pansy's Potty Training ~ Special Edition

Master AL John has put sissy pansy on a potty training program, He intentionally found the most Uncomfortable chair possible, as any discomfort pansy feels, is all for the Better !!

So Lets 1st start with the usual poses of the sissy in one of his Little Girl Outfits ~~

NO one can really know for sure the Humiliation and Shame pansy feels at being forcably regressed back to a child, wets his diaper, and will now be forced to show everyone his potty training. Lets just hope that the Humiliation is Intense and severe

Master AL John's Mother has even noticed that since like the beginning of the year, the sissy has become even more and more Juvenile. Hopefully, Master AJ will STOP allowing the sissy his occasional "Grown Up" dressing, it really serves no purpose and just confuses pansy ..(Or maybe, that is the whole point!)

And Now...onto the Potty Chair Training !!

After enjoying a complete diaper wetting, the sissy checks to make sure there is not any leakage. If there is. he must immediately contact a Superior (there are several, some on-line only) to get further instructions. However, they may not happen just yet as he is Triple-diapered today.  

The 1st part of his potty training is the removal of his diapers to be used later for even further wetting

pansy is always more than happy to let Superiors and other sissy's see his tiny, useless dicklette, and a shot of his sissy cunt. (at Least it clean....for Now !!)

So, its time to get on your potty chair, you pathetic 51 year old sissy in Little Girl Clothing. Again, just try to imagine his humiliation !!

 After a sucessfull poopy and re-diapering, the sissy MUST call Master to see what the sissy is to do next. Master AJ or other Superiors make over 95% of the sissy's desicions, (and that is probably far too leniant, it should be 100%!).

This sissy is not happy about what he is told to do next, (but then, who cares about his happiness ?). Honestly, this next section is not for Squemish, so if you are at all offended by seeing a sissy cover his poopy with a jar of baby food and eat it, you might think about stopping right here !!


Okay Then !!!!

Now, Doesn't that look TASTY !! You can see by the expression on his face that he is not looking forward to eating this from his potty, but pansy knows that disobeying an order will be far worse than eating this yummy lunch !!

After Transfering his lunch to his "Fifi" dogbowl, this sissy can now begin his feast. What a lucky sissy pansy is !! Being allowed to eat his poopy while everyone laughs at him...(or is disgusted !)

After almost  finishing his bowl, this sissy knows that the worst is not yet over, Master AJ has given him even further instructions ~~


The sissy is TOLD to let the mixture dry on his face, and it will be left on for the rest of the day. He also seems to have stained his pretty dress. Hopefully, the sissy will be punished for that !!

~~~~~   Message from pansy ~~~~~~

This sissy would like to thank everyone for looking at these pictures, Maybe you were turned ON!, Maybe Disgusted!, Or, maybe a little bit of both. Anyway, thank you again for sharing in this sissy's humiliation.  ~ pansy F