Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Changes ARE Needed !!

Master AL John has Admittedly been way to lax with pansy's sissification and the content of the Blog over the past few months. The sissy has been wearing more "Big Girl" style clothing lately, and Master knows that He needs to nip that in the bud, immediately. The sissy needs to reminded of his status in life, and that is

1. 1st and foremost, he is an "Adult Baby Girl", and he will be returning to that status in full.
2. he is a slave -- a maid slave, a house cleaning slave, a sex slave, and a diaper slave
3. he needs to have his 3x a day milking ritual re-enforced, as Master AJ Believes that this sissy is losing his addiction to sissy porn.   
The sissy will also be re-introduced to a full baby food diet. Master took the sissy off of it somewhat as it caused the sissy stomach aches on occasion. That, no longer needs to be a concern for the sissy, as he will not be eating "grown up" food anytime in the foreseeable future.  
  Notice the sign that the fairy is holding   -- it reads "i need to be even more of a sissy". Starting today 2/21/11, after every sentence the sissy speaks, he will end it with the phrase "i need to be even more of a sissy"

Here is an example of a what a typical conversation would be like ::

Master AJ  -  "sissy it's time to wake up, and change your diaper"
pansy - "Master, yes Master" "i need to even more of a sissy"
Master AJ - "pansy, check to see how packs of diapers you have left"
pansy - "Master, this sissy has 2 left, Master" "i need to be even more of a sissy"

pansy, sitting in his high chair waiting to be fed by Miss Danielle, Masters' TS Lover ::

Danielle - "What type of food do you want today, Loser, strained peas or chicken and carrots?"
  pansy - "Mistress, may this sissy have the chicken and carrots, Mistress""i need to be even more of a sissy"
Danielle - "What did  you say at the end there, pansy?"
pansy - "Mistress, Master has ordered this sissy to say at the end of every sentence, i need to be even more of a sissy, Mistress""i need to be even more of a sissy"
Danielle - "GOOD LORD!, you are Pathetic !"
pansy - "Mistress, yes Mistress""i need to be even more of a sissy" 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sissy pansy WINS an Award !!

The International Sissy Society has graciously bestowed a "Certificate of Sissyness" to pansy Faggotte.

The I.S.S. has acknowledged his permanent transformation from a Passable TS in 2005, to a Diaper Dependant Adult Baby in 2009. The I.S.S. hopes that pansy can be a role model to other sissies, and that through his shame and humiliation, other sissies can acheive his level of Submissiveness.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Master AL John's Guide to sissy Training

Master AL’s Guide to sissy Training


You are the MASTER, the sissy, (best defined as a feminine male that is weak, mentally and physically, one that is very easily dominated as a pansy, a sissy, or a puppy/or bunny) is your property. You must make it 100% clear that the sissy has no rights, and has no say in how it is dressed or treated, ANY disobedience will be meet with Quick and Strict punishment(s), (covered in a later chapter). I will be using some examples of how I have trained my sissy slave pansy in this guide.


1) Part-time sissy

If you’re sissy does not live full time in Female clothing, it can still be very easily feminized. FORCE your sissy to wear stockings/ garter belt AT ALL TIMES!, even under it’s male clothing, you can also make sure that your sissy wears a nitegown while sleeping, (have your sissy email you pictures on a daily basis). You can also have it keep its toenails painted and wear women socks. Your sissies body should be kept as hairless, (as possible), and should only refer to itself as sissy, girl, or pansy. You should have your sissy keep a daily journal about its feminine thoughts, UNDER NO circumstance should it ever wear male underwear, let your sissy know that it will now be kept in panties forever. Another good idea is to have your sissy subscribe to Women’s Magazine and Catalogs, and to start buying tampons/ and other female items.

If the sissy does not live with you, it is best to keep several Female outfits at your disposal so that the sissy NEVER appears before you dressed in anything but full Female attire and look. It is also a good idea to have your sissy call you several times a day, remind it of how much of a big pansy-sissy it is, how much it NEEDS to be dominated, humiliated and controlled and how it desires to be humiliated and degraded, your goal should be to have the sissy crying/ or in tears at the end of the phone session.

2) Full-time sissy

If you’re sissy does live 100% as a female, that is all the better, it can be forced into countless humiliating and degrading situations. I will give you the LIST OF RULES I have prepared for my sissy pansy Faggotte.

Rule 1) it is never UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE allowed wear pants OF ANY KIND, EVER!!!.

Rule 2) it is never UNDER ANY CIRCUNSTANCE allowed to wear pantyhose. It is only permitted garterbelt/stockings, knee socks or frilly ankle socks.

Rule 3) it is never allowed to wear heels with less than 3 ½ inches, (unless, I permit otherwise ~ although I cannot think of a situation that would occur).

Rule 4) it MUST be fully made-up AT ALL TIMES in my presence. (I prefer extremely heavy slutty and whorish make-up).

Rule 5) All outfits must be approved by me.

Rule 6) it MUST address me as “Master” or “Sir”, at the beginning and ending of every sentence.

Rule 7) it must refer to itself in the 3rd person AT ALL TIMES.

Rule 8) it is not allowed to OWN anything whatsoever, make ANY decisions, or SPEAK without being 1st addressed.


Hair – The sissies hair should be as long as possible, my sissy is usually forced to wear its hair in pigtails, bangs, and is bleached blonde weekly

Makeup – The sissy should always be in FULL make-up, (Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Rouge, Lipstick, (wig – if worn)), in your presence. I demand that my sissy uses extremely heavy make-up. I do know, (however), of a MASTER that forces his sissy to wear a dress and heels and public, and does not allow it to wear makeup or have a female hairstyle. I’m sure that the sissy is very humiliated, and believe me, if I saw it, I would be the 1st to laugh and degrade the pathetic sissy.

Name – This is something your sissy should have no say in, I personally like to see a sissy with an overly feminine name, (i.e. candi, bambi, barbi, lolli,, and such). Other Masters may prefer to feminize the sissies male name, whatever you decide, MAKE SURE that the sissy knows that the name will be its forever. A good training exercise would be to have your sissy write its name 100 times a day, My sissy has been feminized for 18+ years, and still does this.


Obviously, This is all important to your sissies training and lifestyle. It should be an ongoing practice and the sissy SHOULD be disciplined on a daily (or like my sissy hourly) basis.

1) Spanking – THIS MUST BE a daily ritual for the sissy, it must know, without a doubt, that YOU are the MASTER, and that YOU control every aspect of its life. I usually spank my sissy, pansy Faggotte at LEAST 10 to 12 times a week, it reminds him of his place in life, and on several occasions someone has come over during the sissies spanking session. The sissies ass is very accustomed to beatings and I need to spank him harder and longer each time in order to make him suffer.

2) Cuffs – These are often used as punishment, however I keep my sissy in leg/hands cuffs almost 24/7, it is only out them while in public or showering, and is even cuffed and chained while asleep. I have installed hooks throughout the house so that the sissy movement is limited, this is done to re-enforce the fact that the sissy HAS NO RIGHTS, WHATSOEVER!!

3) Corner Time – This is a great discipline practice I use on my sissy, I force it to stand on a tiny stool face first in the corner, with the sissies ass exposed I ENJOY whipping his ass and legs HARD!. My goal is to make the sissy cry out in pain. I will then rub lots of ben-gay on its red ass, (this will make the pain even more intense).


EVERY sissy desires and craves to be humiliated, it is their lot in life, sissies should be humiliated just for being limp wristed fairy-boys.

1) Public Humiliation – this is necessary so that the sissy can be exposed to ridicule, taunts and laughter, you have seen pictures of my sissy pansy , I LOVE seeing men and women stare at him, and laugh and giggle as it passes. The sissy know it will never be allowed to wear clothing its own age, and will be a complete and total sissy forever.

2) Intense Humiliation – My goal is to make MY sissy the most pathetic piece of trash EVER!!. Soon pansy Faggotte will be a 100% toilet slave as well, I will never use the toilet again, as I will have the sissy’s mouth for use. It will also be permanently castrated and caged, life will be very hard and cruel for the sissy. But PLEASE KNOW THIS, the sissy has BEGGED ME! To treat it like this, the fairy desperately WANTS to be treated like this. It has pleaded with me to control and dominate his life, and forever

enslave him.

I Hope you have all enjoyed MY guide to “Training a sissy”. I am sure not all DOMINANT MALES are as hardcore as I am, however this is life that pansy Faggotte wants. Good Luck to you other limp-wristed pansies out there, I hope you find what you are looking for.

Posted by Master AJ   - please enjoy these new pictures of sissy fairy pansy

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Month, New Nonsense !!

and yes, The sissy and its friends have come a long, long way together, througth the hard times and the good, and this sissy and its Master want to celebrate YOU, and praise you like WE Should... 

Thanks for reading this blog and for sometimes listening to miss pansy rant.... But, Hey, the big blonde idiot hits the century mark this month on the 14th,,,SO, give the twit a little slack,,, (but just for this Month!)