Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Just 2 Weeks !!......

.... sissy pansy will be headed to a Psychiatrist, who will be evaluating the fairy, and his ability to think and act as an adult. Total incontenance and lack of social skills beside, Master AL John really HOPES that pansy is deemed "Mentally Incompetant", and that He can legally take over this sissy's life, and make him a legal slave.The sissy seems to know that his life as an adult is coming close to an end. Master AJ has spoken to pansy's Real Mother, and gave Her an update on Her ~~son ~~. She, and the entire family had disowned the fairy several years ago, and after seeing the latest pictures of pansy, even his Mother agrees that he is no longer capable of living as an adult.                   Master AJ has also gotten a statement from the family across the street, and they stated, that they think pansy is mentally retarted, as they have seen him diapered, heard him talk  (with a heavy lisp), and seen him outside holding stuffed animals and dolls. They are willing to testify to the Dr that Al John should become his legal gaurdian.   The sissy  is outside hanging his Masters' laundry, and as mentioned numerous times in this Blog, it is certainly Master AJ clothing on the line, as pansy is PROHIBITED!!! from wearing pants or shorts of any kind, and its been like that for 5ive years now. The sissy is becoming more and more dependant on his bottle (used almost exclusively for the last six months) and pacifier, the sissy will actually begin to cry if he doesn't have it with him. the final pic here shows his diapers prominently on display as the sissy feeds the fish in the pond. Master AJ is slowly reducing the tasks for pansy around the house, as it becoming more and more apparent that the sissy is REALLY slipping into permanent babyhood, and he will never, EVER be considered an adult again.

Remember Readers, pansy's date with the Psych DR is July 7th at 10:00a EST

Monday, June 7, 2010

Master Matt's cam training sessions : A new chapter in Humiliation

Over the Weekend of June 4-5, pansy's On-Line UK Master, --- Master Matt ---, had this sissy  on cam for 8+ total hours. Master Matt has seemed to have  a sincere interest in Humiliating pansy, and wants to push the sissy EVEN Deeper into age regression and obediance.

During the sessions, Master Matt ORDERED pansy to do the following ~~

1.) Change outfits repeatedly to His liking, and have pansy take pictures
2.) Master Matt forced pansy to change his nail polish colour, change his make-up (to much sluttier, of  course !!)
3.) He had pansy make sissy cream in his hand, and coat his pacifier with his cream
4.) Master Matt ordered pansy to remove his diaper and panties, do wee in a glass, soak his panties in the glass, gag himself with the panties and replace his pacifier.
5.) pansy learned a New Command, when Master Matt says "doggy", pansy is to stare mindlessly into the cam, hands limp at cheek level, tongue out, and bark on command.
6.) the sissy was FORCED to coat his tiny sissy balls in 3 coats of pink nail polish, (every sissy should be doing this, not only is it painful, but stays on for several days)
7.) Master Matt had told the sissy to pre-prepare 4 'piss popsicles', upon command, pansy inserted the frozen pee sticks into his sissy pussy. Master Matt thouroughly enjoyed watching  the fairy squirm and suffer.

The sessions was cut short actually, as Master Matt was taking a break, pansy was off line and serving Master AJ and His beautiful TS lover, 'Danielle' dinner. She noticed a distinct order....the sissy had wet himself, She immediately called for 'corner time'  for the rest of the meal.
'Corner Time' for pansy is were he must take an empty baby bottle, and hold it in a wall corner with just his nose, his hands MUST be kept behind his back. Danielle, then informed pansy that his bedtime for that night would be 8p, (it's usually 10p). Imagine, being 49 years old, dressed in a little girl outfit, and being told to go to bed at 8p whuile it is still light outside.

Master AL John seemed to be pleased with the way pansy was Humiliated and Degraded under Master Matt's tuteledge, Master Matt has set up another cam training sessions for the fairy this Friday 11 June.

Enclosed  are many pictures of the 3 outfits Master Matt had pansy dress in, the entire set can be seen at pansy's website  .....

And remember, pansy DESERVES to be treated like this, feel free to comment here or email or IM him directly at    ..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Response to some recent comments ~~

This post's purpose is to respond to several comments made about pansy's Blog/Lifestyle.   2 Posts (Not sure if by the same person), want to see the sissy in Bondage, with a Large Dildo/Butt Plug in his sissy pussy. Well, it just so Happens that in a few weeks, Master AJ is going to invite some of His friends over to use pansy. They are all of course, very straight acting/straight appearing Males, that just enjoys getting blow jobs and fucking this feminized fairy, so yes.....You will see pics of that nature.  Another Anonymous reader, (who has made this request several times..(He has been very patient!)...wants to see pansy tied to a bed, in a black bra and panty set. The sissy has been instructed the next time he is allowed to wear 'big girl' clothing and go to Goodwill, (he goes there to look for juvenile looking outfits, stuffed animals, and other assorted childlike things), and search for these 2 items, as the sissy has not worn a bra in a LONG TIME!, and is no black panties.  Will try to get them done for you.   Another comment was placed by ...god2600...  The reader made an excellent point about pansy's baby food diet, thank you for your concern!!  The sissy does take multi-vitamins, eats plenty of fresh vegtables, some raw, some mixed in a blender, and yes, sometimes pansy is allowed to eat a sandwich, and have pasta. Again, thank you for the post, as a 49 year old, cannot live on a total baby food diet exclusively.         They 4 pictures from today 5 June 2010, are how the sissy is dressed to clean Master's Mothers House, (a chore he does at least 1-2 times a week). Today, however, She informed Master AJ that She was having some friends over, who had only heard about pansy, (from His Mother) but never met the sissy or saw an Adult Little Girl. It may be hard to read, however, that is what the sign around his neck says. Imagane, the humiliation of meeting 3 Females, being dressed like this, and wearing a sign that reads "Adult Little Girl".
Enjoy his shame and humiliation, and thanks to ALL the readers of this Blog !!