Saturday, June 30, 2012

pansy punished .... again !

OH Good Grief  !!, IS he trying to pose sexy !!

What did the stoopid sissy moron do this time that it needed to be punished ??... (Besides trying to pose sexy!))....Nothing really.... its just that pansy is slave and his MASTER has the right and the duty to punish the idiot regularly.

As most of the readers of this BLOG have seen before, but if you are new to this BLOG and this sissy's desperate need for humiliation, just look at  the sheer tinyness of his dicklette.  !! Could that fucking thing be any Smaller !!!  
The sissy learns that his punishment today will consist of having his mouth soaped, the look on his face tells everyone that he is not too pleased with the situtation.
The sissy faggot is bound by 2 simple bungee cords, (a very escapable binding) however the sissy KNOWS that he must not try to release himself as the resulting punishment would be FAR, FAR Worse.  
Ah, there it goes, open wide faggot !!! Accept your punishment.  What reasons can we think of why pansy needs to be punished ??
1.) he needs to be punished for being sush a sissy and for being so pathetic ?
2.) he needs to be punished because he CRAVES this type of Humiliation ??
3.) he needs to be punished just because he is so fucking fat, ugly & stupid ?

There are many more reasons, of COURSE  !!!

his sad look shows everyone that he is not a happy camper !!  Usually, the sissy is very happy being humiliated and degraded, but NOT this time...what a complete and utter fool he is !!
And 1 final humliation for the soapy mouth sissy, his panties are placed over his stupid face, and he must sit there until the entire bar is dissolved.. That is at least a few hours !!   Have fun sissy !!!!

And as Always.... his Master ENCORAGES evryone to copy, repost, and redistribute his pictures. the sissy in NO WAY recieves the amount of Internet Exposure that he deserves !!  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rainy Day Question ....

Which 2 pictures are the MOST humiliating - Group A

6/24 a very rainy day in Florida, pansy spent MOST of the day dressed in the outfit as seen above, the sissy enjoyed multiple wettings, several bottles of formula, and an entire day of reading sissy stories on the Internet. 

pansy then is told to print up a sign and display it to everyone, it reads "Please ! help pansy to becum even more of a sissy"
Is that Possible !?  Of Course.... hopefully with the help of his new found College Girlfriends, They, and you will help to give this pathetic diaper wearing idiot unending degradation, humilaition and verbal abuse. 

Group B

The Rain finally lets up a bit and pansy is told to go get dressed and get his OWNER some beer, this is how the sissy is fag is dressed... ? If you saw this, in your local Market would you .....
A. Know that it is a Male wearing Female Clothing -- and say Nothing
B. Know that it is a Male wearing Female Clothing -- and Laugh!!, Point!, Ridicule!
C. Know that it is a Male wearing Female Clothing -- Force it into the Bathroom with you, and force this faggot to suck your cock, drink your Sperm,  and accept your piss down its throat   

What if this sissy wrote "PIG" on its forhead while out at the Market?,,, would this make the sissy look even more pathetic?...Or,   at this point, it really wouldn't matter...
Which Outfit do YOU prefer to see the Pathetic sissy wear ?........

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

sissy Degraded by College Girls

It seems 5 College Girls.... Jessa, Diane, Katie, Alicia, and Mikaela have ALL started reading this sissy's BLOG, and have really enjoyed Humiliating him.

Now, pansy HAS NO IDEA of who these Girls are..
          pansy KNOWS that some some people claim this Blog to be Phony and Completely Made Up.

Whatever, Just enjoy it, and remember, that NO One is Forced to READ it......


The Girls TOLD pansy to wear his pig nose and pig ears, and to take the pictures outside. the sissy's MASTER (Yes...for the 58th time!..He is real...check previous posts!), had to work today, so HE told the fairy to "Try and do a good job with you Humiliation pictures". Masters property is at the back end of a park, sometimes People will wander on to Master's property....what the fuck would THEY say if they saw this crossdressing Loser !!! 
Ordered to write 1 of the GIRLS name on his stupid fat stomach... Her name is "Alicia". the sissy is so happy to Degrade himself for someone he doesn't even know !!
Another sign he FORCED to make shows all of the College Girls Names'..pansy will NO doubt make a sissy cream when THEY comment with Cruel and Hurtful comments. (remember, this IS the Only way that he can make Cream!, is when being HUMILIATED and DEGRADED) 
Stoopid Fuck...this is why Master AL John doesn't like this retard to try to use the Camera (timer), by itself.. he basically ruined the picture. The only reason why its posted is to just show everyone how STUPID pansy truely is !! 
An Offering to his College Girls Tormentors, hopefully They will force the sissy queer into more humiliating foto shoots.

A Question ?
pansy has recieved enough humiliation in his life ?
pansy DESERVES to be humiliated for the rest of his life, and to be treated as badly as possible, and his life needs to made more miserable day after day after day?   

Friday, June 15, 2012

sissy PIG

Today's charming post features the sissy wearing his latest uniform.....  that of a "Pink Piglet!"    
"Pink Piglet" suites pansy perfectly
as he is
1. Stupid
3. A Pathetic Loser

There is a Wonderful Website called "Do You Know This Pig?"   this site is almost strictly a Female/ GG site, however there a a few (4 ?) sissies that have been given the honour of being classified as a "PIG".   pansy is one of those sissies and his pig number is #327 
And just when you though this pathetic crossdressing faggot jerkoff could sink NO Lower, here 'it' is, being lead on leash out to pee, and look at the incredible phony padding in his bra!!   Not sure whether to Laugh......   OR   ........... 
LAUGH even harder.   What is pansy going to do with all that tasty pee, hopefully, he won't waste it, Lets see some options
1. Drink it
2. Dump it on his Stupid Head
3. Save it to Mix with his baby Formula for his next Feeding

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sissy MAID !!

When NOT taking ridiculous pictures of his new PIG status, the sissy STILL has to keep up with his chores, and dressing like a maid. His only usefullness in life in servitude to his Owner and his Owners Mother (and Friends).
And, of course, it would not be an official pansy Faggotte post without the customary shot of his fat diapered sissy ass!  
It is SO SO Obvious, that these are his MASTERS clothing, just the thought of pansy ever wearing long pants ever again is....well, just plain Laughable !!  
The sissy tries, but cannot even remember, what it was like when he actually wore Male Clothing, and WE ALL Know there is NO Chance that that will ever happen again ! 
With his Masters' laundry done, pansy tidy's up and gets ready for his next group of chores, the only happiness he is permitted is in knowing that he is nothing but a menial, chore slave, and will be for the rest of his pathetic life.  
Looks like the sissy has filled his diaper!!, hopefully he remembered to be in curtsey while doing it !
the sissified male faggot wants to thank everyone for viewing his pictures, and as always, and stated on every BLOG post, he BEGS that his pictures are printed, copied, reposted anywhere, anyplace that Feminized and Sissified males are Exposed and Exploited.