Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big Girl clothes on a sissy male

Oh my Goodness !! Look at how pansy is dressed !! Where are his baby girl outfits ? !! Has Master AL John finally allowed His sissy slave to dress and act like a "Big Girl" ? !! Well, pansy's outfits are still abit juvenile, Most 49 year old Females/TV's/TS's would not be wearing extremely short skirts and white knee socks. the fairy is also still not permitted to wear a bra, (and probably will never be allowed to again) as his Master has said that bra's are for Females/TV's/CD's/TS's, and NOT for sissified males (like pansy!). And for those of you who may wonder, yes that is his real hair, Master AJ's Mother styled it a few weeks ago to look a feminine as possible, while still allowing the fairy to be obviously recognized a male that wears girls clothing.The Last 2 photos are of how he was dressed Tues, April 26th, to go out looking for a job. Of course the main goal is not for the sissy to really find a job, but to have him exposed and humiliated in public. And before you ask "where are pictures of being him out in public?" - pansy has LOST 2 of Master AJ's cameras in the last year. So back to the job hunting -- pansy is told to go to at least 3 different places and fill out an application. The 1st place was a local Taco Bell, that unfortunately for pansy was Xtremeley busy, with his stupid looking face and a heavy lisp, the sissy was given an application only after employee had a good stare at him, (and YES!, of course there was laughter!). after filling out the application, the Manager on duty even said "Your name is pansy?". "Yeth" he lisped. "Okay, pansy" She said it loud enough for the entire restraunt to hear, we'll keep your application on file". The sissy turned and strolled out amid another round of laughter. The 2nd place was local hand washed car wash (that employes a lot of young adults). The Female behind the counter, 1/2 pansy age probably, looked at him with contempt as he filled out the paperwork, and after taking, She simply closed the door in his face.   The 3rd, and final place was for a job as a receptionist for a Car Dealership, now,  can you imagine, this feminized sissy working at a car dealership as a Receptionist, he'd have better luck working as a receptionist for a clown college !!

So pansy's day ended with no job, (big freakin' suprise!)  and alot of much needed public humiliation !!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

From Sissy Male to Diapered Baby Girl

Sissy male pansy dressed to go to walgreens, (unfortunately, he is so stoopid, that Master AJ, doesn't allow the queer to take a camera with him anymore, pansy has lost 2 so far). Master has sent the fairy to buy several items, including his diapers. pansy has not been babified in over 3 days, however he is still diapered 24/7. How Hard you laugh if you saw a fat male dressed like this in public !!  C'mon,  Be Honest !!

Upon Returning home pansy is told to immediately dress in a baby girl outfit. Master has bought the sissy some pink mittens and booties. Doesn't he look HAPPY !! being returned to babyhood !! Master AJ has so completed Dominated the fairy over the past 5 1/2  years, that pansy is totally compliant to his Owner.  
The sissy understands that if Master AJ wants him to dress  as an adult or baby, the desicion is not pansy's to make, and doesn't he look so cute, or pathetic, (you decide), sitting in a pink chair, holding his dolly, baby blanket and stuffed animal. The sissy was hoping that maybe Master wouldn't force him to dress as a baby girl anymore, but a glimpse of him holding the sign below may prove otherwise for the feminized fairy.   
pansy is slowly crying to himself, crying at how he allowed a fantasy of being dominated by a Superior Male turn into a life that is no longer his. No longer allowed to think for himself or what clothing to wear. No longer allowed any sembelance of a normal life, he is trapped in sissy slavery for the rest of his life. And, as stated before many, many posts earlier. This is WHAT he wanted !!!! 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trying to be a "Big Girl"

Ever since the events of a few weeks ago, Master AJ has allowed His sissy to dress in a less juvenile manner. He gave the sissy back his Drivers Liscense, and allowed him to go shopping at Goodwill and Publix (a local food store chain). Although this outfit is FAR from being what an 49 year old Adult Female would wear, it is a big step up for pansy. The sissy also finds it embarressing that he still talks with a heavy lisp, (5 years can do that !!) . 

One of the things that he carries with him at all times is a dildo, while driving he is REQUIRED to have it in his mouth. Master Al John and His friends have been using pansy's mouth more often lately, and his owner wants to make sure that the sissy, is always in cock sucking mode. The sissy sucked his 1st cock at age 13, So how many Penis's have entered his mouth ? and, How much sperm has been deposited down his throat?  
And, just an added note, pansy still has to wear diapers 24/7, (as total incontenence will not dissapear in a week). Master AJ is not even sure, if He will let pansy out of diapers, as they are so much a part of the sissy's lifestyle now. Please let Master AJ know if He should let pansy out of diapers. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post !!    

Monday, April 5, 2010

The sissy is back - but with a WARNING to ALL sissies !

This sissy has to face the facts, it CANNOT stop dressing and acting like a sissy male.

 However this sissy thinks everyone needs an explanation about the previous post and lack of activity as of late. On the yahoo FLICKR site, this sissy was a member of a group that sissy males are exposed, as they are ordered to give thier address and phone number to a Superior. Master AL John was not sure this was a good idea, however He fiqured that this sissy needed Maximum Humiliation, and so He relented. Not soon after, this sissy started recieveing phone calls and letters/instructions in the mail. Over time this sissy started recieving worrisome phone calls from a Male, stating that He would turn me into the law as a pedofile, if this sissy did not agree to be Brutally Raped, and become His property. That soon turned to letters in the mail (with no return address of course, some of the letters enclosed pictures of Masters House, pictures of His Vehicle plate number), and many other things that proved He was stalking this sissy. Finally the police were involved as they took information as evidence, but as there was no return address, and the phone numbers always seemed to be different or blocked. While taking to the Officers, this sissy was allowed to look like a real girl, but it was very embarressed about the lisp this sissy has, (its been over 5 years now, that this fairy has talked with one). Anyway, the next time the Male called Master AL John got on the phone and told Him that the law had been notified. So hopefully that whole thing is now behind us, and this sissy can go back to being the biggest sissy in the world (What a Wonderful title that would be to own!). So sissies and all gurls really ---- BE CAREFUL who you contact!!, and what info you give out to people 

So anyway, here are some new photos of the sissy in its easter outfit, the fairy was taken to a park and forced to skip and play on the swings (pictures too blurry though - darn!) like the little sissy girl that he is.  
The sissy, as always, LOVES to read comments from its friends/fans.