Pathetic Male Maid

Yes !. This is Male (kinda), he is is a sissy and he is a MAID. sissy pansy wants EVERYONE to see him in one of his Maid Uniforms , so that EVERYONE Knows that he is a male that wears Girl's Clothing and Maid Outfits (Big Suprize There?!!) 
and of course WE have to see a picture of pansy showing his diapers, (again.?...really ??.... fucking pansy NEEDS to come up with some NEW Material!) 
Here we a see a pictures of the sissy's "pansy juice", it is a mixture of SIMILAC formula, and Master AL Johns' Piss (sometimes Sperm). With all that other food in Master's Fridge, the sissy KNOWS what he is only Allowed to have. Sometimes, he will be able to eat 'Grown Up' food, but that is always "Blenderized".  
The fairy makes himself a new bottle of 'pansy juice, its been along time since pansy have ever drank any liquid NOT in a baby bottle, and every SINGLE TIME he wets his diaper, the sissy MUST be in Curtsey, (No Matter, if no one is watching him). So can, any guess what is happening now ??   

Oh Good Christ !, the sissy is leaking, he must immediately get direction from a Superior on what to do, The sissy is told to remove his diaper, and await further instructions, the sissy, has NO choice but to OBEY every word that a Superior Says. 
The sissy's instructions are to 'present' his wet diaper to all the readers, and then to humiliate himself by placing the diaper on his head, and keeping it there until its Master allows him to remove it
And you thought that you had problems !!!