Monday, May 30, 2011

Iced Earth "When the Eagle Cries"

Master AL John and pansy THANK! Every single person that has served/ is serving in the United States of America Armed Forces. You ARE Patriots, Heroes, and Champions. God Bless You All................

Saturday, May 28, 2011

More panty peeing humiliation.....from pansy

Just Try, to Imagine the Humiliation

1) You were once a Passable, Successful TS with a decent job, friends, and a LIFE !
2) You BEGGED a Superior Male to turn you into an Adult Little Girl
3) You became 100%, Totally, Incontenent
4) You NEED to be in Diapers 24/7  
5) Your Master, forces you to take pictures of you, wetting yourself, you BEG Him to allow you to please be put in Diapers 

"Please Superior Male, Master AL John, Please Sir. allow this pathetic sissy male to please be put in Diapers, Sir?"
HE.... Of Course...Laughs at you.
"pansy" He replies. "you are so Motherfucking Pathetic...look at you, a 50 year old sissy -- BEGGING to be Diapered ? What is wrong with YOU?" "FAGGOT" 
And, to Add to your Shame and Humiliation, you are forced to put the pissy panties over your UGLY! face, You look so much better covered in piss soaked panties, don't you pansy ?  

How DEEP will your Humiliation Go, you sissy?, Is, there no Limit to how you will Degrade and Humiliate yourself, you Fat sissy Loser in a pink baby dress, and Lest, we forget, just HOW Fucking tiny your dicklette is?  Good Christ, is that a tiny, little cock, or a baby salamander ??    

Monday, May 16, 2011

David Bowie - Heroes

Words Of Wisdom

Lying is a Tool for the Stupid
Equivocation is a Tool for the Gifted

If I't Ain't Broke
Don't fixit !

Never Taunt a Skunk
With a Pointy Stick
'N' Yell The Words
   "You Stink !!

The Truth is Just an Excuse 
For a Lack of Imagination