Monday, November 29, 2010

SAGA -On the Loose

Another Canadien Marvel   !!!
And again, a BAND that no one has ever heard of ................. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

April Wine - If You See Kay (1982 video single)



Enjoy.........................................This IS Rock and Roll !!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

In the Beginning Vol. 1

His Name was changed to Barbi Gronski, in 1988, he 1st started living FT as a F, this picture is on of the few remaining pics of the sissy in 1988, notice his sissy dress, sissy pose, the pigtails, (a hint of things to cumin 2009/10) ?? Even then, the sissy knew that he wanted to find a Dominant MALE that could enslave him................and the story goes on .............. 

The Next picture is of the sissy in 1995, when it was going through a period of ALWAYS bieng in bondage, from 1997-1999, the sissy DID live in a total Bondage Lifestyle Poly-sexual House, where the sissy served as a House Maid/slave/ bondage toy, and bondage exhibit to interested singles/couples time at the houseFreed from the Bondage house (mutual, the house Master found another much prettier and younger sissy to enslave), the sissy moved to San Diego Ca. This pic is from 1992, in the house of a Superior Male, who SO WANTED/TRIED to get Barbi addicted to popper/ pills and even cocaine. He was very, very serious in wanting to TRICK this sissy to other MALES that enjoyed using fairy TS white girls. this sissy actually did Prostitute itself for Its Owner..and after 3 times in jail ..and being beat up by REAL F Prostitutes ..... the story goes on  
After being rescued by a Truck Driver in San Diego, this sissy was taken to the cabin/home of a Male that lived in Morrison (near Denver), CO.  Within 3 days, this sissy was sucking cock, sucking cock, sucking cock.
He was 1st Male that demanded this sissy dress like a little girl/ the 1st to put this sissy in diapers, and the 1st to make this this sissy talk with a lisp. The sissy lived as a log cabin slave for over a year, taking care of the house/cabin and serving the 50/60 different Superior Males a month, that needed a mouth to put there cock/ or a tight hole to put there cock  You can see  in the picture that the sissy is dressed very juvenile outfit, its typical dress (a hint of things to cum ?)

And the Story Goes on ..... Beginning Vol  2