Thursday, March 10, 2011

pansy FORCED to Humiliate himself ~ !

pansy, has been Ordered by an On-Line Superior Male Master, to Humiliate and Degrade himself for everyones amusement. The sissy is to take 2 eggs, put them in his panties and crush them, then the sissy MUST rub his tiny dicklette and add some sissy cream to his gooey panties.
Next, the sissy queer is to smash 2 eggs on his face, and let it drip onto his dress, the sissy must remain in the messy concoction, until the On-Line Master thinks the sissy has suffered enough humiliation, in the end the sissy was like this for over 2 and 1/2 hours. 
The sissy is extremely humiliated that he was forced to perform this degrading task, however the sissy KNOWS that he is NEVER to question a Superior, just as the sissy KNOWS that his only purpose in life these days is to be subject to never ending humiliation, embarresment and ridicule for the entertainment of his Superiors. 


sissyboy said...

make him fill is plastic pants for all to see

sissy Mary said...

haha what a silly loser

Anonymous said...

Good Job pansy faggote we sissy faggots need to be humiliated for our Mistress and Masters

Anonymous said...

It needs to do a Shirley Temple style tap dance routine on its front porch in broad daylight, then curtsy.