Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Forced Humilition of sissy pansy ~~

 The Fairy is this time "FORCED" by a Superior Female Mistress to dress like a "sissy clown". pansy's makeup is just so ridiculous. The sissy queer is ordered by its Superior to make a pie with chocolate pudding, some of his own poop, his own sissy milk and whipped cream. Not a very tasty mixture to say the least ! However, this sissy knows that he is far too weak willed to disobey a direct order from a Superior.  

This sissy adds to the tasty treat, by adding a large dose of his own wee-wee. Just look at the face on the pathetic faggot as he stares down at the concotion, he is obviously disgusted, however pansy NEEDS to be humiliated, and this is a sure way to add to his shame. And to all Blog Readers, of course feel free to copy and repost these pictures anyplace where sissy's of his type are Humiliated, Ridiculed, and Laughed at ! 

The next orders are for pansy to smash the entire disgusting mess right into his clown looking face. Really, just how embarrassed would you be, if a Superior Mistress ordered you to do this, and how embarrassed would you be if your dicklette was as tiny as pansy's ! And to think, that is almost fully erect !! 

As if that is not enough, the sissy goes wee-wee in the pan again, making sure to get the rest of the messy goop loosened up, for another pouring on his face. The only thought in the sissy head right now is, "why i am so pathetic, why i am such a sissy?"

The sissy fairy fool even manages a smile at what he has been forced to do by an On-Line Superior Mistress. PLEASE !, post your thoughts and comments on how pathetic a sissy, "pansy Faggotte" really is !!  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

pansy FORCED to Humiliate himself ~ !

pansy, has been Ordered by an On-Line Superior Male Master, to Humiliate and Degrade himself for everyones amusement. The sissy is to take 2 eggs, put them in his panties and crush them, then the sissy MUST rub his tiny dicklette and add some sissy cream to his gooey panties.
Next, the sissy queer is to smash 2 eggs on his face, and let it drip onto his dress, the sissy must remain in the messy concoction, until the On-Line Master thinks the sissy has suffered enough humiliation, in the end the sissy was like this for over 2 and 1/2 hours. 
The sissy is extremely humiliated that he was forced to perform this degrading task, however the sissy KNOWS that he is NEVER to question a Superior, just as the sissy KNOWS that his only purpose in life these days is to be subject to never ending humiliation, embarresment and ridicule for the entertainment of his Superiors.