Tuesday, September 9, 2014

sissy pansy ~~ Sent Outside to Play ~~

Welcum !!, to another sissy pansy adventure.....
Today, the simpering sissy is told by his MASTER to go outside and play in the woods or something, MASTER AJ is inside doing paperwork for HIS business, (a job pansy did when he was considered a 'Grown-up', however the sissy can no longer do it)

MASTER KNOWS that pansy is afraid out in the woods, the sissy is afraid of Bugs, Spiders, the Stray Cats that live there, the sissy is becoming quite the crybaby as well....proof positive that the sissy is indeed regressing into permanent babyhood 

 sissy pansy drinks yet another bottle of formula, a TV friend of MASTERS has said that the sissy seems to have lost some weight lately, it seems that it has been mostly muscle weight, as the sissy also seems noticeably weaker.
pansy sits in the chair and without thinking, wets his diaper...what the sissy may be thinking about is trying to remember when it was a Passable TS...however even pansy understands those days are long, long gone....never to return. 

So....pansy begins his trek to play in the woods... pansy wonders why his MASTER is making him go into the woods, MASTER must surely know that pansy is afraid to go into them... 

 .....pushing his way deeper into the brush, the sissy is immediately filled with dread...will the sissy walk straight into a spider web?, will the sissy see a scary stray cat?, will the sissy stumble and fall over a dead branch ?

 the sissy stops as he feels another wetting coming on, the pacifier is very soothing, and at least keeping pansy a little bit calmer.
the fullness of his diaper is evident here.. and pansy feels a poopy coming on !!

 sissy pansy just saw one of the Mean stray cats, the sissy gets away as quickly as he can as he breaks out into tears....this sissy keeps going deeper and deeper into the woods to get away from the cat, (and off of the path he knows) he is JUST so scared !!   Until ....
pansy stumbles over a root and falls to the ground  !! 

 pansy is for sure crying NOW !!, not only has the sissy fallen down and ripped his pretty white tights, but his knee is in pain...the sissy wants nothing more than to GET OUT OF WOODS !!

 sissy pansy stumbles forward....extremely afraid and alone, wanting desperately to find the way path he knows. 
Not soon after though, the sissy comes to realize that he is LOST !!   ... Although not all that far from MASTERS house, the sissy is overcome with fear, and this fear leads to the sissy messing his diapers.

 pansy sits and cries for a good fifteen minutes..... however the sissy knows that he has to find a way out of the woods....

 So, heading back towards the way he came...pansy tries to be a "big girl' and not be afraid....after trudging along for quite some time, the sissy comes to a swampy area in the woods...they sissy feels a glimmer of hope as he knows that the swamp is directly in back of MASTERS house...... maybe sissy pansy will get out the woods yet ...?

The brush and brambles, and 3 inch high muck overwhelm the sissy as he stumbles again....all the sissy can think of though is that he wants to GET OUT OF THE WOODS!!

 with his fear abating, this sissy follows the outline of the swamp, the sissy KNOWS he will be punished for dirtying his dress and ripping his tights... maybe when MASTER sees how scared pansy is/was, HE will be a little lenient.

 PLOP  !! Down the sissy goes again, this time face first into the swamp, this brings a whole new wave of crying by the sissy......

 .... finally   !!   the sissy has escaped the swampy mess and the scary woods....however the sissy is still bawling ...(does anyone need any more proof that pansy is no longer a 'grown-up')

finding his way back to the safety of his MASTERS home.... the sissy sits and rests in the homemade TIKI hut 

 MASTER AJ sees what a horrific mess pansy is and orders the sissy to remove his clothes before he is allowed in inside

 So, the sissy follows the instructions of his OWNER

 The sissy even removes his now soaking wet, messy diaper....now matter how many times pansy has made poopy in them, pansy is still very humiliated and embarrassed about his now complete and total bowel incontinence

 pansy certainly did get himself dirty in today's adventure, and the sissy most certainly did fill up his diaper with poopy !!

 the sissy wants to make sure that everyone can see just exactly how messy he got today..

So Boys and Girls...wasn't that fun  !! and what did we learn today, hmmmm??  
maybe an email from a diaper wearing loser friend named Janet Adair can sum it up best
And for those Readers who doubt that MASTER AJ giving HIS sissy a light slap, HE doesn't want to spank the sissy .... for Obvious Reasons !!  


sarah penguin said...

*waves and hugs and tickles* I really don't like the idea of falling in the woods!

Anonymous said...

Sissies dirty diaper was quite full.... But if master AJ allowed it ... Maybe I could wear it until I had to poo poo too & then it would have really been a well used diaper...... Pansies daily seconds ... I would love it ! ...

Anonymous said...

so is pansy too regressed to leave any more updates??

pansy_Faggotte said...

No, just nobody seems to care about reading the blog anymore.....

Anonymous said...

Email jleonar@massasoit.edu to make a diapered sissy friend who likes to send their cute baby girl pictures! I love your blog!

Larkin Love said...

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