Sunday, February 28, 2010

pansy's same sad story

Hooray !! Feb 26th and 27th, sissy male pansy was allowed to dress in "big girl clothing, the only stipulation was that he not wet his panties, or he would be back in diapers and little girl outfitsIn the 2nd picture it looks like pansy might be about to wet himself, (too bad that he is 100% incontinent). The sissy likes to wear big girl clothes and look like a real girl, although he has been an adult baby for so long, holding his pee becomes an increasingly hard thing for him to do. Try to hold it, and not wet yourself,  sissy pansy. UH !OH!, the sissy breaks into tears and he feels the hot warm pee flow down his stockings and into his shoes. he really, Really!! wanted to be a big girl today, and not a panty wetting sissy. pansy also fears that Master and Miss Danielle will be very angry with him. She, (Danielle) has even been searching/chatting on-line with Other Superiors that might be willing to take control of the sissy. She wants to make sure that ANYONE that takes pansy be EXTREMELY cruel to him, She wants to pansy suffer for the rest of his life After a phone call from Master AL John, the sissy confesses that he did wet his panties, and Master forced pansy to "beg Him" to be placed back in diapers and baby girl clothing.As punishment, the sissy must keep his wet panties in his mouth, stand in front of the surviellance camera and keep curtseying until his Superiors get home. The fairy is so ashamed of himself, however this should be nothing new to the feminized sissy male slave.

pansy's same sad story 2

So, it would seem that Master AL John has kept His word and placed pansy back in diapers and baby clothing, the sissy is holding one of his birthday presents - a  new masterbation blanket. pansy also is now FORCED to use his pacifier 24/7, previously Master AJ was very leniant with him, and His Mother has promised to step up his humiliation as well .  
pansy hangs his head in shame, (a position he is certainly getting used to !!) the sissy was so happy that his Master and Miss Danielle had allowed him to wear big girl clothes for 2 days. And now, here he stands, a 49 year old male (well, sorta !!)  in diapers,  in a very short juvenile pink dress. holding a blanket, a bottle, and sucking a pacifier. No wonder his family has completely disowned him.
Look at the bliss on his face as he wets himself, the diapers are so comforting.   he KNOWS that he needs them, he KNOWS he is much better off in them, and the sissy KNOWS that everyone is laughing at him. pansy so loves to be ridiculed and humiliated, please, please, please, leave a response and give the feminized diaper wearing fairy the only thing that makes him happy. 
A Happy, Wet sissy lets everyone see his full diapers, and the next question is when one of his Superiors will change him. What a Site !!!!   

Saturday, February 20, 2010

pansy's solution ?

The sissy male celebrated his 49th Birthday on Feb 14, and on that day his Owner, Master AL John and His Beautiful Shemale Lover 'Danielle' decided pansy's future. It seems that Danille had some concerns about the fairy living full time as a baby, She DID Not want to be responsible for changing his diapers, feeding and dressing him. So...pansy will still dress and act very juvenile, he will still wear diapers 24/7, (he actually HAS to now!!), and he will still be required to clean Masters' Mothers house and her 2 friends.
The sissy wore this outfit on his birthday, and he actually did get a few presents from his Master. The sissy got a few new stuffed animals for his playpen, a new blanket, some female hormones and 2 new dresses. As you can see his tiny titties need to grow a little, as Danielle wants the sissy to start wearing training bras.
However, pansy will still only be permitted to drink from baby bottles, and although it has been discussed among his Superiors that pansy be put in Chastity,  the sissy is still under strict rules of having to make cream in his panties/diapers at least three times a day. But then again, if you've been following his blog for a while, you know that pansy is NEVER permitted to make desicions for himself, so lets just see what happens....shall we

Thursday, February 4, 2010

pansy's SITUATION !

Today, Feb 4, 2010 --  pansy's Master discovered that his sissy slave/adult baby girl was OUT OF DIAPERS  !!
OH,     THE HORROR   !!!

Master AL John told pansy that he would just have to hold his pee-pee for the day, (pansy is STRICTLY PROHIBITED from using a toilet to make pee-pee, he can only make poopy, if a Superior is there to supervise him). By the look on his face, pansy seems to be trying to hold back, but without a diaper, the sissy will undoubtedly wet himself.   Such a shame, that in a few days pansy will be 49 years old, and he still needs diapers.

There is no stopping the pee-pee now!, imagine the shame and humiliation pansy must be feeling, as he is FORCED to take pictures of himself wetting himself.  The pee-pee flows down his fat heffer thighs, down his fat pig calfs, into his sissy yellow ankle socks and black shoes. The Shame !
The Humiliation !!.  pansy is SO-OO Pathetic, and every reader of this blog KNOWS that by Now !!   Look, pansy is hanging is head in shame, you poor fat queer panty pissing fag, YOU deserve every single bit of ridicule that you get, although not everyone that reads this blog posts a message (you should, really -- pansy DESERVES to be treated Cruelly and with complete and total Contempt), they ALL KNOW just how Worthless you are, pansy!. 

Stare at the pee stain on your blanket, queer. You will be sleeping with that pee stained blanket tonite !! sissy !!!