Saturday, September 5, 2009

Looks like he will be in baby dresses - FOREVER !!

Well, it looks like the latest poll has sealed pansy's fate !!!

The Fairy will be wearing only baby girl outfits for the foreseeable future, so what happens when his Master has him walk to the store ??
Will pansy still have to suck on his pacifier ?? YES
Will pansy still have to drink from a bottle ?? YES
Will pansy still talk with a very heavy Lisp ?? YES

Master AL John has also increased his FORCED Masterbation to 4 times a day, so that means that pansy will have his hands on his dicklette pretty much all day. The below pictures shows the sissy hard a work making another load of cream in his panties

pansy proudly displays his cream soaked panties, even after 5 years of FORCED Sissification and Slavery, he still feels shame and embarresment for what he now is, however, pansy knows it is permanent.

In another one of his baby girl outfits, this time he is waiting for Master AL John's Mother to come pick him up to clean Her house. Her Verbal Abuse and Mental Cruelty is much more extreme than Master AJ's. She has made it 100% clear how much contempt She has for pansy, and it shows as everytime he returns from Her house, he is in tears

pansy SO wishes he DID NOT need to be Humiliated and degraded
pansy SO wishes he DID NOT have to wear baby girl outfits
pansy SO wishes he DID NOT live a life of Total and Complete Slavery
BUT, too bad for you pansy - IT IS your way of life !!

and just to add to his humiliation, Master AL John forced this sissy to join and post this picture on his class page. Can you just imagine how the people will laugh when they see his picture, maybe Master AL John will force him to attend the reunion as well !!

Master AL John encourages EVERY Reader of this blog to leave a comment, the crueler the better, tell him how pathetic he is, how much of a sissy homosexual he is, but even if you feel sorry for pansy, PLEASE leave a comment