, stoopid LOSER, Master AL John decides to cover the sissy pig with a garbage bag
To Ensure that the pig stays in its place, Master secure him with some rope.
Pig #327 will stay like this for the rest of the day, Master AJ Does make sure that the can breathe, however HE knows that the sissy pig is Very Uncomfortable, ~~ Just the way HE wants his property. ---- AS usual, Plase feel fee to copy, print, and repost any of Pig #327's pictures ----